Chapter 71 – Azide is in a pinch

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 Our popular hotcake party ended and the children went to bed.
I realized a serious matter.

「Oops, I forgot to secure an inn.」
「Then Seiji-san, please stay here.」
「Aria-san, thank you very much.」

「But Seiji-sama, there aren’t enough beds.」
「I’ll just make do with the sleeping bag.」

While having such talk, suddenly,【Vigilance】magic sensed【Danger】.
I promptly took a defensive stance and looked around.

「Seiji-sama, what happened?」
「I sensed some【Danger】but it seems not here.」

I tried to open the map to confirm it and the one exposed to【Danger】is『Azide-san』.

「It seems Azide-san is exposed to【Danger】.」

Aria-san is here but it can’t be helped since it’s an emergency situation.
I projected Azide-san’s situation on the spot.

There, the figure of Azide-san who is being attacked by 30-something bandits.

「Ah, Azide-san! I-, Is this a magic that can see to distant places!?」

Azide-san is being protected by several adventurers but they’re completely outnumbered and on the verge of losing.

「Aya, Elena, we’re going to help.」
「Seiji-san, how are you going to go there?」
「Aria-san, please keep this as a secret after this.」
「Y-, yes.」


I brought Aya and Elena, and teleported to where Azide-san is.


When we arrived, the last of the adventurers received a wound and fell down.


I promptly set a barrier up between the thieves and the adventurers, it blocked the thieves’ advance.

「Elena, please examine the adventurers’ injuries. Aya, take care of the people in the right.」

I go around the left side of the barrier and confronted the thieves.

「There’s still someone remaining!?」

The three people attacked at the same time but I attacked the three people’s hands and knocked away their weapons.
The thieves who saw that were stubborn and plunged in blindly without pausing.

I looked towards Ayaー
Aya was near Elena for some reason, she took a fighting stance but didn’t move. What are you doing Aya!?

Finally, the thieves moved around the right-side of the barrier and surrounded Aya and Elena.


I moved using【Lightning flash】and hurled myself at the back of one of the thievesー


My being which turned into lightning passed through the thief’s body. The thief uttered a short scream and fainted from the electric shock.
I cast electric shock on the thieves who were surprised when I suddenly appeared, neutralizing about half on the spot, the remaining thieves promptly took a distance.

「Aya, what happened!?」
「Ah, err… oniichan.」
「Aya, are you trembling?」

Aya looked strange. Well, no wonder since there are suddenly people killing each other. Actually, even I’m more nervous than usual.
But, there’s no time to relax, I sensed【Danger】from the distance and when I looked overー
a thief with a bow is aiming at here.


I cast【Lightning strike】towards that person.
It also affected the people around him and several thieves were charred and fell down.

「Dangerous, escape!」

When the leader-like thief shouted, the thieves ran away at full speed.

Approximately 20 thieves managed to ran away and the other 10 people died at the place.

Despite being thieves, I had killed people. There was no time to go easy in a desperate situation. It’s the same feeling when I first came to this world and cut off the hand of the aristocracy knight leader. Though I’m not sure yet, back then, it had a feeling of a game.

「Seiji-sama, are you alright?」

Elena looked at my face worriedly.

「It’s the first time I had killed people. I’m a bit shaken.」

I lowered my head andー
Elena pulled my head into an embrace.


Elena, what on Earth……
but when I heard Elena’s heartbeat, I gradually calmed down.

「Elena, I’m fine now.」
「Thank you.」

I freed myself from Elena’s comfortable arms and went to Aya.

「Aya, are you okay?」「Aya-san, are you alright?」

「I-, I’m sorry. I-, I couldn’t move at all……」

Aya bursts into tears in my chest.
Like what Elena did to me a little while ago, I calmed Aya down.

「Oniichan, I’m fine already.」
「Is that so?」

Aya freed herself out of my chest and wiped her tears.

「Sorry oniichan, I couldn’t move at the critical moment.」
「Well, it can’t be helped, even I got scared.」

When I pat Aya’s head, Aya seemed frustrated by it.

