Chapter 4 – Again someday

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「First, The ability I’ll bestow to you is called the ultimate ability.」

「Ultimate ability?」

Somehow, it has an exaggerated name. It’s only natural that a person who was summoned to different world will be bestowed by special ability without exception. I wonder if this ultimate ability is one of the special abilities?

「The ultimate ability is the highest rank of all abilities by all means. Of course, it’s also meant that it’s higher than any special abilities, you see? It’s absolutely ridiculous to even compare them. When you get to the world below, you’ll have the chance to confirm the specifics of its capabilities. Only after you step in Asgard will this ability have a chance to bloom for the first time, even the great me don’t know what kind of ability will it become either.」

「……I’ll have such a powerful ability? Even god doesn’t have an absolute idea about what it’ll become?」

Well, I can’t wait to see what kind of ability it’ll become the more I hear about it. Grandpa god is so kind to me. I wouldn’t be here if dad weren’t originally his subordinate. Perhaps, my dad is his one and only subordinate.

「For a certain reason, I bestowed this ability to only two people in the past. I’m worried because this ability is extremely powerful. Come to think of it, it’s already been a thousand years since I bestowed this ability to the second person. Time flies.」

「A rare ability?……」

「Because this ability can only be bestowed by me.」

Oh…… Grandpa god is really great. I’m sorry if I doubted you in the beginning.

「I didn’t explain earlier……why I’m so kind to you. Frankly speaking, I considered you as my grandson.」


「Umu. Since Zenon doesn’t have parents, I considered him as my son. You’re Zenon’s son, so you’re my grandson.」

Well, I can consent if it’s such a reason. Because I have no father, I’m anxious about being a grandson but there’s no helping it. Somehow I’m happy. To think I could suddenly get a true grandpa.

「You think so?….. I worried because I treated you like a grandson without permission but it seems a needless worry.」

「I’m happy to have a gentle and friendly grandpa. Though it’s nice, I’m still going to call you grandpa god…..」

「No problem, I’m already accustomed to you addressing me like that.」

However, I’ll be called grandson of god. I felt like I’m gone from being a human more and more……

Oh, I’m going to ask grandpa god more about mom.

「Do you know where on Asgard is my mom?」

「Umu. Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t grasped everything that’s happening in Asgard. The most troublesome thing is I’ve confirmed that she returned to Asgard by means of (Spirited away) but the reaction immediately disappeared afterwards.」

「Does something like that happen often?」

「Even if it’s already a corpse, there should be a reaction for several hours. The reaction will only disappear if she dive into a dungeon.」

「Dungeon…… is it possible to remain inside the dungeon for a long time?」

「No, to begin with, for a human being there’s an issue of food and water. You can’t dive for so long if you aren’t completely prepared.」

「I see……」

She shouldn’t have time to prepare because she was suddenly thrown back to Asgard. If that’s the case……this is the worst case of being inside the dungeon……

「There is also that but the possibility is low. Airi is a considerable talented adventurer. She won’t just stand around to some dungeon. Probably, she would turn back once she deemed it dangerous.」

My mom is strong after all……

「Then, what is it?」

「I think there’s a high possibility that she awakened some special ability aside from her original special ability with her being transferred from Earth to Asgard and that ability is capable of cutting off the reaction.」

Originally, it’s my mom’s special ability after all.

All people from Earth will be bestowed with special ability without exception…… what kind of ability is it that even god have no way of finding out……

However, it’s also good that the probability of the worst case is low. The question is――

「Is there any meaning to do something like that?」

「We won’t know unless we ask the person herself.」

Then, so be it.

「What is the percentage of all races who possessed special ability in Asgard?」

「It’s about more than 60% of Asgard’s races possessed special ability.」

「Huh? Then, why does Garuzu kingdom bother to summon hero for? Special ability in itself is also not rare.」

「It’s because a person summoned by the hero summoning possessed much more powerful special abilities than that of any people in Asgard. In addition they possessed three special abilities.」

「Even so, why are we summoned? What’s the Garuzu kingdom trying to do? Is a demon king invading the kingdom?」

「Perhaps, it’s to subjugate the great demon king.」

Oi oi. There’s actually a difference between demon king and great demon king? Does it appear strong by affixing great?……

「A demon king attains the final stage ‘great demon king’ when he possessed an evil thought. I mentioned earlier that there are 5 known demon kings, originally it was six. One of them became a great demon king. Generally, to attain that stage, one must be extremely evil……」

「So, that’s a great demon king…… the title isn’t just for show.」

That stinks. Maybe it’s better to escape from the Garuzu kingdom as soon as possible. I wonder what will happened to the rest of the class. If there’s anyone who’s stupid enough help that kingdom, it will surely be Sawaki with his strong sense of justice. And the princess will fall in love with his good looks, that kind of development. Detestable~ Ikemen, please die.

If the boys from the class heard this remark, they’ll pierce me with words like「Don’t you dare say that!!」for sure. Fortunately, I’m the only here in god’s place.

Well, I won’t know if I don’t try. First, I need to find mom then I’ll go on adventures freely. Although the probability is almost equals to 0, even if the Garuzu kingdom is a great country, I must leave immediately.

When thinking such things, grandpa god says something ridiculous again.

「Oh, and one more thing. Your expressionless face and voice are characteristics you took from angel of celestial race.」

「N? What did you say?」

I heard it clearly but I want to confirm it.

「Well, your expressionless face and voice are characteristics of a celestial race.」

I was wondering about it for so many years and yet it was easily solved……

So, my dad was also expressionless. But, if being expressionless is a characteristic of celestial race, why’s mom also like that? She should be a human.

「Angels tend to prefer an opposite sex, who’s calm at anytime and doesn’t show impatience and anxiety. Celestial race seem to like those characteristics. Normally, angels engage other angel of the opposite sex but Airi won’t lose to any angel for being expressionless. When Zenon met your mom for the first time, it was love at first sight, so he pursued it and the result is you.」

「So, my mom is originally expressionless……」

「At first, Airi didn’t know Zenon was an angel. It’s no question because angels change their appearance when going to the world below. When she learned that Zenon was an angel, her eyebrows only slightly twitch. Zenon was love struck even further……」

Grandpa god. I don’t need to hear my parents’ love story……

「I used to have an ominous feeling for the child born between an angel and a human because humans tend to despise cursed child. But I’m glad even there’s proof that you’re an angel’s child, there will be only few people who’ll believe it. Because angels took a human form when going down to the world below besides that story happened more than five hundred years ago.」

So that’s why engaging love interest between angels and humans gradually ceased. Dad was the first angel who formed love relationship with a human in five hundred years.

Asgard. Just wait. A celestial will descend to you once more after a long time.

「Have you heard everything you want to hear?」

「Aa. I think I have.」

「Then…… this is farewell.」

「Will I be able to meet you again?」

「An angel’s blood flows into your veins so we’ll meet again someday.」

「Thank you for taking care of me. Grandpa god……Thank you!」

「Umu. It’s only natural to take care of my own grandson. Live freely in Asgard. And it’s better to make friends and companion at the same time. Unlike the expressionless full-blood angels, you probably be able to change your expression. In the olden days, I’ve heard a story about a celestial who laughed with a subordinate.」

「Is that so. I’ll try my best.」

「The story only conveys the possibility…… Now, take care of yourself and with everyone in your class, okay?」

「Grandpa god, take care of yourself too…… Let’s meet again.」

Then, my body was wrapped in dazzling white light and at the same time, there’s a strange feeling that I was floating――――





……I feel like there’s something I forgot to mention. It’s possibly dangerous…Well, it’ll be alright, it’s my grandson after all!

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