Chapter 63 – Craftsmen’s guild

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The next morning, I joined Aya and Elena for breakfast at the inn’s dining room.

「An-chan, where were you last night?」
「It’s useless to feign ignorance!」
「Seiji-sama, last night, an earth-shaking thunder echoed in the distance several times, we were scared and went to Seiji-sama’s room.」
「D-, Don’t misunderstand! I wasn’t particularly scared at all, Elena was so scared so it can’t be helped that I went with her.」

Aya, why are you purposely saying that?

「I’m not particularly hiding it, only, I used a dangerous magic that I wasn’t able to try till yesterday.」
「What’s that『dangerous magic』!? What kind of magic is it?」

「【Summon lightning spirit】.」
「Spirit!? I wanna see, I wanna see!」
「I’d also like to see it.」
「I’ll let you see it later.」

We finished eating our breakfast and drinking tea after the meal,
I remembered a certain thing.

After the lightning magic leveled up, my MP and magic power rose considerably.
Perhaps, it also increased the number of the【Tracking beacon】I can use?

The proof is in the pudding; I cast【Tracking】magic on Aya to test it.

I was able to put the 4th【Tracking beacon】on Aya.
In addition, I also tried to cast【Tracking】on the woman nearby-
and was able to put the 5th【Tracking beacon】on her.

I wasn’t able to apply the 6th however.

Currently, my MP is 5010 and my magic power is 505.
Perhaps, the【Tracking beacon】increases by 1 for every 1000 MP and 100 magic power.
Let’s make that a rule of thumb from now on.

「An-chan, what were you doing earlier?」
「No, it’s nothing.」

After we had breakfast, we called out to the obaa-chan who was cleaning in the inn and asked if there’s a place we can sell potions we brewed ourselves.
Apparently, there’s something called『Craftsmen’s guild』where we could sell them.
We head towards the『Craftsmen’s guild』immediately.

The atmosphere of the『Craftsmen’s guild』was like a market’s.
It’s as big as a shopping mall in size and is divided into several areas.
There were areas such as Cooking, Potioncraft, Leathercraft, Woodcraft, Stonecraft and Metalcraft.

Because there’s a reception at the entrance of the Potioncraft area, I tried to inquire.

「Excuse me, I’d like to sell potions.」
「When selling potions, please go to the 3rd reception.」

To the 3rd reception, explained blunty by the oneesan at the reception.

「Excuse me, I’d like to sell potions.」
「Take it out.」

Said bluntly by the oniisan at the 3rd reception.
I took out a potion and placed it on the table of the reception.

「Such a container is no good, you should transfer it to a vial certified by the guild,
since the sales of vials is at the 1st reception, go over there.」
「Y-, Yes.」

The feeling of being sent around.

The receptionist of the 1st reception was a young woman.
「Excuse me, I’d like to buy a guild certified vial.」
「Well, there are different vials for each types of potions. What kind of potion vials do you need sir?」

I see, it’s that kind of system.

「Let me see,【Strength recovery potion】,【Illness mitigation potion】and【Burning healing potion】, those three.」
「It’s 2 Aurum for a vial each. How many will I prepare?」
「It’ll be 3 for【Strength recovery potion】, 6 for【Illness mitigation potion】 and 20 for【Burning healing potion】please.」

I put 58 Aurum on the table and said so.

The female receptionist stared at the 58 Aurum while tilting her head and started to line up some strange stones, what is she doing?

After a while, the woman,
「It’ll be a total of 58 Aurum.」
said to me with a self-satisfied look on her face.

I point at the 58 Aurum that I put on the table.

The woman began counting the Aurum while being surprised.

「It’s exactly, 58 Aurum……」

Apparently, she was surprised by my mental arithmetic.

Then the woman wore a dejected look in complete reverse from the self-satisfied look she had a little while ago.
Was this person by any chance proud of her calculation skill?
If so, I had done something slightly bad?

Oh, right! Those lined-up strange stones from a little while ago was probably something like a calculator.

The woman took out small potion vials while looking depressed.

We can’t work on transferring the potions to the vials from where we were talking, so we were shown to the crafting table.

We were able to transfer the potions to the vials on the table and finally went back to the 3rd reception.

