Chapter 86 – Signs of War

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 That week, in preparation for our activity during the Golden Week, we purchased a large tent for camping and 10 bags of 25 kg flour to sell to the other world.
Because there was a fair amount of flour, when I bought it, I had a hard time covering it up.

And then it was Saturday. Azide-san was working at Shinju town. While Nancy was staying in Greece from India via Turkey.

「Now, since it’s Golden Week from today onwards, during the holidays, let’s quickly solve the matter about the war!」
「Eh? It’s golden week for Oniichan from today?」
「Yeah, I will have a six-day paid leave, so 16 consecutive holidays.」1
「It’s enviable.~ I want a paid leave too.~」

「Oh, that’s right. Aya has to go back on Monday because of the Junior College. Are you going to stay at home this time, Aya?」
「No way, don’t leave me!」
「It can’t be helped. We’ll return on Sunday night and go to the other side again on Monday morning.」

「If we’re going over to the other side on Monday, when are we going to return?」
「Friday, I think?」
「Ehh.. Showa day?」2
「Yeah, on Showa day. That’s why we won’t be able to go back and forth for a day on Wednesday.」

「Then, I will be alone this week?」
「There is no helping it because we’re going to solve the matter about the war.」

「Aya-san, I’m sorry.」
「It’s not your fault, Elena-chan. Un, it’s because of the problem of Elena-chan’s country.」

「Well then, let’s go.」

We went to『Shinju town』using Teleportation.


 『Shinju town』was in an uproar.

「What is this amount of soldiers.」

The『Shinju town』has a military-like atmosphere, it was full of stern looking men.

「Perhaps, the war has finally begun.」
「How so?」
「The『Shinju town』is the nearest town to the demon country that the demon lord governs.」
「I see, the soldiers will gather from this town and will march towards the demon country.」
「That’s what I think.」

「But, there’s no movement in the present situation. First, we must gather information.」

We went around the adventurers’ guild, merchants’ guild and craftsmen’s guild to gather information.

・The survivors of the Scab village were living in the『Slums』located at the north of the town.
・Under the decree of the King, the aristocrats governing each town were to send the soldiers they have gathered to『Shinju town』.
・Because the soldiers have been gathered,『Shinju town』is on food shortage.
・Rumor has it that the organized military units will march in the next few days.
・Because the merchants were also gathered in anticipation for the war’s special procurement, all the inns were full booked.3

Such was the information we had gathered.

First, we decided to go to the『Slums』located at the north of the town.

But, on the way to the『Slums』, I noticed an abnormal thing.

「Aya, Elena, wait a moment.」
「Yes.」「What’s wrong, oniichan?」

「There is something that shows『Caution』up ahead. And a lot of it.」
「N?  Monsters?4 But, inside the town?」
「I don’t know if they are monsters.」

「How many?」
「There are 1000 or more.」
「1000!!? You didn’t make a mistake?」
「I don’t know. But, let’s be careful.」

When we were advancing carefully, a bad odor filled the surroundings.
I know this smell. It smells like a rotten fish.

When we advanced deeper inside the area that smelled like a rotten fish, we encountered about five skinheads who walked slowly and blocked the road.

「You, what, business. Beyond this point, our town, if no business, turn back.」
「I’ve heard that the survivors of the Scab village are here. I want to talk to them, can you let us through?」
「Dunno, go home.」

I felt uncomfortable and tried to use【Appraisal】on these fellows.

「……Understood, sorry for troubling you. You two, let’s leave.」
「N?  Leave?」

When I looked over my shoulders, they went back to the position which wasn’t visible―

「Those fellows are orcs!」
「Huh!? Orc?」
「Come to think of it, it’s the same smell as an orc.」
「They are disguised as human beings using【Magic stone of human transformation】!」

Using the【Magic stone of human transformation】that the goblins made, the orcs snuck into the human town? I wonder what they are up to.

「Perhaps, the『Scab village survivors』is just a deception and their true objective is to sneak into the town.」

I summoned the lightning spirit and asked it to scout the『Slums』out with Aya’s beacon on.

「I specialized in attacking. Recently, it’s nothing but reconnaissance!」The lightning spirit complained.

I felt uneasy. I was almost certain that before long, the situation might turn into something where the lightning spirit needs to go on a rampage.

「Now then, let’s go back to the town and gather information about the『Slums』.」

We went back to the town. I was able to hear something from the elderly staff of the merchants’ guild.

「So, the『Slums』gradually grew bigger a few years ago.」
「Aa, it is so. Since there’s an unpleasant smell, no one approaches it. It’s troublesome.」

「What did the people over there do about things like food.」
「The aristocrat ruling this town seems to provide food to the『Slums』in large quantities. Because the survivors of the Scab village can’t be left alone.」

「What kind of relationship does the Scab village and the『Slums』have?」
「In that respect, I don’t know much. There was a merchant who was from the『Slums』and came into this town. Because he commonly went in and out of the Scab village, he might be the only one you could rely on.」

「A merchant from the『Slums』!?」
「I heard that that merchant seemed to witness the Scab village when it was attacked by the demon lord’s army.」

「Perhaps, the root of this war……」
「Based on the testimony, there was a crack formed between the demons leading to this situation.」
「I see……」

After listening to the story of the merchants’ guild staff, we left the guild. The lightning spirit also came back.

「Ano, in the.『Slums』・・there was nothing but orcs.」
「Nothing but orcs・・!?」

I tried to verify the video.
A guy who used【Magic stone of human transformation】was guarding near the entrance and inside the『Slums』was full of orcs.

「Elena, this might be bad.」
「Your otousama, I think he is being tricked by the goblins and orcs.」
「It’s highly likely.」

Translators notes and references:

1Uh… correct me if I’m wrong, so starting from the current day, Saturday, April 23 to 24th (his day-offs), April 25 to 28th (paid leave), April 29 to  May 5th (Golden Week), May 6 to 9th (day-offs and his remaining paid leave), totaled 16 days?↩
2Shōwa Day (昭和の日 Shōwa no Hi?) is a Japanese annual holiday held on April 29. It honors the birthday of the Shōwa Emperor (Hirohito), the reigning emperor from 1926 to 1989.[1] The purpose of the holiday is to encourage public reflection on the turbulent 63 years of Hirohito’s reign. – Wikipedia↩
3Uh… can someone please explain what is this special procurement?↩
4I’m translating mamonos as monsters i.e Goblins and Orcs while Mazoku as Demons↩

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