「Seiji-san! Why are you here!? What happened to the thieves?」

Oh, I’ve completely forgotten about Azide-san.

Apparently, Azide-san covered himself with cloth and hid inside the carriage.

「Iyaa, Azide-san, what a coincidence. It seems the party we saved was unexpectedly Azide-san’s.」

My little bit of acting became awkward.

「What about the other adventurers?」
「They’re all unconscious but we were able to treat their wounds somehow.」

With Elena’s recovery magic, the 5 adventurers were completely healed and regain consciousness.

「Seiji-san, Elena-san and Aya-san, we offer to you our sincere gratitude.」
「Thank you very much.」

We received an intense gratitude from Azide-san and the adventurers.

All the thieves’ corpses were buried by us and the adventurers at the place.There isn’t any bounty for an underling thief, the bounty is on the boss’ head, we have to literally bring the head and exchange it for gold.

When we finished disposing the bodies, we traveled a little and set up a camp.

But, it became awkward.

「Seiji-san, did you have any equipment for sleeping?」

What should I do, I don’t have such a thing!

「Actually.~ We have taken the luggage of the thieves from a while agoー」
「Then, please use my tent. I‘ll sleep on the carriage.」
「Sorry for the trouble and thank you very much.」
「You’re my benefactor, this is only natural.」

Hmm.. it’s good to have an equipment for sleeping in the mean time.

Thus, we decided to sleep in the tent. The adventurers seemed to be working as lookout.

「Oniichan, it’s so narrow.」
「It can’t be helped.」

Inside the narrow tent, we became like the character 川.
I used Azide-san’s piece of cloth as a futon, Elena is in my sleeping bag and Aya is wrapped in a blanket.
And for some reason, I’m located in the middle of the character 川, why am I always in the middle? It always somehow becomes this formation. Why is that?

Elena was tired after using a lot of recovery magic. She immediately started snoring1.

「An-chan, are you awake?」

「Earlier, I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to fight properly.」
「It was sudden this time so it can’t be helped.」

「But, when something like this happened again next time and I can’t fight once again……」

「That’s right.~ Though you were able to move during the fighting competition, I wonder why you couldn’t move today?」
「I got scared when I saw the thief’s face.」

「When you struck iron wall Lela, weren’t you fine?」
「Those people weren’t something to be afraid of.」

We had various conversations but apparently, when Aya had hostility directed to her from a man, her body become stiff. After the incident in Shinjuku, it had become a trauma.

「Aya, there’s a better way to fight with a man.」
「What is」
「Kick his crotch.」
「Oniichan you ecchi!」
「I’m serious with what I said!」

「I’ve decided! I’ll join the karate club and learn self-defense.」
「I see, that may be good.」

Aya made up her mind, she finally calmed down and after awhile she began to snore.

While listening to the snoring of Aya and Elena which like a stereo2, I finally went to sleep.

Translator notes and reference:

1Seiji is ruining Elena’s image.↩

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    • not_onizuka-gto February 13, 2016 / 11:41 am

      That’s a bit rude. Martial arts effectiveness depends on the people, karate works best if you spar alot and pay attention to be able to train your body hard. Muay Thai requires mpre felxibilty as well as the ability to train to hard bloke with your inner forearm and shins. People with smaller arms and legs will have trouble using elbows and knee moves so not suitable for everyone.

      High school and university sports karate is a functional self defence but while you can’t really say it’s a type that is equal to combat worth okinawan karate, it does train you the mentality of fighting, gives you good training habits and confidence when facing a self defence situation which is what Aya really needs right now.


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        Modern karate may give you habits and such, but it doesnt give you a “real” taste of what a good punch or kicks are, not to mention “mentality of fighting”

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        Ive seen a 1.75 ish k.o a 1.90+ man. There are several examples. Just read the news, go on youtube or any social sites.


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    「What is」
    「Kick his crotch.」
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