Chapter 92 – Defending Ikebu town?

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 The next day, after our group work of creating attribute magic stones, we were having breakfast at the inn.

I saw a horde of orcs being displayed on the map, it was troubling.
They probably gathered during the night.

「Oniichan, why the long face?」
「There’s a horde of orcs gathered around this town.」
「Huh!? The orcs aren’t planning to attack this town, are they?」
「Oh, perhaps so.」

「Are we going to kill them?」
「We’re not.」

「Because the orcs moves in a wide scope, it would take too much time to defeat them all.」

「Then, what are we going to do?」
「The only thing we can do is to report it to the Adventurers’ guild.」


 We went to the Adventurers’ guild.

「Excuse me, there’s something I’d like to report.」
「Yes, what is it?」

The female receptionist who seemed slightly bored, answered.
Were you taking time off?

「Uh… I saw a horde of orcs in the forest. I think it would be bad if the Adventurers’ guild didn’t make a countermeasure.」
「N?  Is that true!?」
「Yes, there’s no mistake.」
「I understand, please wait a moment as I report it to the Guild Master.」

The face of the female receptionist suddenly became tense, she went to the inner part of the Guild and came back after a short while.

「The Guild Master would like to meet you. I’m sorry, would you please?」
「Y-, Yes.」

We were guided into the room at the inner part of the Guild and were greeted by an ojiisan with unkempt hair.

「You were the ones who had seen the orcs?」
「Yes, that’s right.」

I somehow managed to describe the orcs I’ve seen on the map.
*Scratch scratch* Ojiisan scratched his unkempt hair.

「I give up.~ There’s currently a few adventurers in this town.~」
「Has everyone gone to participate in the war too?」
「That’s right. By the way, what about you guys?」
「We are also planning to go to Shinju town.」

「Is that so?~ Well, anyhow, we need to deal with this matter somehow or another, you guys have done well. Thank you for reporting it.」
「*Sigh* Then, please excuse us.」

We left the Adventurers’ guild after we made our report.

「Seiji-sama, was it fine?」
「If only I had two bodies, it would be okay.~ For the time being, I’ll leave a tracking beacon somewhere in this town.」
「If that’s the case, I’m relieved.」
「Then, where should I put the beacon, I wonder? Eh?」

There’s a familiar face……

「Y-, You guys! Seiji and Aya! And Elena-sama too!」

It was『Iron wall Lela』, Lela Lyle Gewalt.

「What are you doing in a place like this?」
「That’s… that’s my line!」

「By any chance……」

I checked the whereabouts of the Aristocracy Union Knight Leader through the beacon and that guy came here in this town too.

「Did you come here to participate in the war with the Aristocracy Union Knight Leader?」
「That’s right! That aside, state your purpose!」
「We saw a horde of orcs in the vicinity of this town so went to the Adventurers’ guild to report it.」
「What!?  A horde of orcs is approaching this town!?」
「Aa, it is so. But, most of the adventurers have gone to Shinju town to participate in the war so they’re short on hands.」

Lela heard that the orcs were approaching and has been lost in thought.

「Oy, what’s the matter? You’ve been lost in thought.」

「You, come and see otousama for a while.」
「What is it, suddenly?」
「Elena-sama as well, can you please come together with us?」
「Yes, it’s fine.」

Lela brought us outside the town. There was a military camp established with about 500 soldiers resting.
They probably traveled with haste that’s why the soldiers were considerably tired.

We were guided to the center of the camp where an elegant tent was built.

「Otousama, there’s something you have to hear urgently.」
「What is it Lela- You, Maruyama Seiji! Why are you here!?」
「What are you saying? I was brought here by Lela.」
「Lela, why did you bring this fellow?」

「Please listen, Otousama. According to this fellow, there’s a horde of orcs approaching Ikebu town.」
「Orcs? So what?」
「The town’s soldiers and adventurers have gone to Shiju town in order to participate in the war, there are insufficient hands.As it is, if the orcs attacked this town, there would be casualties.」
「It has nothing to do with me! The war has begun! It has to be prioritized above all else.」
「But, Otousama!」

Even if I told the knight leader that this war was instigated by the goblins and orcs, it won’t change his opinion.

「Then, stay here Otousama, I’ll defend the town to death.」
「Fine, suit yourself. I’ll lend you about 100 soldiers.」
「Thank you.」

As one would expect of someone who holds the alias『Iron wall Lela』, she’s also good in defensive battle, huh.
Just in case of emergency, I have the tracking beacon on Knight leader transferred to Lela.

「If the business is done, we’ll take our leave.」
「Wait, what did you come here for?」

「We’ve come to stop the war.」
「To stop the war!?」

「Well, you should do your own work well.」
「That’s my intention even if you didn’t tell me.」

Afterwards, the Knight leader left 100 soldiers to Lela and headed towards Shinju town in a hurry.

「Are you really going to be okay, Lela?」
「It’s my noblesse oblige to defend the country.」

「You’re also a pretty good fellow saying that you’ll do your best to defend the people of this town.」
「Wa?  People? What the aristocrats should defend is the territory, not the commoners.」

It’s hopeless!

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