Chapter 3 – Grandpa god appears

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Suddenly, the whole classroom shakes violently and was wrapped in dazzling light, immediately after that, I found myself in a Japanese tatami room with a sweet aroma permeating the room……

So, I’m in a Japanese style room.

「Where is this……?」

There’s a sunken hearth1 near the center of the room, in front there’s a wall decorated with a scroll hanging on it , written in it is【 Everything will eventually work itself out】2. What a beautiful hanging scroll…… when I looked at the left there are open shoujis3, the outside is an excellent scenery of Japanese garden that calms the heart of anyone who ever laid eyes on it. It merge naturally with the sound of the flowing water and the audible sound of shishi odoshi4.

「Is this a tea-ceremony room?……」
「Yes, it is.」

While looking at the beautiful scenery of the garden in the left, I couldn’t help but think out loud but the voice who answered is coming from the direction of the hanging scroll. I was surprised and returned my gaze to the front, sitting straight opposite to the sunken hearth is an old man who’s stroking his white beard while smiling at me. Before I became aware, I’m now kneeling on the floor.

「……Who are you old man ?」
「Naturally, I’m god.」

I was scared when the old man who proclaimed himself god suddenly walk forward. Too scary. Although I can’t grasp the situation well, please don’t come near me.

「I’m sorry. I seem to have frightened you.」


「It’s okay, no need to be cautious.」

No no. It’s impossible to not be cautious in this situation. What do you expect, even for me, a Japanese who has crisis management skill still find this too much… …even if I left out the old man who proclaimed himself a god, I should’ve been in the classroom right now. I just gave an answer to Segawa Chinatsu and Ebihara Kotomi… …before I became aware, I’m already here. To begin with, where did the other guys in the classroom went? Is this realty? Or a dream? I don’t get it……

「I will give an answer to all your questions. This is not a dream. You’re in the tea-ceremony house that I created in a different space. All the children in class, as well as you, were summoned into a different world called Asgard using magic by a certain kingdom. As for me, I’m god.」

Wait, wait old man, you can read people’s minds… …? You’re really god-like. But I have a mountain of questions……

「Why am I the only one here?」
「When you were about to be summoned, I interfered and called you temporarily. Mainly, because there are things I want to talk to you about. And I’m a real god.」

「I’m temporarily in this different space… …can I somehow prevent the summons?」
「Well. Summons possessed a very strong coercion force. Originally, even temporary interference is not possible… …you see, because it’s the great me, it’s possible. Unfortunately, I can’t get you back to your original world. I apologize.」
「No, it’s not you old man who summoned me. So, don’t apologize.」

However, summoned in a different world?… …come to think of it, mother often talks about different world that she often read in the net, I felt nostalgic for some reason. Though her expression doesn’t change, I understand. Is it because we are parent and child? She enthusiastically explained to me about different world. I didn’t take it seriously back then because I thought it was just a fiction. Did my mother know something about the different world, by any chance?

「Your mother also went to the different world. Perhaps, came back to her original world is more fitting.」

「… …Wa?」

「Well. It’s one of the  things I want to talk to you about. Your mother is from the different world Asgard. That child gave birth to you in Earth and somehow got access to return back to the different world.」


The most shocking revelation!!

What? Then, my mother voluntarily returned her original world? So, that’s why no matter how much I searched, I didn’t find her… …she can move back and forth from earth to different world so easily!

「Don’t misunderstand though, she didn’t really want to return to her original world. There’s a miracle called (Spirited away) that occurs in space. There’s a probability of a person encountering (Spirited away) in Asgard, when that happens he will be thrown to Earth similarly there’s also a probability of encountering it in earth and conversely he’ll be thrown to Asgard. Though I want to preach the person who came up with such a name, it’s not really related to me. The god of Earth must be bewildered too5.」

The old man said that there’s a probability in both earth and Asgard for the miracle (Spirited away) to occur. For my mother to be caught in the miracle (Spirited away) twice, what kind of probability rate it has?……

「The most pitiful is a person who was thrown from Asgard to Earth. Because there are various problems such as census in Earth… …He’d unreasonably die in mayhem. It brings a lot of trouble to the god of Earth in order for them to assimilate well in Earth…… your mother lived with an old couple who doesn’t have a child to gradually adjust. Only, I didn’t expect the personality of the old couple. I apologized to the god of Earth because of it. I may be the god of Asgard but I’m very humble. I don’t mind about doing those little things. HOHOHO.」

「The god of Earth bore a lot of burden, huh……」

Still, for my grandparents to be not the real parents of mom… they embezzled all the money left by mom and spend it like water in panchinko6, sake and horse racing……

But, that doesn’t really matter now. Perhaps, I won’t be able to return to Earth again.

However, I can’t fully grasp this reality yet. I wonder if I would get a special ability after I get to the world over there. Hm? I’m in the presence of the old man god presently…… because it’s slightly long let’s call him grandpa god from now on7. My summoning is delayed because of my talk with grandpa god but how are the others? Now way, I don’t like the sound of appearing last…… I would absolutely stand out. The same pattern all over again.

「Grandpa god?… Well, it’s fine. You don’t have to worry about the other side, it’ll be alright. Because time doesn’t flow in this spatial tea-ceremony room.」

Grandpa god. You’re reading my mind without permission since a while ago, please stop it. It would be the worst if grandpa god read my mind and I’m imagining something erotic……

A spatial tea-ceremony room that doesn’t have a concept of time. Amazing! Grandpa god, indeed! I’m now recognizing you as a genuine god.

