Chapter 77 – New armors and strategy meeting

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I went back to the inn in order to report the situation of the Scab village.
「Eh? Oniichan, yobai1 this early morning?」
「Seiji-sama, good morning.」
「Good morning, Elena. Aya, it’s called yobai if it’s evening.」
「Then, asa hai2?」

「Aya, there’s no such thing. I’ve found the Scab village that’s why I returned quickly.」
「N?  You’ve already found it? You’re so fast oniichan.」

When she said「fast」with a stunned look, she seemed to be unsatisfied or something……

「There’s a horde of goblins gathered inside the Scab village.」
「N?  Goblins!? Why?」
「Since I didn’t investigate properly, I can’t say it clearly yet. The goblins probably found the village uninhabited and settled in.」

For some reason, I’m interested about the current situation inside the Scab village.~

「How many goblins in there?」
「There should be around 100 or more. If we’re unlucky, there might be 200.」
「That many!? Then, there might be a high rank goblin present. 」
「High rank? You mean, Goblin king?」
「If the horde is around 200, I think there’s a Goblin Prince nearby.」

A Goblin prince, huh?

「Uh.~ Seiji-sama, I have a request.」
「A request from Elena? How rare. What is it?」
「The goblin subjugation, will you let me do it?」
「Huh!? Elena!?」

「The Scab village’s problem is Delaidos Kingdom’s problem, if possible, I want to solve it with my power.」

Somehow, Elena is unusually aggressive.

「Oniichan, since Elena shows so much determination, let’s cooperate.」
「Oh, that’s right.」
「Seiji-sama, Aya-san, thank you very much.」

「Well then, we need it after all.」


We went to Nippo town.

「Seiji, they’re all finished.」
「Hello, Gamudo-san.」

Gamudo-san showed me the finished armor sets.

「C-, Cool!」
「Of course, I put all my skills to meet your expectations.」

My cool armor is a half-armor with kote that covered the fingers up to the elbow and boots that covered my toes up to the shin. In addition, they are all light.3

「How is it? It’s light, right? It has a gem with weight reduction magic and defense reinforcement magic.」
「That amazing!?」

As for Aya’s armor, it’s a breastplate with elbow and knee armor pieces. It’s just right for Aya who focused on speed.

「Isn’t this armor somewhat erotic?」
「Aya, you also need to wear normal clothes underneath the armor, right?」
「Oh, yeah. For a moment there, I thought it’s a bikini armor.」

Aya, things like bikini armor only exists in two-dimension.

Elena’s armor is a shining pure white breastplate and boots.

「Elena-jouchan, it has magic defense and a magic that repels arrows and the like.」
「Thank you very much!」

「How is it? Do the three of you like them?」

「By the way, how much is today’s equipment?.~」
「*smack* What are you saying! These are the compensation for the whiskey last time. I’m not going to accept anything, even 1 Aurum in return for that.」

「I see, it’s shame.~ I’ve brought a whiskey again with so much effort……」

I took out a whiskey and placed it on the table. It’s not a luxury good like last time but it’s what I usually bought at the supermarket.

「If you don’t want to accept this whiskey then I wonder if I should just drink it?~」
「What I said earlier was a lie! I accept this whiskey!」

Looking at the wistful face of ossan, it’s unpleasant.

「It’s a joke. Because I brought this with so much trouble as a souvenir. Ah, but, it’s not like the expensive liquor last time so, please don’t expect too much.」
「Is that so? But, even so, it’s also a whiskey. Let’s drink it quickly!」

When Gamudo-san snatched the whiskey from me, he began to pour it into the glass I gave him last time and drunk it.

「Kaaa! Splendid! Indeed, whiskey is the best!!」

If some of the words are different, it’ll become dangerous line but let’s leave it alone.4

「Well then, we’re going to return.」
「Oh, please come again. When you have a whiskey souvenir, you’re welcome at anytime!」
「Yes yes, I’ll come again.」
「Bye bye.」「Excuse us to have disturbed you.」

We, dressed in our new armors made by Gamudo-san, headed to the Scab village.


「Is this the Scab village?」
「There really is a horde of goblins.~」

We crouched down on top of a small hill, overlooking the Scab village.

「Elena, do you really need to go?」
「Wa, yes…… even if I’ll likely die, I’ll do my best!」
「You don’t need to exhaust yourself that much. Because, we’ll also help.」
「Thank you.」

「But, if Elena is going to be our main attacker, we need to think of a proper strategy.」

「No matter how you look at it, fighting all of them at the same time with that number is too reckless.」
「But, how are we going to go about it?」

「In this case, divide and conquer is the basic.」
「Beating the kakko?」5

This fellow Aya doesn’t seem to understand. orz

「First, Aya will lure out the goblins.」
「Oh, I understand now! I’m going to pull the mobs.」

「Then, Elena will finish them off using AOE skills?」
「If there’s a large number of enemies, she has to use AOE skills but if it’s otherwise small, it might be better to use magic rod.」
「What is an AOE skill?」
「It’s a magic with a wide scope offensive. With Elena’s channeling spells【Cloudburst】and【Snowfall】which takes away body temperature, they are easy prey. Can you do it?」
「Yes, I’ll try.」

After deciding the strategy, we began to implement the operation goblin subjugation.

Translator notes and reference:

1Creeping at night into a woman’s bedroom.↩
2She tried to make a morning version of yobai.↩
3Half-armor is an armor protecting only a part of the body while kote is a gauntlet or gloves similar to this↩
4Reference to Ro-kyu-bu! anime when Subaru said elementary school kids are the best. Thanks ReaderBot and Fein.↩
5What Seiji said was divide and conquer/rule(各個撃破/Kakko Gekiha) while what Aya said was Kakko Gekiha(かっこ撃破). Kakko is a Japanese hourglass drum.↩

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