Chapter 11 – Moses’ trouble

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At the time Sou was being chased by the Goblin, in the Royal Palace’s training grounds――

「I must inform the heroes.」

Moses was going to inform the heroes about Sou’s voluntary deportation from the Royal Palace.

「What happened? Moses-san」

As usual, Sawaki Ren asked Moses about the circumstances on behalf of the class.

「Actually……the hero Saotome, who was summoned along with everyone had left the Royal Palace.」


The moment they heard those words, the entire class was startled and an uproar broke out at once.


「Saotome…… I will defeat the evil for you!」

「Oi oi, seriously!?」

「Leaving……is it okay to do such a thing?」

「Are you kidding!? He go out alone in an unknown world?」

Everyone speaks individually and pressed Moses for answers but there was someone who asked for the first time in a cold voice that can be likened to absolute zero.

「Can you tell us in detail?」


Moses broke out in a cold sweat and nodded silently.

The person who asked was the class idol Segawa Chinatsu, her eyes, instead of the usual warm and affectionate, was now cold and freezing.

The atmosphere seem to freeze.

At this time, Segawa Chinatsu has become a potential member of yandere but no one noticed it yet, even her best friend Ebihara Kotomi who’s behind her didn’t notice.

「U-, um…… Of course, I’ll explain it until everyone understand.」

「Is that so…… please.」

――During explanation――

The explanation(excuse) of Moses continued for a while, the majority of the class began to consent but there are two people who’s not yet convinced.

「You’re saying that Sou-kun thought that he’s not qualified to be a hero and left on his own(?).」

「We have confirmed it with His Majesty.」

「That…… if he doesn’t have any special abilities nor magic, it’s even more dangerous to leave here! We still don’t know anything in this world, I don’t think Sou-kun will decided that on his own.」

「I’m of the same opinion as Chinatsu. Saotome-kun won’t leave here on his own without consulting anyone……」

「But, since the subjugation of the great demon king is much more dangerous…… it’s probably better to decide early……」

Meanwhile, there was another person here who wasn’t convinced on Moses’ explanation either. That person, the typical princess type, Hojo Riona. After seeing Sou who looks like a prince, it was love at first sight but she wasn’t able to start a conversation with him since entering school for half a year and quite naive about love matters.

But there were two women who spoke to Sou yesterday. They were of course the class idol and mascot, Segawa Chinatsu and Ebihara Kotomi. She never experienced something like impatience since birth before being summoned here. In addition, she wants to get into Sou’s good books, seeing the two people being encouraged on the way to the throne room, it was also the first time she holds the feeling of jealousy to other people.

However, the jealousy vanished somewhere the moment she heard that Sou left the Royal Palace. At the same time, her distrust for this country increased while listening to the explanation. After seeing the two people, who are worrying in earnest about Sou, something inside her burst open.

When she realized, she spontaneously pressed on Moses for answers.

「It’s suspicious. I’m with Chinatsu-san and Kotomi-san, I think your explanation is questionable.」

「「H-, Hojo-san!?」」

The two are surprised for some reason. What are you surprised about?

「Why didn’t you let Saotome-sama stay here? Are you sure that there is no existence that can fight the great demon king apart from Heroes? After the status has been confirmed, he suddenly went out alone……it’s too unnatural. At the very least, he would have said goodbye to everybody if he’ll be leaving. Rather than what you said, you drove him out, am I wrong?」

「That’s ridiculous. Because, it’s Hero Saotome’s wish to leave here……」

「Something-, made him wish?」1


Moses-san remained silent. Now, it’s regrettable that everyone in the class aren’t here……

A few minutes ago, when Riona, Chinatsu and Kotomi are asking Moses for answers, everyone from the class left this place except for the three. The air around Moses become worse because Sawaki didn’t want to pay attention to something pointless and lead everyone back to train saying「Let’s check more about our abilities!」.

But, I am confident. The kingdom drove out Saotome-sama. I won’t be able to take it easy in a place like this.

「Chinatsu-san, there is something I want to discuss with you and Kotomi-san, do you have time?」

「「Y-, yeah.」」

Thus, the three people secretly conceive an strategy to escape from the Royal Palace.

(I really despise these people. Especially those three, they have special feeling for that Saotome who left. Although the others seems to follow the Hero Sawaki. I have to report this to His Majesty for the time being……)

It was supposed to be a good explanation but it made the three people doubtful instead, Moses has lived for more than 60 years but it was the first time he felt disappointed that he’s such a poor talker.

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