Chapter 2 – End of daily life

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I’m resting after eating my lunch, two girls came near towards my desk and stopped. I know these two, the class idol Segawa Chinatsu and the class mascot Ebihara Kotomi…… I glanced at the two, somehow they are having a grim look.

Did I do something to these two? Not that I know of… I didn’t even talk to them. No, wait. Was it because of this morning, I met Segawa’s gaze for several seconds? So, it is the「What’s with that look……you, pervert!」.

That’s not it. Let’s disperse this negative thinking before jumping to conclusion. First― Segawa Chinatsu doesn’t have such character. Probably…… it’s Ebihara Kotomi. A loli with pigtails…… N? Is she not a loli with pigtails as she seems……? Oh, either way is okay. And cute. A Mikazuki type bunny•style!1 Pigtails sure are nice!

By the way, I’m not a lolicon……? It’s true, I only like pigtails!

While thinking useless things, Segawa Chinatsu called out to me.

「E-excuse me for a bit, is it okay?」

What will it be. It’s not「Come out of the table」, is it? Pigtails looks good on you too. I want to see it. Yamato Nadeshiko with pigtails. Standing side by side with Ebihara Kotomi, bishoujo2 twin sisters…… mufufu…… imagining it, I saw paradise. It’s no good. Imagining it more will make my nose bleed…… let’s refrain a little.

But, being expressionless is useful at such times. You won’t be found out no matter how shady your imagination is.

「Kotomi-chan and I…… are in the same class with Saotome-kun, did you know?」
「Of course……」

Studying half a year in the same class, it would’ve been strange if I didn’t know. What’s Segawa Chinatsu thinking…… certainly, I rarely associate myself with other people, as expected, I kept my classmates at bay.
「Be-Because we never speak to each other until now even though we are precious classmates…… T-that……」
「Chinatsu…… you can do it! Because I’m here too. Let’s say it together.」

To begin with, what on earth is going on. Though I don’t understand it well, they are nervous…… Oh? The whole class is somewhat quiet. Furthermore, I feel stares from all direction……

「「We would like to be your friend, please!」」

At that instant, the classroom fell silent imcomparable to awhile ago, after a heart beat, voices starting to rise from all around.

In the case of the boys’――

「I-It’s a lie, right…… our Idol Segawa greeted someone of her own accord!?」
「That expression, as expected! It’s his only expression!」
「Kotomi-chan! Ikemen is dangerious! Ikemen is the enemy!」
「Oh, right, he’s just leading you by the nose3……」

「Don’t make a phone call anywhere! Calm down!4

In the case of the girls’――
「No way, to have the first move stolen! How careless of me, it’s a life time blunder!」
「I’m a fool to restrained myself…… if I also……」
「Because I’m in Sawaki-kun’s group that’s why it’s difficult!」
「I wanted to see Sou and Sawaki’s entanglement. The two meet in secret after school! And they will enter the forbidden relationship at last……! Guhehe……」
「Oh, it’s just a simple story which simply become friends, right? What happened to everyone?」


Finally, Kotomi-chan and I were able to muster our courage, we took the step we couldn’t take and move forward~! Everytime I tried to talk to Sou-kun, I was so nervous that I couldn’t speak well…… I almost called him「Sou-kun」but manage to prevent it. I don’t want him to think I’m a cheap woman who suddenly acts over familiarly……

Still, I’m vaguely aware of the thoughts of the girls in class for Sou-kun, this time I was convinced! There are too many rivals! Everyone too is aiming for hit singles5. He’s the only one alone among the popular three, so I was wondering who would put him in that spot but now I’m convinced with this so many fans……

But it’s really thanks to Kotomi-chan who went with me together…… if I’m alone, I would be so embarrassed to endure this kind of atmosphere…… Thank you, Kotomi-chan! But for the time being, we are a love rival!

A~a…… while being watched by the whole class, if he declined…..

I want to run away to some far away place with Kotomi-chan. I want this to come to an end at the same time……

A~a! While thinking such things, Sou-kun made his move!

Everyone’s attracted to the fascinating words that left Sou-kun’s mouth――



The class is so noisy to the point that it’s somewhat abnormal, such a thing really doesn’t matter. Now, my heart is overflowing with joy. I’m too happy, I’m going to explode. He certainly said「Let’s be friends」. To became friends with such a guy, anyone would absolutely be happy! We are formally friends at last! The lunch break will be over soon, at a time like this, he’s also expressionless, you should’ve answered us two with embarrassed face earlier.





I tried to transmit my happiness to the two as much as possibile when I said 「Best regards」.




Suddenly, an intense earthquake occurred in the class to the extent that I couldn’t stand in place.

And, the classroom was wrapped in dazzling white light――――

Translator notes and reference:

2Bishoujo literally means “pretty girl” in Japanese. ― Wikipedia – Bishoujo↩
5To seek modest, or step-by-step gains instead of large ones. ― Wikipedia – Idioms derived from Baseball↩

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