Chapter 61 – Potioncraft

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 We managed to purchase the【Magic rod】after the confusion and escaped back to the inn.
Currently, we are gathered inside Aya and Elena’s room.

「An-chan, what are you planning to do by coming over to the girls’ room?」

「Let’s try【Potioncraft】here.」
「I’d also like to concoct.」
「When concocting, don’t you need tools?」

While I let out an unnatural laugh―
I took out a bunch of items from the inventory and placed them on the desk.

・Alcohol lamp
・Alcohol lamp’s tripod

・Test tube
・Test tube rack
・Test tube brush
・Glass rod

・Filter paper


・High-precision digital measuring tool

「T-, This is?」
「So many! It looks like a laboratory.~」
「We’ll concoct using these.」

I bought these from 19th PANs at Ikebukuro on my way home.1

「Then, let’s concoct【Strength recovery potion】first.」

I took out【Medicinal herbs】and【Salt】.

「We have to dry the【Medicinal herbs】, how should we do that?
You two, let me hear your thoughts.」
「Let’s use warm air.」
「How about removing the water using magic?」

「Then, both of you will try each of the methods, I’ll try to heat it up using heating element.」

When I used【Appraisal】on the result of each method for drying【Medicinal herbs】―
we found that Elena’s『removing the water using magic』method produced the best quality.

Me and Aya learned Elena’s【Drying】method―
We allotted the【Medicinal herbs】to the 3 of us and each began drying them.

After drying about half of my allotted【Medicinal herbs】, I stopped at once and began the next task.

I placed the dried【Medicinal herb】in the mortar and using the pestle, I ground it into a fine paste.
For now, it was ground to only 50g.

After that, the【Medicinal herbs】which were ground to 50g, 10g of【Salt】and 200ml of water which was produced using magic were apportioned after being measured using【High-precision digital measuring tool】respectively.

The 200ml of water was poured into the【Beaker】and the 50g of ground【Medicinal herbs】and 10g of【salt】were put in as well and were stirred using【Glass rod】.
The【Alcohol lamp】was set aflame, I put the【Beaker】on the【Alcohol lamp’s tripod】and stir it frequently until it boils.
I put out the fire of the【Alcohol lamp】after it boils and put the【Beaker】in the inventory and advance the time.

I set the【Funnel】and the【Filter paper】up to the【Flask】and poured the liquid from the beaker slowly.
Oh, a coffee【Dripper】might also be good to use. I’ll buy it next time.

I used【Appraisal】on the filtered liquid inside the【Flask】and―

│【Strength recovery potion】
│Can restore strength when consumed.
│Quality: +3
│Rarity: ★

—was made.

At the same time, the skill acquisition announcement flowed.


「I did it, it’s done!
I also acquired【Potioncraft】skill. That’s pretty easy.」

「I’d also like to try.」

Next, Elena gave it a try.

The quality of【Strength recovery potion】that Elena made was +2.
It’s 1 lower than mine, it seems she wasn’t used to handling the laboratory tools.
If it’s only that much, she’ll get used to it soon.

「I did it, Seiji-sama!」

When I look at Elena’s status, she also acquired the【Potioncraft】skill.

「Then, next is Aya.」

The quality of【Strength recovery potion】that Aya made was +1.
She also acquired【Potioncraft】skill but, she’s sloppy at handling the tools and ingredients.

「It’s so difficult.」

Since all of us had acquired【Potioncraft】skill―
we decided to try a level 1【Potioncraft】recipe.

This is what we’re going to try next.

│【Illness mitigation potion】
│ 【Purple grass’ leaves】20g
│ 【Ice grass’ leaves】20g
│ 【Water】200ml
│Skills required:
│ 【Potioncraft】Level 1

The recipe is almost the same as the【Strength recovery potion】.

Since Aya was already tired and went to sleep, me and Elena continued to work.

We apportion the leaves of【Purple grass】and【Ice grass】―
we dried them and ground them into fine paste just like what we did on【Medicinal herb】.

We continued to work and were able to concoct【Illness mitigation potion】using the same procedure we did on the【Strength recovery potion】.

│【Illness mitigation potion】
│Mitigate illness when consumed.
│Quality: +2
│Rarity: ★★

The level of【Potioncraft】didn’t raise.
It didn’t level up at once.

Afterwards, I continued to concoct【Illness mitigation potion】―
the quality has become +3 on the 3rd try.

At the same time, the level of my【Potioncraft】raised from 1 to 2.

