Chapter 74 – Karate club

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 I was drowsy all day long on that day but with【Strength recovery potion】to restore my strength, I managed to get by somehow.
I watched Aya using【Tracking】magic, she managed to finally get up around noon and went to Junior Collage.
As for Elena, she managed to get up a little past noon. She ate the pudding from the refrigerator with a drowsy look and went back to sleep.

When I watched Aya who went to Junior College, she charged towards the training room of the Karate club after school.
As soon as she entered the training room of the karate club, she shouted.


What’s that, a dojo challenge?

「Who are you?」

There’s only one kid inside the training room. Kid? That’s the training room of the Junior College’s karate club?

「I’m here to join the karate club…… who are you?」
「I’m the captain of the karate club that you’d like to join.」

Captain? This kid? No matter how you look at it, she’s1 about a primary school student.

「So, where’s the T.R.U.E captain?」
「Oh, I’m like this so I’m resigned to be misunderstood…… are you perhaps a freshmen? That attitude is kinda rude towards a senior.」

After saying that, the kid’s atmosphere suddenly changed.


Aya also noticed it and took a fighting stance.

「Hou, that’s a strange stance, are you self-taught?」

As soon as those words left her mouth, the kid kicked the floor and attacked Aya.
Aya minutely dodged the kid’s attack and took the opportunity. But, she slipped due to her wearing socks and fell down.

「Because this is a wooden floor, you’ll slide when wearing socks.」

Said the kid captain. Aya took her socks off and threw it away.

「Well then, shall we increase the speed a little?」

The kid captain rushed with movements quicker than before. Having her socks off, Aya was able to move properly now and managed to fend off the attack easily.

「How did you manage to avoid that!? That’s not karate in the least.」

After that, Aya continued to dodge the quick attacks of the kid captain.

「Iyaa, your movements are interesting. It’s like you can move at will.」
「You shouldn’t talk.」
「Hahaha! Thanks for the reminder.」

The offense and defense repeated many times, Aya dodged the kid captain’s Foot Sweep Kick with a jump.

「Eat this!」

The kid captain canceled the Foot Sweep Kick and let out an upper which looked like an ascending dragon. Aya couldn’t dodge since she was in mid-air.

*ka-pow* A dull sound resounded in the training room.
Aya barely blocked it with a cross arm but was overwhelmed by the upper’s power and was blown off to the back. Her back hit the brick wall of the training room.

「You were able to block that well, you’re really amazing.」

The kid captain really praised her but Aya didn’t think so.
Aya glared at the kid captain with an exasperated look and began to use【Strength recovery reinforcement】.

Oy, stop it you idiot. Don’t use magic!

「Huh? You, what are you doing? Something in your body changed a little, what was it?」

It seemed the kid captain felt something. Is her perception that sharp?

「You, are you doing some kind of trick? Show it to me a little more.」

When the kid captain says so, she’s beckoning and provoking Aya. Aya’s blood rushed to her head. She took the kid captain’s provocation and rushed towards her.

While Aya circled around the kid captain, she tried to catch her off-guard and performed knife-hand attacks but all of them were avoided.

「It’s an interesting move but it’s a bit monotonous.」

The kid captain kicked sharply and grazed Aya at the nose. Aya tried to dodge the sudden kick and tumbled away into the distance. The kick probably missed on purpose.

Finally, Aya began to use【Movement speed reinforcement】magic.

「Oh, I feel something strange. Is it a trick? It seemed to be something amazing!」

Aya circled around the kid captain and unleashed a barrage of attacks with abnormal speed. The kid captain wasn’t able to completely dodge them and was forced to block occasionally.

「Amazing! Amazing! What’s thisss!?」

The kid captain frolicked in high spirits.
Aya gets irritated that her attacks didn’t manage to hit.

She began to use【Tailwind】and【Wind gust】. Aya, you’re going too far! orz


Even the kid captain noticed the abnormal situation and her face became stiff.
Aya gradually attacked and managed to graze the kid captain for the first time. The kid captain’s face soon turned serious.
The speed of the two’s offense and defense increased bit by bit……


The kid captain noticed something and made a big jump away from that spot immediately.
A【Tornado】occurred at the spot where the kid captain stood previously.
When the kid captain was astonished at the sight, Aya aimed at the kid captain who was in mid-air and unleashed a fist while jumping.

*ka-pow* A dull sound resounded in the training room, this time, the kid captain was blown off to the wall of the training room.
Aya who had seen it looked downwards and tried to land but at the moment!……


Aya received an intense pain from her solar plexus and crouched down on the spot.

