Chapter 65 – Shopping district and Junior College

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The next day after we came back from the other world, while I work at the company as usual, a peep to Elena has become a daily routine…er, rather, I’m using【Tracking】.
I’m also using【Tracking】on Aya at the same time. I wouldn’t usually pry to Aya intentionally but since she’s attending『Junior college』from today, I’m a little bit concerned.

Aya is in the midst of the orientation at the junior college, she undergone explanation and was given a large amount of materials, and received invitations to club activities. Since Aya is just reading the materials she got carefully, there seems to be no problem in particular.

Now, let’s try check up on Elena.

「Elena-chan, hi.」
「Oh, Elena-chan, hello.」

Elena was being greeted one after another. W-, What kind of situation is this?
Elena was walking at the shopping district. And has been called out by the shopping district’s store’s occhan and obaa-chan one after another. It’s totally similar to a local idol.
Well, Elena’s looks stand out in Japan, she also has good personality, there’s also the aura of a genuine princess, so it can’t be helped but to attract attention.

「Oh, Elena-chan, thank goodness you’re here. My obaa-chan have a lower back pain. And, er…can you use the『good luck charm1』?」
「Yes, it’s fine.」

N?  『Good luck charm』?
Elena walks into the back room of the Japanese-style sweets shop, and talks happily to the obaa-chan who was sleeping.

「Well then, I’m going to use the『good luck charm』.」
「Sorry for the trouble as always.~」

She said『always』, does it mean that Elena had come several times? What’s that『good luck charm』?
Then, Elena began to use magic! I-, Is this alright?

「Okay, it’s done.」
「Wa, Elena-chan’s『good luck charm』woks really well.~」
「I will use『good luck charm』if it gets painful again, just say it at any time.」
「Elena-chan, sorry for such a thing, this, take it.」
「Thank you.」

Elena was given Japanese-style sweets for free in return. I thought she was going shopping and buy various things, was it a gift?
After that, Elena also treated a lot of illness and injuries using magic with the pretext of using『good luck charm』while getting various things in return as she went on in the shopping district.

「Kya, ouch!」

It seems a little girl fell down and has a scraped knee.

「Good gracious, it’s terrible.」

Elena healed the injured girl with magic. When you look around, there were people who were surprised. It might be bad.

「Thank you oneechan.~」
「You’re welcome.」

I can’t sneak away from work but I’m anxious-
a bunch of obaachan from the shopping district surrounded Elena.

「Your『good luck charm』is amazing~, it can also examine and apply to sprain injury.」
「Can you also examine my joint pain?」

It gradually became a little serious somehow.
Elena used magic to everyone eventually and was given various things that she wasn’t able to carry them anymore.

「There’s so many, I won’t be able to hold them anymore.」, Elena refused and was escorted by an『oniisan』with innocent face who works as a baggage carrier at the shopping district.

「I’m sorry to have you carry the baggage.」
「N-, No, I-, I’m free anyway.」

Elena and innocent faced head towards our house while talking happily. However, why was the topic of these two be magical girl anime?

「E-, Elena-san, do you c-, cosplay?」
「What’s cosplay?」

This guy brought up such topic to Elena!

「E-, Eto, it’s to wear outfits the same as magical girl, a-, and take pictures.」
「It’s interesting.~」

This innocent faced, is he a dangerous guy!?
Elena reached home eventually and bid goodbye to innocent faced.

「Thank you for carrying the baggage.」
「N-, No.」

I look at the video while worrying. However, innocent faced bowed and went back quickly. It seems my worries were groundless. Well,【Vigilance】magic also didn’t react, it may not be a strange thing to escort by the request of everyone at the shopping district.

Elena put the gifts at the refrigerator and cabinets, she brewed her own tea and began to watch DVD.
That was kinda worrisome, I wonder if it’s alright for the time being?

Since Elena is going to watch DVD for while, let’s check up on Aya’s situation.

Aya is going through the club invitations while chatting with several group of girls. Did you already made friends!? I can’t completely grasp her communication skills.

「Aya-san, what club are you going to join?」
「I might join the combat sport2 club.」
「N?  Is Aya-san one of those group of people?」

Aya in combat sport!? There were times when I turn up, I did things i.e body press when I was a child, it was indeed surprising for her to be interested in that sort of thing. I wonder if she had awakened to some strange thing while fighting in the other world.
In the end, Aya look around at the girls’ group’s club invitations, sneakily look inside the shops around the junior college and had a tea at a fast food restaurant.

Is Aya really going to start combat sport?
And I wonder if Elena won’t experience an accident causing her magic to get exposed?
While thinking such thing, I had completely neglected my work, I finished it by putting【Quick】magic on myself.

Translator notes and reference:

1おまじない can be translated to good luck charm/spell, it this case it might be close to incantation of sort, just imagine someone uttering nonsense when trying easing the pain of a child when they fell down and had a scraped knee or something.↩
2格闘技 or Kakutogi.↩

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  1. kirindas February 2, 2016 / 9:56 pm

    Lol! Worrying about others then just using magic yourself. XD

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      well, to be fair, he is just using it to code faster and notice problems in the code, nothing that can’t be done by being observant or proper typing skills. It’s really super stealthy since it’s all internal magic


      • kirindas February 3, 2016 / 10:07 am

        Since he cast Quick on himself, I imagine his hands moving so fast they’re leaving afterimages which is far from normal. XD


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      • Vivec February 3, 2016 / 12:57 am

        I don’t really blame him. Elena is pretty much confirmed an airhead, and Aya is blatantly reckless. I do wonder how long it’ll take for Aya’s bro-con senses to realize that he’s tracking them though.

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  7. ftxnexus February 2, 2016 / 10:16 pm

    He would have made a horrible and perfect father depending on how you look at it xD Also, damn!!! Elena adapting ability is scaring the crap out of me! If she knew that using magic openly, without a lie, would cause trouble, then i dont know what to say. I hope some1 warned her about it. Or, i think Aya or MC did warn her, but when was it? hmm…


  8. laharl8080 February 2, 2016 / 10:32 pm

    damn, i want it quick magic, so i can slack off


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  9. spoilerproof February 2, 2016 / 10:34 pm

    thanks for the chapter~
    Elena needs more warning. even if he has vigilance, an undesirable experience may still cause her some trauma. she might not be able to defend herself with magic due to fear, like last time.


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  11. cdalgorta February 3, 2016 / 12:34 am

    thank god is just a novel… if this had happened in real life Elena would be in a secret lab 50 meters underground after been exposed by the hundreds of street surveillance cameras 😦 … Or MC would become a fugitive after saving her before that happens… then his whole family would be in trouble for having a connection to him… and he would have no choice but to live his life with all the people he knows that were in danger in the other world if he goes for the easy way out… or my favorite choice… track people until you reach the president, teleport there and show who is the boss… all charges disappear and he keeps living his life with the president having nightmares everyday thinking than someone will teleport next to him at any moment… happy ending…
    but this is a novel and there is no drama tag so Elena should be ok using magic in PUBLIC! *smh* 😀
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  12. Seinvolf February 6, 2016 / 12:26 pm

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