Chapter 14 – Travelling together

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Sou and Lexa set forth towards the town of Dire, during the journey, Lexa has been constantly talking to Sou.

「Sou, how old are you?」(Lexa)

「I’m only 16.」(Sou)

「Oh, you’re older than me by just a year.」(Lexa)

「So, Lexa is only 15.」(Sou)

Well, I already know that. I definitely can’t say「In fact, I looked at your status, Lexa」. Particularly, it can’t be said to women in general.

「Surprised? You think I’m older judging from my appeal, right?」(Lexa)

「Who said that you look older with your appeal? Rather, I think you look younger.」(Sou)

「W-, wha! Are you saying that I’m still a child?」(Lexa)

「It’s not like that. Wouldn’t anyone wants to appear younger, particularly the girls?」(Sou)

「I’m already a grown-up!」(Lexa)

「Yes, yes.」(Sou)

It’s difficult to talk to Lexa about appeal. My impression wouldn’t change even after around 5 years. Honestly, the way you act like a grown-up is adorable!

「What! You’re a grown-up. For one thing, act like a guy, would you?」(Lexa)

「Use honorifics when you speak to me from now on.」(Sou)

「I won’t use it! Going on a journey without bringing anything wasn’t something a guy would do!」(Lexa)

「A fair point.」(Sou)

It’s a little painful being poked in that spot. Gununu……I can’t retort at all. Not bad, Lexa!

「Hmph, it’s good that you understand.」(Lexa)

「I’m carrying the backpack as an apology but you can’t bring out that topic again in the future.」(Sou)

「A-, As for the backpack, I’m thankful!」(Lexa)

「Because you’re excited, did you packed so many unnecessary things? This is too heavy and would impede our journey.」(Sou)

「Th-, there’s no helping it! It’s hard for a girl to travel alone!」(Lexa)

「But, we’re travelling together now.」(Sou)

However, travelling alone was dangerous for Lexa’s level, right? The fact showed when this fool got surrounded by the goblins. Perhaps, she’d have an injury or two if I didn’t passed by her. Somehow, I began to worry when we part in the town of Dire. Our relationship was forged one step at a time with great pains to be able talk like this, isn’t there a way for us to be together in there for awhile?……

「Y-, Yeah! T-, Together…… (Just the two of us)」(Lexa)

「It’s because it’s dangerous for Lexa to travel alone.」(Sou)

What’s that……? She’s mumbling so I didn’t heard the last part. I wonder if Lexa’s level went up to 3 because of her being an adventurer around the Royal Capital until now. When I get used to it, I’ll make the town of Dire as a foothold.

「What do you mean!? I’m already a full-fledged adventurer!」(Lexa)

「Says the one who had a hard time dealing with a goblin?」(Sou)

「Ugh, that’s because it’s 1 versus 3……」(Lexa)

「A full-fledged adventurer doesn’t make any excuse.」(Sou)

「T-, That’s……」(Lexa)

Whoa, Lexa suddenly came into a halt, she’s trembling from head to toe making a ‘pururu’ sound. However, she won’t be able to grow up if I spoiled her here. This is an important matter regarding life. That’s the disadvantage of being alone because your opponents wouldn’t just stand by. It can also be said to me but……



「……Hey. I said something a little excess――」(Sou)

「Yes! Why didn’t I think of it! I’m such an idiot!」(Lexa)

Lexa’s trembling stopped and I suddenly felt sorry, when I was about to say something to console her, it was interrupted halfway by Lexa’s voice. Oh, this girl didn’t reflect at all. Lexa raised her face with a look of fulfillment……

「What’s it so suddenly?」(Sou)

「Sou! Let’s form a party!」(Lexa)


「That’s right! Party! There’s no problem for us to be together and with that, I don’t need to part with you!」(Lexa)



Lexa’s face became red and hurriedly cover it up with a desperate excuse「What I said just now……forget it! I-, It’s just a lie! S-, Surprised?」. Super cute……what a cute creature! You hate to part with me that much~. Perhaps, I guess it’s actually lonely being an adventurer alone. After all, I’m going to be like an oniichan to Lexa.

