Chapter 93 – New equipment+

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 We left the defense of the Ikebu town to『Iron wall Lela』.
We went towards the magic stone shop in Ikebu town with the Attribute reinforcement magic stones we created yesterday.

「Welcome, Seiji-san.」

「I promptly created Attribute reinforcement magic stones, could you take a look?」
「As expected of Seiji-san, you can now already create it.」

I lined up the magic stones we created yesterday on the table.

「You made these? Huh? There are various colors…… can I appraise it?」

「Okay but…… hm? Kiseri-san can use【Appraisal】?」
「No, what I use is the thing called【Magic stone of Appraisal】.」
「So there’s such a thing.」
「Well then, please excuse me.」

Kiseri-san began to appraise―

「Fa!? What’s this magic stone!?」

Kiseri-san appraised Elena’s pink magic stone and stared at it.
*Fidgets*Elena was embarrassed for some reason.

「Isn’t it fine without staring at it too much?」
「Oh, I’m sorry. It was unintentional.」

Kiseri-san’s face suddenly became serious―

「Most are『+1』in quality and to put it bluntly, it’s admirable. But, with respect to these 2, they can’t be【Appraised】.」

Kiseri-san points at the pink and violet magic stone.
Oops! I also had taken out the Lightning reinforcement magic stone!

「【Magic stone of Appraisal】can only appraise up to『+1』, they should be『+2』or above. The pink magic stone is probably a【Recovery reinforcement magic stone】. But, the violet one…… I don’t know. What is this?」

What to do, being asked seriously, it would be embarrassing to lie.

It can’t be helped.

「Please absolutely keep this a secret. Okay?」
「Yes, I understand.」

「This is…… a【Lightning reinforcement magic stone】.」
「!!!? No! Because! Such……」

Kiseri-san froze.

「Oy, Kiseri-san. Are you okay?」
「Fa!? I’m sorry. Tsu! What kind of thing is Lightning? There was only one person who managed to acquire it so far! Was Seiji-san that person?」

「No, it’s probably another person.」
「S-, Such…… No, I haven’t heard such a story!」
「Yes, because I didn’t tell anyone.」

When I talked about being able to use Lightning magic, was it going to be this kind of reaction? I’ll be careful from now on.

「At any rate, please keep it a secret.」
「Y-, yes.」

「So, there’s no problem if I want to put these magic stones on equipment at the weapon shop in Suga town, right?」
「Yes, but…… if there are any excess magic stones, by all means, please sell it to me.」
「Okay, I understand.」

We left the shop and went to the weapon shop in Suga town.

「Welcome! tsu! It’s you guys again?」

「『Again』was unnecessary. We brought【Attribute reinforcement magic stones】so please craft us equipment.」
「N?  You have it already? Well, show it to me.」
「I’ll show it but please don’t be surprised.」
「It seems you’re fairly confident.」

I lined up the『+1』magic stones on the table first.

「*Hou hou*, You don’t have to brag that much, they’re all『+1』.」
「You can recognize them?」

Then, I slowly took out the 2【Recovery reinforcement magic stones +3】and the【Lightning reinforcement magic stone】.

「C-, Could they be! They are『+3』and『+4』!」
「Were you surprised?」
「Oh, without exaggeration, I was surprised. Moreover, Lightning……」

「Please craft equipment with these.」
「Uh, 『+1』is good for normal equipment but for『+3』and『+4』, you need to prepare highest foundation, would that be fine?」

「Yea, are you going to make them yourself?」
「That’s right, since I have a『Staff』made of a thousand year old sakura tree, the【Recovery reinforcement magic stone +3】will be mounted on it. And the【Recovery reinforcement magic stone +3】and【Lightning magic stone +4】to each of the 2『Necklaces』made of Mithril, would that be okay?」

「I understand, then please. How long will it take and how much?」

「After a long time, I’m itching to put my skills to use.~ Since I’ll only mount the magic stones on those things, they’ll be ready tomorrow. Please wait a moment, I’ll just calculate the price.」

Including the mounting fee, the prices were as follows.
A thousand year old Sakura Staff: 10, 200A
Mithril necklaces: 5, 200A x 2
Hair ornaments (brass): 1, 200A x 3 (Wind, Water and Ice +1)
Rod (brass): 1, 200A x 4 (Wind, Water, Ice and Darkness + 1)
Totaled 29, 000A.

「Well then, I’ll come to pick them up tomorrow, thank you very much for your help.」
「Leave it to me.」

We left the weapon shop.

「Oniichan, are the preparations complete with this?」
「That’s right.~ Since there’s a bit of extra time, shall we go and hunt the orcs around the Ikebu town?」

That day, we continued to hunt orcs until sunset. Since the orcs were scattered about, we were able to hunt about 50 of them in the end. There were still about 200 orcs in the forest roaming about.
Will Lela be alright?

We were going to have dinner back in Japan, but because we were worried about the orcs, we ate dinner at Ikebu town and continued to watch out for the orcs for a while.
Since there was no signs of movements yet, we returned to Japan. While we weren’t here, we prayed for the orcs to not attack.


After a while when we returned to Japan.
Until the date changes, we weren’t able to return to the other world during which,―

the tracking beacon issued forth a『Caution』.
I was able to only watch the situation……

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