Chapter 67 – The secret conversation of two suspicious men

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The next day when I crafted the【Stimulant potion +3】in secret, I went to the director’s desk during lunch break and called out.

「Director, actually, I’d like to talk to you about something, can I join you for lunch?」
「A-, Ah, I don’t mind.」

The director looked strange, we went to a high class sushi shop by the director’s recommendation and decided to have lunch. Besides, it’s a private room.
As soon as we sat down, the director began to talk with serious face.

「Maruyama-kun, your recent success has been astonishing. I’m to blame for not being able to provide a job that can display your talent sufficiently. That is to say, it’s not necessarily mean that you need to become independent at once……won’t you somehow wait a little bit more?」
「Ehm, Director? What are you talking about?」
「Since you want to talk about being independent…..that’s not it?」
「It’s not it!」
「I-, It’s different!? What, don’t surprise me. Well then, what do you want to talk about?」

「During the nomikai not long ago, you talked about having no energy at night, right?」
「Wa?  S-, S-, S-, Such a thing, what are you talking about?」
「You did.」
「So what if I said it. It can’t be helped because I’m old!」

「Because of that, huh?~ In fact, I got a hold of something amazing.」

A vial-like bottle which I bought at a 100 yen shop that contains the【Stimulant potion +3】I brewed yesterday, was placed on top of the desk with a *kotori* sound.


The director with look of expectation and anxiety, stared at the vial.

「Actually, I tried it too. It has a great efficacy that it almost cause a large accident.」
「T-, That much!?」

「So, how much does it costs?」
「I’m sorry but, I obtained this from a slightly special way, so you can’t price this stuff. But, since I’m usually under the care of director, I’ll give this version one to you.」
「『Version one』you say, there’s going to be different ones after that?」
「Yes, because it’s costly, that’s why it will be divided out……」
「I understand, then it’s possible to improve that at that time, right?」

The secret conversation of two suspicious men ended and the two people happily ate high quality delicious sushi (Director’s treat) and returned to the company. Throughout that day, the director was restless and immediately went home as soon as the closing hour came, though he usually stay late.

My work will also end soon, when I left the company and tried to go home, a suspicious person was wandering around.

Shouldering a large backpack, was a blonde beauty who restlessly looked around with a map in one hand. When our eyes met, she called out to me all of a sudden.

『Excuse me?』
『Yes, what is it?』
『Thank goodness.~ A person who can speak English.』

Huh? English? Oh, yeah! I learned『English』using【Language Acquisition】magic because I want to read English articles. (※ From『Chapter 34 – Attendance』reference.)

『Actually, I don’t know where the hotel is.』
『Which hotel?』
『○○ hotel.』
『○○ hotel? I haven’t heard of such hotel. Please show me the map for awhile.
Uh-huh, oh, it’s here……』

Since it was a little difficult to explain by mouth, I decided to guide her to the hotel.
I heard the story along the way, this person is called『Nancy』and she is a citizen of California, while on a vacation, she’s touring around the world, she came to Japan as the first country and got lost.


Somehow, I received a revelation from God and came up with a good idea, I put【Tracking beacon】on Nancy.
U~shishi, I would be able to travel freely around the world with this!

When I guided Nancy to the hotel, I received「Thank you」with a hug, *Poyon* they were big and soft.
In exchange for the【tracking beacon】I put on you, I’ll help you anytime there’s an imminent danger. It’s not because I’m thinking of getting another hug, you know!

The 5th【Tracking beacon】, though it was attached to the lightning spirit, it seems the moment the lightning spirit was called off, the【Tracking beacon】also wore off. Does it mean that the spirit world where spirits resides can’t be seen? It’s a little disappointing.

Since the 5【Tracking beacon】had become messy, I arranged it.

1. Elena
Was now watching magic girl DVD at home.

2. Azide
Since some people might have forgotten, he’s the merchant-san who travels to each towns of Delaidos kingdom, he’s still doing business at『Suga town』currently.

3. Aristocracy Union Knight Leader, Lyle Gewalt
There’s still no conspicuous movement, nothing but paperwork and body training.

4. Aya
The Junior College seems to be still in orientation period, she’s chatting with friends from Junior College at a fast food restaurant currently.

5. Nancy
The blonde beauty who would tour around the world and the one I put a【Tracking beacon】onto a little while ago, I wonder how long her schedule would take for her to tour around the world? I wish I asked her earlier.

Because the 5【Tracking beacon】had been used up, I’d like the 6th to be usable soon.

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