The kid captain was blown away but just before she slammed into the wall, she fixed her posture in mid-air and kicked the wall, using that momentum, she attacked Aya who was trying to land on her solar plexus.

「S-, Sorry, I didn’t mean to get serious.」

The kid captain apologized to the crouching Aya.
Aya, who was more frustrated with losing that the pain, *egu egu* started crying.

「Oh, I’m really sorry. Please don’t cry.~」

And then, a girl with glasses entered.

「C-, Captain! What did you do!!?」
「Yo! Yurie-kun. This young woman is sort of like a new member. Because she seemed interesting, we had a little bout.~ I didn’t mean to get serious……」

Is the name of this young woman Yurie?

「Are you serious, captain!? Is she alright!? Should we call an ambulance!?」

Yurie-chan said something exaggerated. Well, if it’s an ordinary person who received that attack of the kid captain, it wouldn’t end with just being sorry.
Yurie-chan rushed towards Aya and forcefully pulled Aya’s head into her chest. Aya was buried in the huge chest of Yurie-chan, she forgot to cry and struggled.

「It’s fine already, I’ll cheer you up.~」
「*Mumble mumble*……」
「Yosh yosh, it was painful, wasn’t it?~」

This kid captain is a dangerous person but this Yurie-chan is also dangerous in a different sense. Huge……

Aya looked upwards in-between Yurie-chan’s breast,

「Kyaa! She’s so cute! Would you like to stay at my house?」
「Ah, Yurie-kun is a『Gachi2』so it’s better to be careful.」
「You’re heartless captain! I’m not a『Gachi』.~ I just like cute girls!」
「That’s called『Gachi』!」

Is she such a person?…… It’ll be difficult to pick up Aya.

Finally, when the 3 people regained their composure, they introduced themselves over again.

「I’m Maruyama Aya, a freshman. I want to join the karate club. Nice to meet you.」
「I’m Kawai Mai, karate club’s captain. Best regards.」
「I’m the manager, Mihara Yurie. Aya-chan, please treat me well.」

Such an event, full of ups and downs. That was how Aya joined the karate club.

Translator notes and reference:

1Assuming that Aya is joining the girl’s division of Karate club.↩
2This one is really hard to put into words (at least for me), look it up here.↩

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    What just happened? she used magic and strengthen herself and still lost to an earthling college girl?! Aya is a lot weaker than I thought… well I guess it makes sense when you think about the fact that she has no technique at all but pure strength… Will captain-chan go to the Olympics 😀
    I wonder if there will be a man senior sub-captain that likes to bully freshmen, and freshmen can’t do anything or they’ll be expelled from the club or something… And Oni-chan will have to go to teach him a lesson… with slow motion magic-senpai of course xD

    Thank you so much for the chapter 🙂


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      she has no experience fighting except for monsters and that tournament which doesnt count and this time she cheated, guessing she relied on her “advantage” instead of skills like the opponent did.
      Since she’s never trained in martial arts, she doesnt understand that fighting as a man and woman are two different things [joints,flexibility,strength etc…]


    • Akk February 13, 2016 / 5:52 am

      Well~ if you assume captain-san practise traditional Karate, she is stronger than Aya even if aya use strength magic because they punch tree and brick wall as daily training.


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    I find it hard to believe that a person who was fascinated by toilet paper would know what a malignant tumor is

    And now that you can see that someone is about to die when they run out of hp then wouldn’t healing magic and some sweets make you immortal?

    I don’t think Karate is what Aya should be learning. Where are the ninja teachers at? Do we need Seiji to start looking for hidden villages?

    Thanks for the chapters! 😀


    • Countrymage February 13, 2016 / 1:41 am

      It’s perfectly fine to join the Karate Club, if it’s the one from a martial arts manga, tiny club captain and big-breasted glasses vice-captain as evidence of this.
      As for the tumor, it is possible for Elena to know about tumors, there are records of all sorts of crazy procedures for treating tumors in the Middle and Dark ages, like soaking a silk cloth in herbs and chemicals then piercing it through the tumor. It also may have been mentioned, simply or in basics, in one of the textbooks she is currently studying for magic reasons.

      Or the words came up in an anime…


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    P.S.: just in case you are wondering and to avoid criticism, she fights in a reckless style and algost ignores defense and controls wind. I don’t have or had any intention to offend anyone


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    That’s impossible.
    Martial arts “masters” in real life don’t have bodies of steel.
    Not only that, but Aya used wind magic to support her, so how did a regular person defend against strong winds alongside a super human!?
    You have to remember that Aya leveled up.


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    And Aya lost despite using magic. She has been literally next to useless so far. Wow..


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