Chapter 72 – Older brother and younger sister’s marathon race

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When I woke up in the morning I couldn’t move again. I wonder why it’s always like this.

After resting for a while, the tent in tent1 also somehow calmed down, when I crawled out of the tent, the adventurers were preparing breakfast. After eating breakfast with everyone, I put away the tent I borrowed from Azide-san and resumed our journey to Ikebu town with Azide-san and the adventurers.

The carriage the adventurers rode moved ahead and the carriage rode by Azide-san followed, such was the formation of the 2 carriages.
We board on Azide-san’s carriage. It became overweight since there are 4 people on board plus the luggage, it slowed down the speed of the carriage.

「Horse-san, please do your best!」

Elena cast recovery magic on the horse and somehow managed to keep the speed. As it is, we won’t be able to arrive at the Ikebu town by the end of the day. I want to conceal the teleportation as much as possible. By the way, when we came to the rescue yesterday, everyone lost their consciousness and became confused. It seemed that they didn’t see when I used teleportation.

「Aya, get off the carriage and run.」
「It’s overweight, I felt sorry for the horse.」
「Well then, you should do the running, niichan.」

「It’s alright, we don’t need to make the benefactor run. Also, a person won’t be able to keep up with a carriage by running. We just need to camp out again tonight if we won’t be able to arrive by today.」

It would be bad if we camp out once again tonight. Aside from Aya’s Junior College, I can’t be absent from work without leave.

「Well then, let the two of us run!」
「Well, it can’t be helped.」

「Then, I’ll also run.」
「Elena should remain on the carriage and look out for the horse.」
「Yes, I understand.」

「Wait a minute Seiji-san, no matter how you look at it, it’s absurd.」
「It’s fine.」

Without listening to Azide-san’s plead, Aya and I jumped off the carriage and started running.

「Seiji-sama and Aya-san, good luck!~」

With the effect of the status, I’m not tired after running close to sprinting speed. But, we weren’t able to immediately run along with the horse.

「Seiji-san, are you really alright?」

Azide-san spoke to me from the coachman seat of the carriage.

「It’s fine, it’s fine.」
「As expected of Seiji-sama.」

Elena also sat on the coachman seat and root for us.

I continued to run for while but Aya gradually became exhausted.

「Nii-chan…give me…candy…MP…running out.」

Aya’s breathing became ragged, breaking up her dialogue.

「What the, Aya has been cheating by using magic?」
「Huh!? Niichan…aren’t…using…magic!?」
「It’s the difference of training.」

After giving candy to Aya, she began to run vigorously again using【Strength recovery reinforcement】,【Movement speed reinforcement】and【Tailwind】.

「Seiji-san, what was the thing you gave to Aya?」
「That one? That’s a food for restoring magic power, would you also like to try eating it, Azide-san?」
「N?  Is it okay?」
「There’s plenty of it, help yourself.」

I handed a candy to Azide-san and he threw it into his mouth, giving a strange evaluation.

「It’s sweet.~ So, it restored magic power.」
「N?  It’s sweet so it’s restored magic power?」
「You didn’t know? Sweet food restores magic power while salty food restores strength.」

That reminds me, salt is one of the ingredients used to brew strength recovery potion. Perhaps, with sugar and salt it can restore HP and MP? Let’s try it next time.

I’m thinking such a thing while running when【Vigilance】magic informed me of『Caution』.
When I checked it out, it seems there are monsters in front.

「Aya, there are monsters in front. Make a sortie!」
「Right, right away.」

I put【Quick】magic on Aya while at the same time, Aya used【Wind gust】and immediately accelerate.

「Seiji-san, what happened to Aya-san? She ran at high-speed.」
「Since there are monsters in front, she went to subjugate them.」
「Huh!? Is it alright to go alone?」
「It’s fine.」

After a while, Aya subjugated the five goblins and was waiting on the side of the road.

「Did you take the ears?」
「Do it onii-chan.~」
「No good, have you forgot about the disappointment of yesterday?」
「*blood rising* I understand.~」

When Aya was taking the goblins’ ears, the adventurers also stopped and got off the carriage, they dug a hole to bury the goblins in our stead. What a nice people.~
Apparently, it’s a manner for adventurers to bury the subjugated goblins in a hole. All the goblins that I subjugated until now were put inside the inventory, there seemed to be no value in keeping them so I dug a hole and buried them this time.

We advanced while subjugating goblins several times and I was questioned on how I discovered the monsters in advance each time. I covered it up well since it’s a rare skill after all.~

After a while, there’s a high tower that can be seen from the gaps of the trees.

「There’s a tower that came into view.~」
「It finally came into view. That’s the『The tower of sunrise』of Ikebu town.」

I heard a lot from Azide-san about the『Tower of sunrise』, he said that it has 60 levels, it seems no one reached beyond the 3rd level yet since there is no stairs to climb on to from the 3rd level.
It seemed to say that we need to climb it. Once we finished our investigation about the war, I want to climb it by all means.

While advancing further and looking at the『Tower of sunrise』, we finally arrived at the『Ikebu town』when the sun has begun to set.
We were insistently invited by Azide-san to a banquet to celebrate our safe arrival, but we refused it, we immediately returned home to Japan without exploring the city.

Translator notes and reference:

1Or a pitched tent/morning wood.↩

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