Jikuu Mahou chapter 43

Eto, I flipped my table a few times and bang my head on the wall for hours trying to make sense of the sentences used here. It turned out that they are techniques used in kendo. OTZ

Also, some correction again, I’m confusing these two words, ‘match’ and ’round.’

After awhile, the official began to explain.
「I’ll now explain the order of how the matches will be carried out.
First, the first match round of the men’s division then the second match round,
followed by the first match of the women’s division,
after that, we’ll continue with the men’s division and women’s division alternately.
Then, please take care as the competition will begin soon.」

I’m not sure if it’s correct, the first round here should refer to the 1st and second matches of all blocks while the second round refers to the 3rd and 4th matches of all blocks.

And I changed the ‘Leg sweep’ to ‘Foot Sweep Kick’, the raws says 足払い(ashi barai) which is a karate technique.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter and just be sure to comment if you find any mistake.

Read it here


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