Chapter 70 -New magic (simple)

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It was almost evening when we finally arrived at Aria-san’s place. I wonder if we went a little overboard from touring around various places?

「Ah, it’s Seiji-ojii… an-chan!」

Hey! What’s that you were about to say just now!?

「Oh hey there, Seiji-san, Aya-san and Elena-san, please come in. It’s good to see you guys again.」
「Aria-san too and it’s good that you’re doing well more than anything.」

After greeting, Elena hurriedly performed health checks on the children and see if they have any injuries and Aya began to play with the children using【Wind magic】.
I borrowed Aria’s kitchen and began preparing to cook.

First, I mixed baking powder, sifted flour, a pinch of salt and sugar together.
Then, I put milk and egg in a separate bowl and mixed them well while putting in the flour from a little while ago bit by bit, mixing a drop of cooking oil and vanilla essence and the batter was completed.

「Hey, everyone. Clean up the top of the table.~」

While everyone observes, I put something in the middle of the table like a certain Dane.1

「What’s this~!?」
「Magic tool?」
「Anchan, t-, this is!」

「It’s a hot plate!!」

I said with a smug look.

「Anchan, what are you going to do taking out an electric hot plate, there’s no outlet here?」

Aya said so with a stunned look.

「Fufufu! Clever Aya.
You think I took this out without thinking?」
「W-, What did you say!?」


Back to several days ago, I confined myself in my room after dinner and took out some things and began tinkering.


I took out a machine like a certain robotic cat2 while my cry echoed inside the isolated room……

The description of the『Tester』is a portable instrument for measuring electrical currents and voltage. Incidentally, my tester can also support AC and furthermore it can also measure frequency!

I switched the tester to voltage measurement mode, I held the black and red tester rod with my left and right hand and activated the【Lightning magic】slowly.
The number in the digital display gradually increased, when the volts reached 100V, I secure the magic power’s strength and maintain it.

「For now, I can maintain a 100V DC.」

Now, I switched the tester to AC frequency measurement mode and invoked the magic in the same way.
But this time, the display didn’t change. I tried to control the【Lightning magic】and exchange the positive and negative many times.
Although the frequency’s value increased little by little, it was far from reaching 50 Hz. I imagined a generator which rotates at 50 revolution every second and the frequency rose at once.
Finally, I was able to successfully create a power supply of 100V AC 50Hz, I practiced repeatedly for awhile to be able to cast the magic stably.


「Nowww then, lo and behold! This is my new magic,
it’s called『Outlet magic3』!!」

I picked up the hot plate’s plug then touched the earthed exposed metal parts with my right hand’s index finger and thumb and invoked magic, the hot plate’s power indicator faintly shone.

「What is it?」

「It’s somewhat simple.」
「Yeah, well……」

「Then Seiji-sama, what happens after this?」
「Ehm, the plate will gradually become warm.」
「It will become warm……」

Elena cautiously touched the hot plate.

「Oh, it’s warm!」

When Elena reported so, all the children began to touch the plate together.

「It’s true, it’s warm.~」
「Oy! Don’t touch it too much because it’ll gradually become hot, it’s dangerous!」

Elena and the children became quite and suddenly retracted their hands. Yoshi yoshi, good children.

「Well then, I’ll start cooking.~」

And, I noticed a serious mistake.
Because I need to maintain the outlet magic with my right hand, I can only use my left hand. I somehow managed to take out the tools from the inventory with only my left hand but it’s impossible to cook as expected.

「Aya, sorry but can you bake it in my place?」
「Okay but, are these hotcakes?」
「Well, if it’s that then even I can do it.」

Aya just went with the flow, she scooped the batter with the ladle and tried to pour it on the hot plate.

「Wait wait! Oil it first.」
「Ah, is that so?」

It’s not ‘is that so?’!
Will it really be alright to leave it to Aya?

「Well then, Aya-oneesan is going to bake some delicious hotcakes.~」
「Wow, oneechan daisuki.~」

Shit, if I could only use my right hand, I won’t fall behind Aya. I grieved over my mistake.

When Aya bakes an ill-formed hotcake, it caused an applause from all around. When you look closely, it’s a little burnt!

Aya divided the hotcakes into 8 equal portions and handed it to everyone’s plate. But, my portion wasn’t on my plate! When I look for my share’s whereabouts for a minute, there are 2 pieces on Aya’s plate!

「Oi, Aya-san. Why’s my share on Aya-san’s plate?」
「But Anchan, you won’t eat because you can’t use your right hand, right?」

Heartless, too heartless, this is too much!
When I hang my head down lowー

「Then, okay, say ah.~」

Aya took a bite-size piece out of my share and brought it to my mouth with a fork.
Aya, I’m sorry that I doubted you.


Oh, delicious. The hotcake I received from my imouto seemed somewhat different. How should I say it? It tasted a little bitter……
A bitter taste?

「Oy Aya. Wasn’t the hotcake you shared to me was the most burnt part?!」
「Well, since Anchan is the oldest, I think a little bitter taste had a better effect.」
「What bitterness, it’s merely burnt!」

「Calm down, are you fine with this partition? If so, I’ll put lots of honey. Here, Aaaaan.」
「Hey hey, stop… *munch munch*」

Being force-fed with hotcake full of honey by Aya, it was indescribably bitter and sweet. And, the area around my mouth became sticky.

「Seiji-oniichan, I’ll also feed you.」

Minya the nekomimi girl also came and tried to feed me with hotcake, imitating Aya.

「Okay, Aaan.」

When I’m done eating the served hotcake, other children also came to me one after another and began to launch『Aaan attack』.
When I somehow breakthrough the enemies’ waves of attack, the unexpected last boss appeared at the end.

「Seiji-sama, Aaan.」
「E-, Elena!」
「W-, Was it no good?」
「No, I’ll also receive Elena’s. Aaan.」

I’ll finally receive Elena’s『Aaan』, I have no more regrets……my face broke into a grin while thinking such a thing.

It seems, I became careless this time.

「Thanks for the fooー!」

A moment of carelessness, the fellow stole something unthinkable.
It’s Elena’s hotcake.

「You’re cruel, Aya-san. That one was for Seiji-sama. Why did you eat it.」
「Elena-chan’s hotcake.~ Delicious.~」

On the spot, I dropped to my knee in defeat.

Translator notes and reference:

1I’m not sure what this Dane is, but I found something while searching all over the net, which is Dane Cook.↩
2In case you didn’t get it, it’s referencing Doraemon.↩
3Any naming ideas? Should I call it Electrical outlet magic to be more specific?↩

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