Chapter 83 – Magic stone of Biribiri

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 We went back home. Right when I was trying to take my shoes off at the door, the intercom’s chime resounded. Who could it be?


When I opened the door, it was innocent-faced.

「……What’s with the getup?」

Innocent-faced was surprised by our getup.
Oops, we were still wearing our armor.

「Ehm, this is… that’s right! This is cosplay.」
「I knew it!」

N?  I knew it??

「I-, In fact, I brought this for Elena.」

Innocent-faced handed a flyer to Elena with a smile.

<Golden week Cosplay Convention>

Such was written on the flyer.

「E-, Ehm… that’s all I’m here for.」

Innocent-faced hurriedly left.

「What was that? That fellow.」

I went to the living room after changing clothes from my armor. Elena, who finished changing clothes earlier than me, was glued on the flyer.
When I looked at the flyer, there was a picture of a woman dressed as a magical girl that struck her signature pose printed on it.

「Elena, do you want to go?」
「N?  Ah, yes. What is this?」

You were staring at it without knowing anything?

「It’s a cosplay festival.」

The date is May 5th, Children’s day.
The place will be featuring objets d’art of inverted『Saw』and, summer and winter doujinshis will be displayed and sold.

「Is it a cosplay in which should dressed as a magical girl?」
「Not only magical girl, many people would cosplay various characters.」
「That’s amazing!」

Elena’s eyes are shining.

「Elena, do you want to participate?」
「I-, Is it alright?」
「Oh, sure.」
「Seiji-sama, thank you very much!」

Elena did a niyo niyo face in delight. Elena, cute.~

「Elena-chan, what are you going to cosplay?」
「Uhm, what would be good?」
「It would be good if it’s your favorite work.」
「Which work does Elena like?」

「Ehm, I watched it some time ago…… I like this.」

Elena took out a DVD from the shelf.
The title of the DVD was『Magical girl ・C』.

「Is this popular?」
「You don’t know, oniichan? It has 3 seasons.」
「Huo, a work that continued up to season 3, huh. It’s considerably popular.」

「The Season 1 is『Magical girl ・C』, the Season 2 is『Magical girl ・C++(plus plus)』and, the 3rd and the latest season is『Magical girl ・C#(Sharp)』.」

Its name is like a certain language……

「There’s no『Objective ・ C』?」
「It was an OVA.」

There was!?

「By the way, what kind of story it have?」
「The girl『C』joined a magic research club at a university. It’s a story where magic can be really used.」

「Hou hou. And, what kind of characters it has?」
「Uhm, C-chan uses wind magic, Apure-chan uses water magic, Ran-chan uses fire magic, Sigil-chan uses earth magic. They are the 4 main characters.」

「Is『C』similar to Elena?」
「Uh, she’s more like Apure-chan. Apure-chan is also blonde.」
「Really? Then, C-chan is like Aya-san.」

「That’ll be 2 people even though it’s a group of 4. Isn’t it unbalance?」
「You’re right.~ Let’s invite the 2 people from the karate club.~」

「What kind of person are those two?」
「Uhm… Captain Mai is very strong despite being small while Manager Yurie seemed very gentle at first glance but a dangerous person.」

「Will those two people cosplay magical girl?」
「I don’t know. I’ll ask them tomorrow.」
「It seems it’ll be somewhat fun.」

If it makes Elena happy, I must fully cooperate too.

「Onii-chan will be the sales clerk of the Game center near the university where C-chan attends.」
「What’s that?」
「Therefore.~ Oniichan would cosplay」
「I’ll also do it!?」
「Of course!」
「Seiji-sama, you’ll be that character!? It would be very fun!」

Damn! If Elena is happy, I have no choice but to do it!! Well, it’s particularly good since that character seems to be an important character too.

Elena and Aya went to their room afterwards. They said the they will be having a cosplay strategy meeting.


 I went back to my room and decided to play with the magic stone that I’ve gotten.

First,【Magic stone of Human transformation】but nothing happened when I used it.

When I used【Magic stone of Biribiri】, it makes *biribiri*.
When I applied magic power, the *biribiri* becomes stronger and lasts longer. The duration varies with the applied magic power.
Because the magic stone emits a strong *birbiri*, I decided to wear a rubber gloves to hold it.
I tried to test the【Magic stone】using【Tester】. When I put the tester rods on the black and yellow part of the magic stone, electricity flowed. What! It displayed an AC of 50~60Hz. But the voltage varied, ranging from 10~220V depending on the magic stone.
I tested it further in various ways. When I put 2 magic stones side-by-side, the original voltage of the magic stones were added together and turned into a new voltage. When I put 30V and 70V together, it has become 100V. This is an interesting trait.

I removed the electric wires connected to the plug from the outlet portion of the extension cord and mount a 100V magic stone with a solder. Because I have a『Second class Electrician』qualification, those who don’t have, please don’t imitate too much.
The【Outlet Magic stone】was finished. I tried to plug in an electric kettle and put in water.
The electric kettle worked perfectly, it boiled hot water as per normal.


I’ve taken a guts pose unconsciously.
Thank God! The me in the other world who could not eat meal due to using outlet magic will be gone!

In my later tests, it rose up to 1 kW but when I add any more than that, the breaker came off and electricity didn’t flow from the magic stone for a while. Well, when it used a lot of electricity, it took some time to restore back to its original. When I applied magic power, I found out that it can be used up to 2kW.

I was pleased because it was more than what I thought the outcome would be……
When suddenly, I noticed that Aya and Elena had been peeping in from the gap of my door’s room.

「Don’t peep without permission!」

The two people were scolded by me and hurriedly went back to their rooms.

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