Chapter 95 – Large sum of money and gold

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  While I had Elena heal the rescued Lela, I asked the soldiers about the situation.

Somehow or another, it seemed to have been this flow:

1. An orc appeared at the town’s gate.
2. When Lela charged, the orc ran away.
3. Lela chased after the orc who had been lost in sight alone.
4. The battle against the orc horde had began during Lela’s search.
5. They learned that a detachment force of the orcs were attacking the town.
6. They withdrew to the town’s gate and engaged in a defensive battle.

Lela was completely deceived by the orc’s strategy, huh.
As the one who commanded the troops, weren’t her actions a bit thoughtless?

Should I also participate in the war momentarily? Just when I was considering it!
A soldier from the front line voiced out.

「It’s the orcs’ reinforcement!!」

There’s still more?

「Elena, I’ll be going out in a bit. I’ll entrust this place to you.」
「Understood, Seiji-sama. Be careful.」

When I arrived at the frontline―
Around 200 orcs came out of the forest and head towards the town. High orcs can be seen sparsely amongst them.
As expected, it was impossible.

I decided to give up quickly.

What did I give up on? It was to hide my abilities.

「【Magic power reinforcement】,【Summon lightning spirit】!」

When I exclaimed so, from inside my body, the spirit flew out.

「Finally, I got bored waiting for my turn. Hm? It feels like my magic power is somehow stronger than usual.」

It seems【Magic power reinforcement】also affected the summons as well.

「I’ve kept you waiting.」
「Are those preys? Can I finish them all?」
「Ah, permission granted.」

After I gave the confirmation to the spirit, it flew out energetically. I went back to where Elena is.
I erected a barrier which insulated Lighting and sound around us and the soldiers.

At the same time as I finished setting the barrier up,
the surrounding area became pure white and a delayed explosion which can break the eardrum resounded. Though I insulated the sound, the sound probably circumvented around the exterior of the barrier.

The orcs’ reinforcement had all been roasted brown and a part of the forest had also been burnt.
As for the soldiers and orcs who were fighting against each other, though they were far from ground zero of the explosion, were knocked unconscious, or paralyzed to move.

『Level went up to 31.』

As one would expect, I also leveled up after defeating that many.

The allied soldiers, though they received no damage, stood stock still and dumbfounded.

「Iyaa, it felt gooood.」

The Spirit, with a clear refreshing smile, went back into my body.

「Seiji-sama!  Please say it earlier if you’re going to do it.」
「I-, I’m sorry.」

I was scolded by Elena. (てへぺろ)*Tehepero*

After seemingly a moment passed, none of the soldiers could understand what had happened.

Since the forest has started to burn, I fought fire with【Water magic】―
The soldiers who recovered their wits, started to clean up the remaining orcs.

During which, I selected the high orc corpses which weren’t burnt too much and put them away in the inventory.
With High Orc x 20 and Orc x 100, they should sell for a fair amount of money.

After a while, the sound of the battle ceased. The townspeople fearfully came out and looked at the situation.

The scene which the townspeople saw was―

Around 150 orc corpses, though ragged,『Iron wall Lela』with the soldiers survived and defended the town.

Lela in particular, while having a high aristocratic position as the daughter of the aristocracy union knight leader, fought in the frontline, though ragged, risked her own life and defended the town. (Though, the truth was different.)

Lela and the soldiers, who finally regained their consciousness, were greeted by the townspeople with loud cheers and applause.

As for Lela in question―

though she didn’t know the reason and her eyes turned into dots, paraded forth.

The fallen orcs were dismantled by the townspeople and cooked, and the victory party was held just like that.

Elena and I also partake in the oshouban1 a little, after eating our fill―
We went to Shinju town in secret.


 We arrived at Shinju town and headed towards the merchants’ guild first.
When I went to the reception and inquired about the situation―

Last night, the foodstuff were stolen and it seemed that the food crisis had become even more serious.
The purchasing price of 3 times the norm inflated to 5 times.

I felt embarrassed like I’m profiteering, since the aristocrats were the ones who were going to pay, I decided to sell the foodstuff I just procured.

When I went towards the warehouse at the back of the guild, the macho-warehouseman seemed to be leisuring out again.

「Oh, the lad from before, how are you today? The warehouse is empty today, there’s no food.」
「I’ve come to deliver foodstuff.」
「Seriously!?  Did you bring the goods using magic again?」

I put out the 25 kg【Wheat flour】x 10 bag,【Orcs】x 100 and【High orc】x 20 from the inventory and stored them inside the warehouse.

The macho-warehouseman was surprised again.

In the end, the wheat flour was sold for 12, 500A x 10, totaled 125, 000A.
The orcs were sold for 10, 000A x 100, totaled 1, 000, 000A.
The High orcs were sold for 20, 000A x 20, totaled 400, 000A.
All in all, it was 1, 525, 000A.

It’s 152, 500, 000 yen when converted.
When I add the previous amount, it’s over 200 million yen……
What should I use such a large sum of money for!?

But, it seems the money will be paid at a later date as expected.

While thinking about the use of such a large sum of money, we went to the Adventurers’ guild.
It was to report the information about the food theft.

「I’ve witnessed the food theft so I’ve come to report.」

I told the receptionist what I’ve seen in the tracking beacon, I talked as if I’ve seen it myself―

「You need to tell what you said just now directly to the requester, will that be alright?」
「Directly? Well, it’s fine.」

I’ve got a letter of introduction and a map.
We went to where the requester is.


There was a military camp whom an aristocrat of some town have brought.
I handed the letter of introduction to the soldiers guarding the entrance.
We were guided to the central tent.

「You, the guy who’ve seen the one who stole the food…… eh! You’re Seiji! And Elena-sama as well.」

「N?  Who are you??」

I didn’t recognize this tall man with seemingly conceited look.

「Seiji-sama, please look at that armor.」

Elena points at the mischievous golden armor. Let me see, I think I’ve seen it somewhere……

「Ah!  『Golden armored Rondo』!!」

Translator notes and reference:

1‘Oshouban’ means ‘going along together’ and refers to pairing of wines and kaisen.↩

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  1. Reaper Phoenix March 8, 2016 / 3:08 pm

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    • mllhild March 8, 2016 / 8:04 pm

      If Orcs keep attacking villages they are killed and in medieval times meat was hard to get, so no chance of them wasting it. Humans will gladly eat even other human if meat is scarce, just look at the history of the Easter islands in the pacific.


  2. lygarx March 8, 2016 / 3:14 pm

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  4. SlashCrit March 8, 2016 / 3:20 pm

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    • Jei March 8, 2016 / 8:27 pm

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      • Dark Jackel March 8, 2016 / 9:40 pm

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