It was long up to here……

「Now that we had filled the vials with potions, I’d like to sell it please.」
「Yes, well then, place them over here please.」

When I placed the vials,

「Eh? Are these of the same potions? Why did you separate them?」
「Well, because they have different quality ranging from +1~+3, should I not separated them?」
「Oh, you have【Appraisal】skill, I’m sorry.
But, because it’s a rule, we have to reappraise them here, will that be alright?」

The receptionist oniisan put the potion vials on a tray and brought it on the back, he came back after the potions were appraised.

「Certainly, the quality is as you said.
And, here’s the purchasing price list of the potions.」

He handed a paper which the purchasing price of the potions were written.

・Strength recovery potion Unbranded: 5G,【+1】: 7G,
【+2】: 10G and【+3】: 20G.

・Illness mitigation potion Unbranded: 10G,【+1】: 15G,
【+2】: 20G and【+3】: 40G.

・Burning healing potion Unbranded: 25G, 【+1】: 27G,
【+2】: 50G and【+3】: 100G.

「We’ll buy them at these prices, are you sure?」
「Yes, please.」

Now then, how will these difficult calculations be done?
When I’m thinking such a thing-

The oniisan picked up the【Strength recovery potion +1】and replaced it with 7 Aurum.1
Then he took the【Strength recovery potion +2】and placed 10 Aurum.
And then, he took the【Strength recovery potion +3】and placed 20 Aurum.

I see, replacing them with money individually, huh?

When observing for a while till he was done with the【Illness mitigation potion】, he skipped the【Burning healing potion】’s【+1】and【+2】and then proceed with the process……
These 2 types are by 9 and 10, you’re putting them off because of the large quantities?2 Is what I thought……

「Oy, Sarah! I’ll leave this to you.」
The oniisan called someone.

The one who came-
was the woman on the 1st reception. It seems her name is Sarah.

Sarah noticed and greeted us with grateful expression.

「I’ll leave the calculations for this to you.」

Apparently, it seems Sarah undertake all the calculations here alone.

Sarah began the calculations of『27 x 9』and『50 x 10』.
She finished the calculation of『50 x 10』quickly as expected, but the『27 x 9』took a lot of time.

The people here, are they living with such computation ability? It’s a little worrisome.

In the end, the purchasing price of the potions were as follows.
The【Strength recovery potions】became 37 Aurum,
the【Illness mitigation potions】became 130 Aurum,
and the【Burning healing potions】became 843 Aurum.
A total of 1010 Aurum.

Having finished the job, Sarah went back to her post with a sense of fulfillment. Thank you for your hard work.

This time, after inquiring about where we could buy ingredients for potions, we came to the second reception.

「Excuse me, do you have【Mandrake root】?」
「Let me see, there are 7 in stock and they costs 100 Aurum individually.」

The obaa-chan in the 2nd reception answered.

「Then, please give me all 7 of them.」
「Yes, thank you for your continued patronage.」

I did it, I can brew【Stimulant potion】with this!
So,【Mandrake root】is an ingredient for【Elixir】but, it’s also an ingredient for【Stimulant potion】.

N? Where would I use【Stimulant potion】for?
Ahaha! The experience of having no girlfriend is equals to my age, so I can’t use it!
Well, it’s for raising the level of【Potioncraft】.
Ah, but, if there’s a time when I might use it, well, that may cause some problems, probably.

「Hey, An-chan, why did you spend so much money for such a strange root?」
「So so so, such a thing, of course not.~」
「The rest of the money, isn’t it considerably few?」
「Un, well, that’s right but…」
「Then, let’s go and subjugate monsters quickly to earn money, did you forget that you promised to show us the spirit?」
「Oh, I didn’t forget.」

We left the『Craftsmen’s guild』.

Translator notes and reference:

1This is confusing, in chapter 9 he was given 100 gold coins for 10,000 Aurum which means 100 Aurum is more or less equals to 1 Aurum gold coins or not? Well, if someone can clear this up, it’ll be much appreciated. I probably messed the money system up already but still didn’t notice.↩
2They made 9 of +1 and 10 of +2 of burning healing potion in chapter 61.↩

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