Chapter 9 – First battle

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It’s sudden but I’m currently with a Goblin? I’m running from it and it’s chasing after me with great momentum. Why did it became like this?

A few minutes ago――

I’m walking on the plain slightly away from the Royal Capital and looking for a reasonable animal like a cat to confirm my ability when I saw a humanoid shadow in the distance. At first, I thought it was a child because I can see its small stature clearly from here. A lost child in a place such as this? I carelessly approached it but it wasn’t a child. It wasn’t even a human.

It’s holding a club with one hand and its whole body is green with hideous face and drool dripping from its mouth…… is this a goblin? I forgot that this is a different world, I’m such an idiot!

I’m sorry.

When I looked into its eyes, both my instinct and intuition told me that this green goblin-ish creature is dangerous and I had to run away quickly.



We silently stared at each other for several seconds……this is? It’s holding a club but it’s surprisingly a non-aggressive monster? Such thought was instantly shattered.



It seems it deemed his prey a powerless human being and it suddenly brandished its club and attacked me. Its attacking appearance with drool spitting all around gave me an impression of gross rather than scary.

I’m little anxious if my ability will be effective to this guy. I thought the word time stop in my mind like I was praying.



「……It stopped?」

Quickly after, everything brilliantly stopped moving. The goblin(temporary) stopped while drooling and brandishing its club. I don’t hear any sounds other than my own breathing, if I look closely, I can see the drool spitted from its mouth floating. No, more correctly, it stopped midair. It really stopped everything in place. Fantastic!




The goblin(temporary) started to move again. That reminds me, it can only stop the time……for 5 seconds. Let’s make it stop once more.




「That was close!」

The time stop didn’t work as the monster swung its club at me. Although I successfully avoided it, the club graze at my left shoulder and tore my shirt.

Even though I remained expressionless, I broke out in a cold sweat. It’s natural because I didn’t experience being struck by a club back in Earth. Well, it’s considered good that I got off with just only a cold sweat despite being a level 1.

「But, this is bad. I have to take this chance to get away…… Alright, let’s make a run for it.」

――Thus, it lead to the present time.

The moment I turned around and started running, the goblin(temporary) gave chase. It’s about 120-130 cm tall and it’s shorter than me who’s 174 cm tall, so naturally it can’t keep up to me with its shorter strides.

Alright! As expected, the goblin(temporary) wasn’t fast and I gradually made some distance. Because of that, I got some breathing space.

However, I still don’t know much about the time stop ability and I need to know more about my status. For the time being, let’s look for a place to hide. After that, I also need information about the opponent. Because the way to the town is long and tiresome, I don’t want to run away and defeat it in any case!


A strange sound rang inside my head.

「What’s that mechanical sound just now(?)……」

I didn’t misheard it. It’s probably something amazing……

After some time, a forest gradually become visible in the distance and it seems the monster is not entirely happy about chasing around and wasting stamina. Because I made a considerable distance from the monster, I jump and hide into a lush vegetation near the boundary between the plain and the forest.

The monster came near the forest and look around the vicinity, it looks like it had lost sight of me.




Saotome Sou | Male | Celestial | 16 years old

Level: 1
HP: 15
MP: 20

Attack power: 12
Defense: 10
Speed: 15
Charm: 60
Luck: 50

Ultimate ability

Time stop(5s)

Special ability

Identify, Empty(4)



Otherworlder, Hero, Grandson of the ultimate god



The word identify appeared at the special ability section. And the empty ability was also reduced from five to four. Perhaps, identify is an ability? It doesn’t look like much of a special ability but……

When I was running awhile ago, there’s a sound that rang inside my head, was it the notice for a new special ability? Why did I have only this kind of method(?)……

Well, let’s check what this identify ability can do…

Chantless1. Identify, a special ability that can view information of the target. 10 m maximum effective range.

Ooh. An information flowed into my head but it was too rough, how can I make it view more information? What kind of things I can identify using this? Let’s try to use〈Identify〉on time stop.