「I understand. Let’s form a pary.」(Sou)

「Really!? You’re not lying?」(Lexa)

「Aa. It’s true. Though, I’m not an adventurer yet.」(Sou)

「It was good! You need to register as soon as we get to the adventurers’ guild, so you can get accustomed to it!」(Lexa)

Lexa’s smile on her face is like a flower that blooms. I was the only one who saw the smile on the twintails bishojo, I’m so happy that I could die. I’m glad to be alive! Thank you very much, different world! I’m lucky.

「It’s great that you’re happy.」(Sou)

「I-, I’m glad! Because, it’s my first party! And……」(Lexa)


「Never mind!」(Lexa)

Somehow, Lexa frequently(intermittently) look at my direction.

Whoa, she began to trot ahead.

「What’s with you starting to walk suddenly.」(Sou)

「We’ll form a party, right? Then, we better register at the guild as soon as possible!」(Lexa)

「You’re so energetic.」(Sou)

「Hey Sou! Follow me quickly!」(Lexa)

「Yes, yes.」(Sou)

In this way, we arrived to our preferred location where we camp out earlier than planned. On the way here, we run into some goblins a few times but we were able to subjugate them without any struggle in particular. Lexa’s level went up to 4 at the end of the last battle, I said,「Congratulations.」and she answered back,「Thank you!」with a smile. This is the kind of casual interaction we commonly had, it was fairly informal with Lexa. Anyway, this girl is really straightforward. If anything, I must protect her!

「Though we’ve finished setting up the tent, it’s still too early for dinner. Are you already hungry?」(Lexa)

「That reminds me, I didn’t eat lunch today. Somehow, I completely forgotten because there were various things happened.」(Sou)

「You’re really…… it can’t be helped~. We’ll be in the same party now, so I’ll divide the food that I have.」(Lexa)


「This much is alright.」(Lexa)

Then, we ate a rather hard bread with a bit of a bland ham.「It’s not very good」, I heard Lexa murmured but I didn’t voice my agreement and ate silently considering the situation that the food was only given to me. We both drank water from the same wood canteen. Lexa said「Indirect kiss……」while blushing after drinking, I wonder if it was disgusting. Of course, I’m secretly thankful for this event.

It’s time to go to bed and either of us will have to be on the lookout. This time, we decided to lay in the tent since Lexa doesn’t seem to be tired yet. The person herself「I’m not tired! We’ll keep watch in shifts!」declared so, I convinced her since I want to experience being on a look out.

I’m keeping a look out at the back of the tent for awhile when Lexa called out to me from within the tent.

「Sou……can you hear me?」(Lexa)


「The truth is, I’m anxious about us forming a party.」(Lexa)


Lexa talks about her inner feelings, I guess because we can’t see each other’s eyes across the the tent. I thought about Lexa’s bashful atmosphere during the day.

「Were you thinking something rude just now?」(Lexa)

「……I wasn’t thinking anything.」(Sou)

How can this girl read thoughts of a person? Was it the so called woman’s intuition?

「It’s not something complicated……okay. I’m anxious because I thought I’m too weak and I will just drag you down, Sou.」(Lexa)

「Not at all. In fact, Lexa’s technique to dodge opponent’s attacks is amazing. You should raise your level slowly but surely.」(Sou)

I’m level 2. If Lexa were to know, she would be speechless.

「Thank you. Is Sou anxious when saying such things with a straight face?」

「Uhm, I’m always expressionless even before I met Lexa.」

「Fufu…… Is that so! It was refreshing when you let out everything you want to say! Good night!」

「Okay, good night.」

After a while, silence filled inside the tent and think that Lexa must be already asleep.

I should concentrate on keeping a lookout too……

On the other hand, Lexa is still awake while lost in thought within the tent.

Come to think of it, Sou and I have only just met today. My first impression of him was an irritable expressionless ikemen. Yet, I wonder how our relationship got to the point of forming a party. When I was in the Royal Capital, there were so many guys who wants to form a party with me and they didn’t even try to hide their vulgar eyes……compared to Sou’s gaze which frequently appeared inside my mind. Even though Sou is quite mean, I felt relieved when I’m with him. Oh, I just realized that the only thing I can think of is him…… let’s sleep.

Thus, Sou and Lexa’s first camping-out ended without monsters attacking in the middle of the night.

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