Chapter 68 – From the Great Wall of China to Sapporo

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 Saturday morning, we tried to go to the other world as always but a problem has occurred.

「Azide-san is still in the Suga town.」

「Who is Azide-san?」
「Have you forgot? He’s the merchant who travels around Delaidos kingdom, I put a tracking beacon on him.」
「Oh.~ That person.」

「Well then, I still can’t go to Ikebu town.」
「Oh, it’s such a thing. What should we do?」

「The 3 places where we can go currently are the Royal capital, Nippo and Suga?」
「Ah, that’s right.」

「Where can we go in this world, to Tokyo and Sapporo only?」
「No, I can go to Beijing.」

「N?  Beijing? How??」
「Some time ago, I met a person named Nancy who came to Japan for her tour around the world, I put a tracking beacon on that person.」

When I checked the map, Beijing and the great wall of China were displayed. I wonder what would be the sightseeing scope of Nancy? Right now, she’s in Beijing Airport. It seems like she’s about to leave China.

「We’ll suspend our trip to the other world today and go to China?」
「Well, just for a short while.」
「Yes, I’d also like to see many places.」

「Well then, let’s go and take a look at the great wall of China.」

When we flew to the great wall of China using【Teleportation】, suddenly, our surroundings turned white.

「Oh, excellent view. But, it’s a little smoggy.」
「Nice view.」
「Eh? Elena-chan? Your way of talking suddenly became strange.」
「The【Magic stone of Temporary Language Acquisition】probably had to correspond with Chinese.」
「Only…a little bit…I don’t understand.」
「It’s amazing enough that you can speak like that in a short period of time.」

While having such talk, Elena began coughing all of a sudden.

「*Gohon gohon*」

「Elena, are you alright?」
「It’s a little…difficult (to breath).」

Umu, The PM2.5 is soaring a lot more these days, huh?1

「Let’s leave China, we could still go and see『Sapporo』.」
「Un, let’s do that.」「Yes.」

「Well then,【Teleportation】!」

We went to Sapporo using【Teleportation】.

「This is Sapporo. The air is so good.」

When we arrived at Sapporo, Elena’s coughing seemed to have stopped.
Also, her Japanese had also returned to normal.

「The atmosphere is a little bit different from Tokyo but it looks as amazing as Tokyo.」
「Oh, because Sapporo is one of the 5 major cities of Japan.」

「The rest of the 5 cities are, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya, remember?」2
「That’s right.」

I’d like to be able to go to the 5 major cities in the future. Maybe if there’s someone in the company who would go on a business trip, I would attach a tracking beacon on him.

「An-chan, let’s go and eat Sapporo ramen immediately!」
「We’re not going!」
「Noon is a bit too early to have ramen.」
「Is that so?~ That reminds me, I’m not hungry yet.」

Are you a child!? *kusuksu* Even Elena is giggling too.
It might be necessary to re-educate Aya, some God-like person feels like saying it too. What to do……

「Well, where should we go?」
「First, to the『Flour mill factory』.」
「「『Flour mill factory』?」」

We went to a『Flour mill factory』a short distance away from Sapporo.

「It’s a huge building.」
「Oh, Wheat flour is being made here.」
「Wheat flour, that wheat flour!?」
「This is great, I bet there’s a lot of millstone inside.」
「Now then, how about it?」

I inquired at the factory’s reception if we could tour the factory.

「Yes, factory tour, is it? You can visit at anytime.」

「A factory tour, it’s been a while since Elementary school.~」
「I’m looking forward to see what it looks like.」

An oniisan who was brimming with cleanliness became our guide.

「First, please wear these work clothes.」

We were made to wear a pure white worker clothing and hair net for complete protection.

「W-, Why do we have to wear this!?」
「Because hygiene management is essential inside the factory.」

Elena seems to be surprised at the strictness in hygiene management.

「First is this『Roller machine』, it finely grinds the wheat.」
「There’s no millstone.」
「Millstones grind the wheat with stones on the top and bottom, it became a principle of roller machine to grind with two rollers.」

「The roller is not move by people.」
「Yes, this whole factory is operating using electric power.」
「Electricity…… it’s amazing.」

Elena was astonished and dazed off a little. The oniisan guide also smiles wryly.

「Next are the『Sifter』and『Purifier』, they sift the wheat flour.」
「What is the difference between the two?」
「The『Sifter』is a machine that sift the flour while the『Purifier』is a machine that blows the part called『Wheat bran』using wind power.」

The oniisan brought a real wheat and taught us the『Wheat bran』part.

「The Japanese wheat flour is so white because the『Wheat bran』is removed.」
「I think the other countries also remove it but…… if the『Wheat bran』is not removed, the quality will deteriorate.」
「It’s also delicious.」

The oniisan guide explained it happily when he saw Elena was really into it.
Afterwards, we also visited the bag filling machine, Elena was surprised that there’s almost no people at all.

「The factory is amazing!」

Elena is unusually excited. It was good to have brought her along.

「Particularly, the『Purifier』, it can use wind magic, perhaps, I might be able to do it too.」
「I see, will the quality of wheat be increased by magic? Elena, you must study more about wind then acquire【Wind magic】.」
「Yes, I’ll study hard about wind.」

Elena was fired up to study. I want Aya to also learn from you.

After the tour was over, I learned from the reception that a 25 kg bag of hard flour can be purchased for 5,000 yen for business purposes. I decisively bought 4 bags. Since the 25 kg bag I purchased disappeared all of a sudden, the people at the factory were surprised. I’ve managed to cover it up somehow.

「An-chan, why’d you buy so much flour?」
「The Delaidos Kingdom has a shortage of wheat due to the influence of war, right? I think this can be of some help even a little.」
「Seiji-sama, thank you very much in behalf of Delaidos kingdom.」

When I heard such line, Elena is also a princess as expected, is what comes to mind.

Translator notes and reference:

1Not sure, here’s the raw: うーむ、今日はPM2.5が多く飛んでる日なのかな?PM 2.5 is short for “Particulate Matter, 2.5 micrometers or less”, basically these “PM2.5 particles” are known to produce respiratory and cardiovascular illness. – Liberty ↩
2Not sure if this ‘major’ meant largest though, since Fukuoka is 8th largest city in Japan and Yokohama should be here if it is.↩

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