[Time stop]

The ultimate ability bestowed by the ultimate god. The world stops rather than a fixed scope wherein it only affects the surroundings where it was invoked. The time stop duration can be extended depending on one’s own growth. It can only interfere to hostile parties. During the state of the stopped time, you can directly harm the hostile party and even if the action is only to touch, no one in existence can interfere. 5 minutes cooldown.


A detailed information flowed this time. This〈Identify〉ability is simple yet useful!

I’m god in the world of stopped time. 5 seconds is already considered a cheat ability yet the duration can be extended depending on my growth. If I can stop the time every 5 minutes……It will be a chuuni full throttle.

However…… it’s not the most important thing! W-h-y2, I can only directly touch a hostile party? While having the ability that every man dreams of, it can’t be used for ecchi~i stuff!

If I were to use time stop, it would be for things like that! Even if there’s a cute girl, it’s not allowed to touch even for a few seconds…… I can’t even do a little pafu pafu3……. It’s the most shocking thing ever for me since coming to this different world.

Wait……? It’s too early to give up yet. If I look for a beautiful girl and turn her hostile towards me, does it count for being hostile? The problem is, what degree of hostility for it to be considered hostile. If it should be an almost murderous hostility or just simply rivalry-ish hostility……

What about the monster a little while ago? I guess it’s the former.

Even though it’s just a monster that’s wandering in the surrounding area, what the heck am I thinking to only use this ability to stop a girl……

Oh, the sad goblin(temporary) from before suddenly appeared in my FOV4.

But, it doesn’t seem to have found me yet…… let’s try to see whether the〈Identify〉is usable even to this monster. If this succeed, I can use this〈Identify〉ability to strip off my opponents’ information. Please work!


Goblin | Male 

Level: 9
HP: 35
MP: 0

Attack power: 20(+2)
Defense: 16
Speed: 13
Charm: 2
Luck: 7

Weapon: club (ATK +2)
Ability: Strike


Alright! I was able to view its status using〈Identify〉! This is useful!

……It was a goblin as expected and its level is 9. Its charm and luck is too low compared to mine. Its charm is 2…… it’s certainly correct regarding its appearance. The goblin race seem to be all like this guy. I guess it’s racial5. ※Sou’s charm is also much higher compared to his classmates.

How can I beat this guy?

Oh…… I don’t have any weapon. I really need to focus and experience in this different world. A little bit carelessness in this world can cost me my life. I need to be careful.

After thinking for a while, I decided to use a slightly larger stone that lay near my feet as a weapon. I’ll try to defeat the monster with this stone…… I have no choice but to try. If there’s only another person beside me and the monster in this place, I can say「You draw its attention and constrict it」and perhaps the possibility will be high6

But, I’m different from ordinary people.

I have the strongest ability that can stop time.

「I think it’s not so bad.」

I stopped the time again as I started running, I stopped in front of the goblin and swing the stone with all my might.


The forehead of the goblin split with a cracking sound and a green blood gushes out, I fell down as I strike with great momentum and stand up assuming the same stance earlier. I used up two seconds of the Time.

I hit it again several times using the remaining 3 seconds and the moment the stopped time faded, the goblin is dead.

Strangely though, I didn’t feel any antipathy towards killing a humanoid being. Maybe because it’s practically necessary in order to live in this world.

Thus, the first demon subjugation ended safely. It’s nice to survive~ Though I’m happy that I successfully subdue it, there’s one problem. That is――

「I didn’t level up……」

Translator notes and reference:

1自由 – free; 発動 – invocation; 型 – style, form, type. So I thought it meant chantless, I’ll change it later if it’s wrong↩
3Putting your face on the chest of a well-endowed woman while she squeezes her breasts inward, thereby “massaging” your head ― Urbandictionary – Pufu pufu↩
4Abbr. for Field of vision↩
5Sou-kun you racist↩
6I don’t know how to construct the proper sentence for this one – もし、この場に俺とゴブリン以外の第三者がいたなら「お前は本当に気を引き絞めているのか」とかツッコまれてたかもしれない。↩

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