Chapter 80 – Goblin Prince

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「It’s not good, oniichan. The goblins had been alerted, it seems they will all come over if I make a move, even a little.」

After defeating a hobgoblin, Aya couldn’t lure out the enemy and had to give up.

「I see, there’s no helping it. Wait a moment you guys, let’s go and see the situation.」

Helplessly, the 3 of us went to see the situation at the village. The number of goblins were reduced to about 50. We didn’t find any individual who seemed to be the Goblin Prince. There were 4 hobgoblins left and they were being strictly alert with the surroundings. What to do……

「It can’t be helped, we’ll take care of the rest in one fell swoop.」
「Seiji-sama, that number is still……」
「Aya will also participate in the attack. And me as well. Is it fine?」

When we revealed ourselves, the goblins flew into a rage and came at us all at once. Since we couldn’t fight in the village, we lie in wait in a forest clearing.

「Seiji-sama, look at that.」

When I looked towards where Elena was pointing to, there was a goblin who wore an armor, it was larger than a hobgoblin and was positioned at the back.

「Is that a Goblin prince?」
「Y-, yes.」

When I appraised it, it was much stronger than an orc and black orc. So that’s reason why the orc was obedient and did what it was told.
The goblins stopped at a little distance away from us, the situation had turned into us glaring at each other. The goblins’ battle formation had common goblins in the front and the Goblin prince in the back while the hobgoblins were protecting the prince.
The goblin prince issued a command but I didn’t understand what it had said. Should I try to use Language Acquisition? It consumes a considerable amount of MP but it’s fine since there are Japanese sweets.

I used【Language Acquisition】decisively.

┌─<Language Acquisition>─
│【Goblin’s language】acquisition.
│ Please choose the acquisition level:

│・Level 1 (Consumption: 50 MP)
│  You can speak by babbling

│・Level 2 (Consumption: 100 MP)
│  You can speak at an everyday conversational level

│・Level 3 (Consumption: 200 MP)
│  You can speak fluently

Huh? It’s only up to level 3. That’s it! There are no『letters』in goblin language, huh?
The 200 MP was consumed and I have mastered the【Goblin’s language】level 3.

『Those fellows, don’t let them escape! Who ever lets them get away, Death penalty!』1

They aren’t talking about strategy?…… and, it’s only the goblin prince who is capable of speaking goblin’s language, even if the other goblins understand the goblin’s language, they couldn’t speak it, it seems.

「Aya, Elena, I’ll keep the goblin prince away from the group. Since I’ll constrain it, you have to defeat the common goblins by yourselves.」

「Let’s go! 【Teleportation】!」

I moved behind the goblin prince and set up a barrier which blocks physical attacks, light and sound between the common goblins and the goblin prince and divided them.

『I’m here!』

The goblin prince and the hobgoblin were surprised that a human appeared behind them and spoke with their own language.
When I checked the other side of the barrier using【Tracking】magic, the goblins had fallen into panic with the tornado that Aya had created.

『All of you, why are you abducting human beings?』
『You, Human, how, speak?』

For the time being, I converse with goblin’s language……
It’s a prince but it’s still babbling?

『I learned it just now. That aside, answer my question.』
『Human, secret, not talking.』
『I’ll let you have a bitter experience if you don’t talk.』
『Human, weak, you, kill.』

It’s no good, it seems I couldn’t get any more information.

『All of you, Human, kill!』

When the prince issued the command, the 4 hobgoblins attacked simultaneously. I took out a sword and shield from the inventory and engage.
The 4 hobgoblins held a different weapon each. Axe, hammer, mace and spear, they were huge weapons and heavy.
I’m surrounded by the 4 monsters and have been attacked from the 4 directions. Only, the attacks were slow due to the weapons being heavy and can be easily dodged.
Meanwhile, a tornado and hailstorm rage on the other side of the barrier. The weather has become rough and the goblins are collapsing one after another.

「Is it about time?」

I grabbed the hand of the hobgoblin who swung down an ax with my left hand then I used【Teleportation】to move to the other side of the barrier. I dropped the hobgoblin and immediately returned to the original location. About 1 second passed during that time.

『1, disappeared, what did you do?』

It seemed that even the prince didn’t understand what happened. It was an instant, the other side of the barrier wasn’t visible and the sound wasn’t audible.
I waited for the timing for a while and took the guy with a hammer next. I felt like the speed in which the hobgoblins were being defeated on the other side of the barrier were gradually getting faster.
Followed by the hobgoblin with a mace and lastly, I sent the hobgoblin with the spear―

Me and the prince were left alone.

『Now then, you’re the only one left. Tell me, what were you scheming?』
『If I say, by the King, kill.』
『Well, you’re going to be killed by me?』
『I, you, kill.』

It’s useless after all, the prince drew its great sword and attacked me.

Translator notes and reference:

1It should be babbling here but I don’t know how. lol↩

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