Chapter 85 – The first cosplay meeting

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「I’m home.~」
「Seiji-sama, welcome back.」

When I got home, there was only Elena. Aya wasn’t home yet.
I put the high class melon I bought in the refrigerator. Different from my usual routine, I changed my clothes to a dandy housecoat.

「Seiji-sama, they aren’t your usual clothes, are they?」
「Oh, Aya’s friends will drop in today so I intend to meet them with an appearance that suits the occasion.」
「Oh! Well then, I will also change my clothes.」

Elena went to change clothes. But the clothes she wore just now were fine.
Elena changed her clothes and returned……

「Elena, what on earth is that attire……」
「Seiji-sama, what is it? Is it strange?」

Elena wore a princess dress.
When I was thinking about what to say and explain―

「I’m home!ー」

Aya had returned home.


Elena went to the front door dressed as it is.

「Elena-chan! Why are you dressed like that!?」
「Aya-san, welcome back.」

「Pardon the intrusion.」「Excuse me.」

Following Aya, Mai-san and Yurie-san made their appearance.


Elena greet the two visitors elegantly. She held the hem of her skirt and lower her posture a little.

「It’s a princess!」「There’s a princess!」

Mai-san was a little surprised, while Yurie-san excitedly approached Elena. Going with the flow, she kissed the back of Elena’s hand. Elena tried to pull it back a little.

「Welcome. You’re Aya’s club senpais. I’ve heard a lot from her.」
「Ah, this fellow is my oniichan.」
「N!? Good evening……」

As I greet them, Mai-san cautiously stared at me for some reason. Yurie-san was crazy about Elena and almost didn’t notice me.
I led the two to the living room but Yurie-san still held Elena’s hand. Rather than kissing, she began to lick the back of Elena’s hand in the end. Even Elena was also smiling wryly.

「Hey Yurie, quit it. Everyone is looking at you.」
「Oh, I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold myself back.」

I knew that she was a dangerous person but this much was……

「Let’s now hold our first cosplay meeting.」

Aya loudly declared the start of the meeting. Elena applauded while Mai-san and Yurie-san smiled, their expression was like watching a small child.

「First, oniichan! Prepare something delicious.」
「Oh, alright.」

Well, I knew Aya would say such a thing.
I took out the melon which I especially cooled in the refrigerator. Because it wasn’t that cold, I cooled it using【Ice magic】with just the right temperature. I sliced it into 8 equal parts then put 2 parts each on 4 plates and gave it to the four people.

「「「Thank you very much.」」」
「Eh? What about oniichan’s share?」
「Me? I’m good.」

「Just because you’re in front of the visitors, you’re trying to look cool. Should I give you half of mine?」
「Half! If you’re going to share, don’t give me with nothing but the rind left!」
「Oniichan, you like the melon’s rind, right?」
「You’re talking about the salmon’s skin!」
「Is that so?」

Why are you saying such comedic dialogue in front of the visitors!?

「Such intimate brother and sister.」

I overlapped with Aya. So embarrassing……

「More importantly, let’s push the meeting forward!」

With Aya’s onward movement, the meeting proceeds. Everyone watched the DVD of『Magical girl ・C』together.


 The first episode is something like this:

1. C was admitted to the University and was forcibly put into the Magic Research Club.
2. She became friends with Apure and Ran who joined the club together.
3. In the beginning, the club was only verifying the pataphysics regarding magic……
4. The club Captain, Sigil called them to the river bank and showed them magic.
5. The three people were given magic batons from Captain Sigil.
6. The 3 new members became real magical girls.

But, after watching the first episode, Aya began to play episode 6 for some reason.

「Aya, why episode 6 after episode 1?」
「Well, you’ll understand once you’ve seen it.」

The sixth episode is something like this:

1. The『Bug monster-man Lolicon』appeared in Akihabara.
2. The four magical girls were dispatched to exterminate the monster-man.
3. The magician of fire,『Ran』was bathed in『Bug monster-man Lolicon』’s『Loli Loli beam』and became a『Loli girl』.
4.『Bug monster-man Lolicon』temporarily withdrew,『Ran』could not return from being a『Loli girl』.
5.『Ran』spent an eventful day being a『Loli girl』.
6.『Bug monster-man Lolicon』appeared once more.
7. 『Ran』who was humiliated furiously beat the shit out of『Bug monster-man Lolicon』.
8.『Ran』returned to normal after defeating『Bug monster-man Lolicon』but when she returned to normal, the clothes she was wearing……

It was unexpectedly interesting. Especially the end……

「Ano, the『Ran-chan』who became small looked similar to Captain.」
「What are you talking about, Yurie? I’m not that small!」

No no, I think it looked very similar.
In the end,『Loli girl』version of『Ran』will be Mai-san.
In the process of elimination,『Sigil』the magician of earth will be Yurie-san.
Still, it seems me being the man who woks as a sales clerk in the game arcade was determined. Well, it’s fine since that character seems to have a cool feeling, I think?

After the assignment of the characters had been determined, we talked about the costumes.

「Yes yes! I will make the costumes!」
「That reminds me, Yurie is good at it.」

「That being the case, Elena-chan, please take off your clothes there in the dark because I need the body size and various measurements.~」

Somehow, Yurie-san broke……

「Oi, stop it Yurie! Don’t try to strip off Elena-chan!」

Yurie-san stopped her sexual harassment with Mai-san’s desperate persuasion and took normal measurements.
*Haa haa* Yurie-san, while panting, took everyone’s measurements. Was this person really okay?……
Of course, I didn’t listen to everyone’s measurement, okay?

「Oh, Elena-chan’s hair ornament is really beautiful.」

Yurie-san was breathing heavily while taking in Elena’s size and noticed the【Hair ornament of recovery】which Elena was wearing.

「As if a real magic power is dwelling inside this hair ornament and it’s very beautiful, isn’t it?」

Yurie-san is sharp! It was bullseye.

「It’s also similar to the hair ornaments after the transformation.」
「Come to think of it, you’re right. But the color is slightly different.」

The color of the hair ornaments of each magical girl were green for C, red for Ran, blue for Apure and yellow for Sigil.

「Then, how are we going to make magic batons?……」
「Ah, there’s a baton with similar feeling. Please wait a moment.」

I took out the【Water rod】from the inventory in my room and showed it to everyone back in the living room.

「Great, it’s solidly made. The color is just like the magic baton of Apure-chan.」
「If only there’s a heart symbol mounted on it, it would look exactly like it.」

「I’ll also try to procure hair ornaments and batons with different colors.」
「Thank you.Well, I’ll try my best to make the costumes.」

As such, the first cosplay meeting was brought to a close.

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