Chapter 15 – Arrival, town of Dire

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Early in the morning, after keeping a look out, Sou peered through the tent to wake Lexa up. Inside the tent is the figure of Lexa, without her thin metal breastplate, she’s sleeping unguarded with her chest heaving up and down. Even if they were to be attacked now, nobody would prevent Sou from looking at this amusing figure.1

 ――After a few minutes――

Lexa is still fast asleep while mumbling *munyamunya*, unaware that Sou’s looking. Sou called out to Lexa once,「Lexa-chan. It’s morning.」but there was no response. Sou thought that Lexa was just pretending to be asleep but there was no sign at all. It wouldn’t be interesting to just shake her until she wake up. Sou started to think of a plan that can make her jump to her feet in one shot. Sou decided to use his mysterious S-ish towards Lexa.

Sou decided to try the plan he came up with to wake Lexa up.

Sou brings his mouth close to Lexa’s ear……

「Sou has left the party.」he muttered.

The reaction was dramatic.

The eyes which were closed tightly until now flashed wide open! Open, *fwap!* She jumped to her feet and shouted a few words.

「I won’t allow it!」(Lexa)

Sou expressionlessly stared at the scene and thought.

Oh, it seems Lexa is stable today.

「Hey, Sou! What was that just now!」(Lexa)

「Calm down. It was only a joke to wake you up.」(Sou)

「Good……it was only a joke. It’s not that I’m worried! Idiot!」(Lexa)

「Sorry, sorry. It was just, you’re really hard to wake up.」(Sou)

Lexa is really cute! Because I felt sorry, I’ll stop waking you up like this time as much as possible, let’s try a different but interesting way of waking you up next time.

Sou didn’t even reflect.

At breakfast, they had something similar yesterday, a bread stuffed with smoked meat. This was the first time Sou tasted and ate meat other than chicken, pork and beef. Sou tried to use〈Identify〉on the smoked meat and the words『Smoked meat of the killer bison』appeared into his mind. It was a rather frightening name than expected, Sou naturally ignored the information.

「Come on! We already had breakfast, let’s get going! Sou, are you ready?」(Lexa)

「Oh, I’m good.」(Sou)

We’ll arrive at the town of Dire sometime today, Lexa looks more vigorous than yesterday. I’m getting used to see this girl full of energy.

「I think we’ll arrive by evening.」(Lexa)

「Then, let’s go.」(Sou)

Upon leaving the camp site and when they arrived at the main road, a horse-drawn carriage passed by. Sou heard from Lexa that it seems to be a stagecoach. Sou realized that it’s like a taxi that makes a round trip around the Royal Capital and town of Dire. Then, Sou asked doubtfully.

「Is it no good if we ride on that to the town of Dire?」(Sou)

「If we use money like a fool then we’ll end up broke……」(Lexa)


「If you want to go far, you should be thrifty. An adventurer can buy a horse-drawn carriage for himself.」(Lexa)

「How much money do you have to earn to afford that thing?」(Sou)

「I and Sou will be able afford it!」(Lexa)

Where did Lexa’s confidence came from? Sou wondered.

After walking for a while, somehow Lexa’s way of walking became strange, her face flushed red as if enduring something. Sou noticed it, 「We can spare a little time if you want to pee, you know?」and asked Lexa. At that moment, Lexa’s face brightened,「It can’t be helped so I’ll take you up on that.」and said happily.

Sou found it difficult to say this kind of things to a girl. Notwithstanding being thoughtful for that matter, they seem to become insensitive to love matters.

Peeing time was over and they set forth towards the town of Dire again but they found goblin corpses with their ears cut off along the main road. But Lexa said,「It’s probably the adventurers hired as escorts of that horse-drawn carriage」, it was indeed a work that can’t be done by only one person.

By any means, monsters doesn’t seem to appear normally around this main road that connects the royal capital and town of dire. That being the case, Lexa and I decided to head over to the town of Dire just the two of us but surprisingly three goblin monsters appeared. This might be related to the birth of the great demon king or it might not related in anyway at all. I leave the great demon king to Sawaki and the others. I’ll work hard as much as possible with other important matters and thus, Sou began to walk with renewed determination.

A man that leaves all to the others as much as possible, except the calamity that befalls around oneself. That is Sou.

We walk for a while as Lexa said, we arrived at the gate of the town of Dire by evening. At the gate, there stood soldier-ish people wearing chain mails and people lining up in front of him. It seems they are checking identifications. Of course, Sou didn’t receive such a thing from King with Caesar-like beard nor Moses of the royal palace. While not knowing that it has to be this way, it was that moment that a nobleman with a beard passed through the gate.

「I’m sure I have made arrangements……」(Nobleman)

「What happened?」(Sou)

When I told Lexa about those who don’t have identification and was able to get through, 「What kind of person are you, really!」and properly taught me how to get through. Lexa daisuki!

According to what I heard, it seems that you have to give money to the soldiers for them to let you through. It seems easy to pass through the security……is the public order safe? At the same time, once you entered the town, you have to get adventurer’s plate at the adventurers’ guild and showed it to them next time.

Now, I realized that if I were alone, I could’ve stopped the time and pass through the gate. It didn’t only stop opponents, it also stops the time itself. However, Lexa is here so I can’t do it.

While I’m thinking such things, it was our turn at last, we were able to pass through the gate normally by paying two silver coins. By the way, while we’re on the way here, I casually asked Lexa about the coins in Asgard, they are copper, silver, gold, white gold and there seems to be a black gold. The compensation money I received is 2 gold coins, 10 silver coins and 50 copper coins. I had 8 silver coins left since I paid two silver coins a little while ago.

Such a thing is obviously common when passing through the gate of the town of Dire. The townscape is also similar to the royal capital, I didn’t feel anything different. There’s a large fountain in the center of the town, and its circumference became a resting place for people. It seems the fountain is called the fountain of Rene. Somewhat, it looks like a tourist spot.

「There seems to be a lot of inn in the east area! Let’s go!」(Lexa)

「Got it.」(Sou)

Sou followed behind Lexa who was so energetic.

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