「Well, the level went up.
You also give it a try, Elena.」

The quality of【Illness mitigation potion】that Elena made was +1 but……
it also became +2 on the 3rd try―
the level of her【Potioncraft】went up from 1 to 2.

Apparently, in order to level it up from 1 to 2, it seems necessary to try it 3 times.
It levels up fast……
It seems the effect of the【Skill mastery increase】worked on【Potioncraft】somehow.

Aya laid on the bed, she lost interest and had fallen asleep, so let’s leave her alone……
We decided to try the next recipe.

│【Burn healing potion】
│ 【Medicinal herb】50g
│ 【Ice grass’ leaves】20g
│ 【Purified water】200ml
│Skills required:
│ 【Potioncraft】Level 2

But the problem is the【Purified water】.
A normal【water】was fine until now―
the【Potioncraft】level 2 or higher required【Purified water】.

Looking at the【Purified water】’s recipe, it seems possible to use【Purification】on the【Water】with【Water magic】.

Its name will become【Purified water】after using【Purification】―
it’s『Pure water』with practically no impurities, it doesn’t matter what it’s called, right?

「Elena, it seems【Water magic】’s 【Purification】is required for the next recipe.
First, we should acquire it for us to be able to use it.」

「Oh, let’s try to do it with an image of cleaning the【Water】for experiment.」

Me and Elena poured water into the beaker respectively and began to practice water magic on it.

After a while, the water in the beaker emitted a faint light, a magic was invoked somehow.
I tried using【Appraisal】on it and the【Water】has changed into【Purified water】.

「I did it, I was able to do it!」
「Seiji-sama, it is amazing.」

I showed Elena how to do it several times―
shortly after, Elena was able to successfully use【Purification】magic.

「I did it!」
「You’ve done well, we can brew the next potion with this.」

Since the ingredients have all been prepared, I concocted a【Burn healing potion】immediately.

│【Burn healing potion】
│Can treat burns when applied.
│Quality: +2
│Rarity: ★★

We were able to concoct 10【Burn healing potion】each, the level of our【Potioncraft】went up from 2 to 3.

Even if there’s the effect of【Skill mastery increase】, it raised a little too fast.
There should probably be another factor that makes level up easy.
Perhaps, it was due to the tools that have been brought from Japan?

Since Elena was already feeling sleepy, we decided to end our potion crafting for today.

The result of today’s potion crafting were as follows.

【Strength recovery potion】
【+1】x 1,【+2】x 1 and【+3】x 1
【Illness mitigation potion】
【+1】x 2,【+2】x 3 and【+3】x 1
【Burn healing potion】
【+1】x 9,【+2】x 10 and【+3】x 1

Translator notes and reference:

1Here’s the raw: これは仕事帰りに、池袋の十九パンズで買ってきたのだ。I asked around and they gave me 2 answers, the 19th PAN here is either a shop name or the  Polyacrylonitrile. Thanks to Asf, Unadon, phoenom and Guro btw.↩

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  1. ftxnexus January 28, 2016 / 8:32 pm

    No matter how i think about it. Its just wierd how fast Elena is able to learn and adapt to the new knowledge. Also, how come Elena’s thought process is better than Aya’s? Aya is supposed to be the one with the best imagination and being the most energetic.

    Even if the author tries to depict Elena as a prodigy, she still lacks the fundamental knowledge to process what she is currently trying to learn. Also, Aya seems like the “Can’t we just do it like this?” and it would turn out to be an ingenious way of doing things, but instead it turns out that Elena is the ingenious one here -.-

    Y, my hate for other worlder is great in this story. The good thing about that princess is that she is broad minded and will question what makes her feel uncomfortable, which is noteworthy.


    • Jei January 28, 2016 / 8:51 pm

      Hmm.. imo, the formulas are from their world, with Seiji’s guidance, modern equips, and her will to learn, it’s not hard to believe she’s learning more than Aya since no matter what if Aya don’t have any interest on the subj she won’t do any good.


      • ftxnexus January 29, 2016 / 8:31 am

        But its about the basic knowledge! Aya is a middle teen now? Even if she doesnt follow the subjects, she will still know the basics or maybe some trivia knowledge. It also about the modern thought process.

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        So her learning speed is still wierd.

        Btw by compressing enough air, i think it will be able to make platforms in th air. Making it possible to fly. Or he could compress air bullets. Making one hard layer outside and make the content more compressed. When it enters an opponent the air will decompress and explode. The same with fire

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      EDIT: Hmm… I thought I made a note of it, but apparently not. Also, if you have any suggestion too, then it’s better. Thanks! 😀


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