Chapter 8 – Escape from the Royal Palace

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「You have come. Make yourself comfortable.」

「If you insist.」

Right now, Sou is in the private room where the King invited him to. Opposite to him are three men, in the center is an overweight middle age man with a long Caesar-like beard that couldn’t hide his effeminate smile. In his right and left are two elderly men, one with a mole on his forehead and the other wore a white robe. Aside from the King, Moses and Sou, the minister-like person with a mole on his forehead is also present in the room.

Is this some kind of punishment game? If only the princess is here, there will be at least some salvation……

「You are called Saotome? Do you know the reason why you have been called?」

「Yeah. It’s because of my ability.」

「You don’t possessed any special ability nor magic, even though you are a being summoned as a hero.」

「Unfortunately, it is so.」

This detestable old man King. He’s so fascinated about me having no ability. Actually, if I stop the time, I can easily pull that Caesar-like beard of his. But I couldn’t do it because it’ll bring me troubles later.

Still, did this King called me here to personally say those sarcastic remarks? This person has a lot of free time.

「Do you know how hard it is to save this continent by subduing the great demon king?」


What’s this old man trying to say?

「And I heard that you don’t want to fight.」

「Yes, if possible.」

Actually, I don’t dislike the fighting itself. I just don’t want to become a pawn that you can move whenever you please. But, let’s play along for now.

「Iya~a, I’m not an evil person. I don’t want to force a powerless human being to fight.」

「You mean, I don’t need to fight?」

「Well, if you’re alright to live as a burden.」


Is he saying that I can’t stay here anymore? I don’t want to depend on them either but they’re so desperate to send me away. Besides, how dare he say such words when he was the one who selfishly summoned me. He’s looking down on me as if he’s being generous.

Ah! If I considered it, this is actually the development I desired. Alright! The King personally provided my escape. This is a chance to legally and safely leave without being purge by the country.

I only have a bit regret about the two people, Ebihara Kotomi and Segawa Chinatsu. Although, I wasn’t able to talk to them that much but they’re both kind young women. If only Segawa Chinatsu wore a pigtails too, I will worship the appearance of the pigtails duo by the class mascot and idol. Once I imagined it, I’ve become excited. I’ll absolutely ask them someday……

「Are there something you dissatisfied with? I can’t have you stay here but I’ll hand you some farewell gifts.」

「……No, there’s nothing I’m dissatisfied with. I thank you for your concern.」

This guy is giving me a consolation money. I understand. The moment I receive the money, the tie between me and this country will be severed. If I die in the field somewhere, it’ll be unrelated to them. They played it well!

Thus, Sou was genlty thrown out of the Royal Palace.

「I wasn’t even able to say goodbye to the guys from the class. Though I want to leave after meeting those two people, I will probably meet them as they’ll stand out after they’ve become active as heroes of the kingdom.」

Currently, Sou is exploring the Royal Capital by foot after leaving the Royal Palace. At the same time, he wasn’t aware that he’s thinking out loud once again. This world is probably suitable for him. Since coming to Asgard, he became more talkative than when he was in Earth. But Sou isn’t aware of the growing anxiety deep inside his heart for being alone. Or all of them1――

Oh. After leaving the Royal Palace, I walked for while and the townscape gives me the feeling of Europe in middle ages. But because there’s magic, it’s much more developed than that of the Middle Ages of Earth……And the rate of a beautiful woman and macho man walking down on the road is high.

Now, let’s think about what to do from now on. I left happily without planning anything. I don’t feel like registering as an adventurer in this town. For the time being, let’s test the time stop ability outside the Royal Capital because it’s risky to use it inside the town. Besides, I don’t want the time stop ability to stand out and be discovered as much as possible.

At this time, Sou is still unaware. The terror of monsters he will meet after he left the Royal Capital……

Translator notes and reference:

1I think it meant that the other guys of the class are feeling anxious unknowingly too↩

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