Chapter 10 – Identify and Level

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Sou defeated the goblin in his first battle, he held the club, the spoil of war in his right hand, he’s pondering while walking in the vast plain away from the forest. He could’ve cut off the left ear of the goblin as a subjugation proof and bring it to the adventurers’ guild and make a bit of money but he’s not aware of it yet.

In fact, without reading things like light novels and by not listening seriously to his mother when she told him stories about the different world, he’s ignorant about the template developments. After walking for awhile, he sprawled on the plain after making sure that no one is around.

「What should I do now?……」

A refreshing wind blows in the vast plain and gradually brushed Sou’s cheek. Sou gradually closed his eyes――

Dangerous. I was about to fall asleep when I felt so much comfortable. A goblin would find me when I fall asleep in a place like this and besides it isn’t necessarily mean that only goblin lives in this plain so I have to be careful. I hadn’t thought about such a thing when I sprawled on such a dangerous place. But, it can’t be helped. Anyone would feel lying down on a vast plain where fresh wind is blowing through.

Well, probably not alone, I’m just making up excuses and confirming if this is all a reality.

First things first……



Saotome Sou | Male | Celestial | 16 years old

Level: 1
HP: 15
MP: 20

Attack power: 12(+2)
Defense: 10
Speed: 15
Charm: 60
Luck: 50

Weapon: Club(ATK+2)

Ultimate ability

Time stop(5s)

【Special ability】

Identify, empty(4)



Otherworlder, Hero, Grandson of the ultimate god


The title section at the bottom is interesting. Is this significant? I confirmed it myself that it didn’t appear when my status was reflected in that crystal of appraisal. The kingdom used appraisal to determine if one is a hero, if that’s the case, it doesn’t always mean that one is a hero if he was summoned using hero summoning.

It doesn’t seem possible for it to be self proclaimed. When I was kicked out, they deemed me as a non-hero because I didn’t possessed any special ability nor magic. Fuhaha, they’ll regret kicking out such talent. However, I’m still weak.

That aside, I wonder what is the significance of a title? Tell me,〈Identify〉sensei.


An achievement of great things, it will be bestowed when a certain condition is met. The more special it is, the higher the condition is. There are variety of things a title can give.

Oh, is that so. I think for one to be bestowed with Otherworlder, one must come to Asgard from another world and as for Hero, one must be summoned from another world. Grandson of the ultimate god……well, for one to be bestowed with it, grandpa god must recognize him as his grandson.

I didn’t get bestowed with any title even though I defeated a goblin a while ago or was it no good to defeat a weak, normal monsters? Well. It would be difficult if I must defeat every single one of them to be bestowed with a title.

What can I get from it?

I wondered and tried to use〈Identify〉on the Otherworlder, Hero and Grandson of ultimate god titles.


Title bestowed to those who came from another world. It gives 1 special ability.


Title bestowed to those who have been summoned from another world. It gives 2 special abilities and resistance to all attributes.

《Grandson of the ultimate god》

Title bestowed to those who have been recognized by the ultimate god as his grandson and accepted it. It gives a higher difficulty on leveling up in exchange of physical, magical and special abilities nullification of an attacker with level lower than one’s own.

Grandpa god told me that heroes possessed  3 special abilities and it looks like it was from the Otherworlder and Hero titles. But of course, it’s not necessarily mean that an Otherworlder was always summoned as a hero.

Because, unfortunately for all people who came to Asgard by means of (Spirited away), they are only bestowed with the Otherworlder title and given 1 special ability. After that, the Hero title also gives resistance to all attributes.

The problem is the《Grandson of the ultimate god》…… Because of this, I didn’t level up when I defeated the goblin from before. Usually, a level 1 will level up when defeating a level 9.

After defeating the goblin, I began to consider my situation in this world for a while. Since the goblin I defeated using stone was level 9, there’s probably a difference in level up rate between a human and a monster so I felt relieved for some reason.

But the damage nullification in exchange of higher difficulty on leveling up is awesome. Even if one’s only 1 level lower than myself, I can make a fool out of him even with his high attack power and withstand it like nothing had happened.「Did you do something just now?」is what I would say. It would no doubt deal a psychological damage to the other party combined with my deadpan expression.

But before anyone can do such a thing, it would likely be over with time stop.

「I must raise my level for the time being.」

Sou stand up while murmuring and confirmed that no one is around once again.

To make my delusion a reality, I need to level up by killing monsters. My level won’t rise significantly if I only hunt goblin nearby, I wonder if there’s a slightly strong monsters around in this place that I can defeat in my current state?

My goal for the time being is to raise my level to 2, I began to walk on the plain once again while playing with the club I’m using as a weapon.

While running away from the goblin earlier, Sou didn’t noticed that he had gotten so far away from the main road that leads to the Royal Capital. His plan is to follow the main road to find his way back but he never expected that he will encounter a blonde beautiful girl wearing pigtails ahead on the main road.

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