「If I didn’t told you that story, you wouldn’t sincerely believe me?……」

「I’m sorry… …Well, I want to ask, you’re calling my mother ‘child’, are you acquainted with each other?」

「Well. Rather than that child, your father helped me in various ways.」

「You mean, my dad is a human from Asgard too?」

「Rather than human…… he’s an angel. Your mother is a human and your father is an angel which means you’re half angel, half human. In other words you’re of the celestial race.」






Grandpa god started to speak language I don’t quite understand plus……

My father’s an angel? On top of that, when he said those words, it’s not audible for a human being.

「Simply put, you’re a human with angel’s blood mixed in your veins but you don’t have to worry because you’re still a human.」

「I’ve been surprised so many times since I came into this space……」

If my emotions can been seen on my face like a normal human being, the look would be funny.

「You were able to live properly on Earth as a human being, no?」

「Well… if they got my blood sample in the hospital and they found out that it was not of a human’s then it would become a major incident. I would likely get taken away by some organization and be recognized as an unidentified biology……」

「It’s acceptable as a possibility to some degree. Well, the main thing we’re going to talk about is your father……」

「Is it something hard to say? Please say it, I’m going to be okay. I beg you.」

「Well…… if you say it like that. Your father is already dead……」

Such a thing. I never met him even once and my mom never mention anything about my dad either so I thought this is a good chance to know something about him though I never care about it in the past. Now, I would never be able to meet him and it even became hard to talk about.

「Grandpa god…… can you tell me something about my dad?」

「Very well. Your father Zenon is a skirt chaser.」


I thought he’s going to say that my dad’s a respectable man but a skirt chaser?…… Dad……

「Zenon was an angel who originally works under me. He had a good face though empty he’s still very popular among the girls. I can’t directly interfere to Asgard, so I send him whenever there’s a problem to settle in the world below.」

「I never would have thought……」

「Deal with it. It’s not what you think it is. When your mother Airi and Zenon met in the world below, he valiantly captured her heart. From the moment he met that child, he stop his skirt chasing.」

He’s just probably afraid of mom……

It’s quite a disappointment when I heard what he does but it turned out to be interesting.

「Your life resembles your father’s who fully enjoys life being popular. Well, Zenon’s aren’t much compared to your’s.」

「N-no, it’s not like that……」

I’m popular among the girls!? I was always alone…… it’s probably a compliment so let’s not expect much. Yup.

「You don’t seem quite convinced…… well, it’s alright. The reason your father died is because he was killed by a certain Mazoku.」


As expected, it’s the Mazoku. However, please enough with the template of Mazoku against humans.

「There are various kinds of Mazoku, so you can’t just declare it generally.」

「It’s also true to humans……」

「The Demon king and humans have a friendly relationship.」

「It’s not the Demon king?」

From what I heard in most novels with different world as a genre is that the Demon king was always the perpetrator. What kind of place is the world of Asgard?

「Currently, there are 5 demon kings that I know of but perhaps there are more who were given the title ‘demon king’ apart from the Mazoku’s original demon king that I’m not familiar with. So, you shouldn’t discriminate between races, do you understand?」


「Well, the world of Asgard you’re about to go to is 5 times larger than Earth.」


「And, the main races that lives in Asgard are <Human><Demi-human><Elf><Fairy><Demon><Ogre><Draconian><Dwarf><Pygmy8><Giant> and so on.」

「What about celestial race?」

「There’s no celestial race that lives in Asgard that I know of apart from you. I think they’re already extinct in the world below.」

「But you said apart from me there are also other ones, right?」

「Asgard is enormous. There are still countless unknown continent and islands. It would be interesting to try venturing it yourself, it’s the men’s romance after all. The place where you are being summoned is called Regulus continent and a considerably prosperous continent of Asgard. More specifically, the country is called Garuzu9 kingdom located at the west of the continent.」

「What kind of country is it?」

「For you to understand well, it’s better for you to find out yourself.」

Seeing is believing, huh.

However, it’s a country that summons people forcibly. I certainly won’t trust them!

After that, we talk about my life back on earth for a while, Grandpa god end our talk about such things with a smile.

「Then, I’ll give you an explanation about the ability that I’ll bestow to you so you may gradually get used to it when you get to the world below because I don’t want to regret once more like in Zenon’s case.」

一Ability, huh――――


Translator notes and reference:

1Ro(炉) is a sunken hearth↩
2なんとかなるさ(Nantoka narusa) lit.  the boat will naturally straighten when it reaches the bridge↩
3In traditional Japanese architecture, a shōji (障子?) is a door, window or room divider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood which holds together a lattice of wood or bamboo. ― Wikipedia – Shouji↩
4Shishi-odoshi (鹿威し lit. means “deer scarer” in Japanese). In a wide sense, it refers to Japanese devices made to scare away birds and beasts damaging agriculture ― Wikipedia – Shishi-odoshi↩
5Grandpa god is angry cause of Kamikakushi (神隠し, lit. “hidden by Kami”) means “spirited away.”↩
6Japanese form of pinball ― Wikipedia – Panchinko↩
7From 爺さん(Jiisan) to 爺(Jii) which basically mean the same thing old man/grandpa↩
8In Greek mythology the word describes a tribe of dwarfs ― Wikipedia – Pygmy↩
9ガルズ(Gāruzu) means girls, so Girls kingdom?↩

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