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I’ll be posting at ROW–Rebirth Online World–from now on, chapter 100 was posted there just now. I’ll be making pages here as well, since this will become a backup site.

Here’s the announcement post link.

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Jikuu Mahou chapter 94


After much consideration, I decided to set up a queue which you can now see in the sidebar as per someone’s suggestion. I will sacrifice a bit more of my personal time per week and it will be $20 per extra chapter. There are no set days for the extra chapters, and I still don’t know how many extra chapters I can do per week (EDIT: I’ll set a 3 chapter limit per week for now and see how I fare). But don’t panic, I will still be going to churn out at least 1 chapter a day, nothing will change about that, this is just for the ones who wants extra chapters and kill me from caffeine overdose. This is still completely experimental, so we’ll see how it goes. And of course, I’m open for everyone’s opinion.

Neways, here’s the chapter for the day. Enjoy!~ ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ

PR/ED: BigYoshi

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