INKD-Chapter 12 + more info

Hello, I just thought that I need to provide this info’s.

Sou’s name is written as さおとめかなで(Saotome Kanade) in hiragana and 早乙女奏(Saotome Sou in on’yomi(sound reading from Chinese) and Saotome Kanaderu in kun’yomi(meaning reading from native Japanese)) in kanji, it means ‘play/perform(esp. instrument)’. With this, we can assume that the ‘kanaderu’ in the title is referring to Sou which would translate to ‘The legend of Sou in the different world ~The one who stops time~’.

Sawaki’s first name is written as れん(Ren) in hiragana and 蓮(Ren in on’yomi and Hasu in kun’yomi) in kanji, it means ‘Lotus’ and Riona’s first name is written as りおな in hiragana and 莉央那 in kanji, the name ‘Riona’ means ‘queenly’ .

Chinatsu’s(ちなつ) is written only in hiragana but when you write it in kanji it would be 千(thousand)夏(summer).

The others are Kotomi(ことみ in Hiragana and 琴(zither)美(beauty) in kanji), Maezono Tetsu(まえぞのてつ in hiragana and 前(before/forward)園(garden)哲(wise) in kanji), Shimada Shunpei (しまだしゅんぺい in hiragana and 島(island)田(field/farm)春(spring)平(flat/average/calm) in kanji) and Lexa Redford is written as レクシャ(Rekusha) レッドフォードよ(Reddo foudo yo) which will be introduced in this chapter, it probably means ‘defender of mankind’ according to Czechoslovakian meaning or it’s derived from Alexander the Great’s name.

Anyway, this chapter is about 4k words, so your wish for longer chapter came true.

Here’s chapter 12. Enjoy~

One thought on “INKD-Chapter 12 + more info

  1. Kazekid December 5, 2015 / 12:37 pm

    Thanks for the chapter~


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