Chapter 59 – The 3 orcs and…

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We had found several【Medicinal herbs】in the forest.

Using my【Appraisal】, we were able to pick the herbs around the forest’s entrance and managed to obtain 120【Medicinal herb】, 30【Purple grass】and 110【Ice grass】.

The results of the appraisal on each herbs were as follows.

│【Medicinal herb】
│Restores a little bit of stamina when consumed.
│It’s also an ingredient for several potions.
│It grows wild around the forest’s entrance.
│Rarity: ★

│【Purple grass】
│The leaves are ingredients for【Illness mitigation potion】.
│The root is an ingredient for【Wound healing potion】.
│It grows wild inside the forest.
│Rarity: ★★

│【Ice grass】
│Effective against heartburn when consumed.
│Its leaves along with【Illness mitigation potion】-
│are ingredients for【Burn healing potion】.
│It grows wild around Suga town.
│Rarity: ★★

While picking them, we subjugated about 10 goblins and also managed to collect【Goblins’ ear】.

Since we can’t afford to become exhausted from picking herbs, we should probably stop our herb picking with this much. I wonder if we can find more wild【Purple grass】deep inside the forest.

「Let’s go a little bit deeper before we head back.」

After walking deeper for a while, we found the place where【Purple grass】grows wild.

「Let’s also pick the ones around here.」

「An-chan, there’s no monster?」
「There are some around the vicinity. We’ll take a look after picking these herbs.」

We almost managed to pick all the【Purple grass】and were about to move out when-


A girl’s scream could be heard in the distance.

「Let’s go!」「Un.」「Yes.」
We talked briefly and ran towards where we heard the scream.

When we arrived at the place, I couldn’t quite understand the situation.

There are 3 orcs with white skin, the same as the one we fought last time, 1 of them held a girl in its arms.
The other 2 were fighting against another orc with black skin.

What kind of a situation is this? Is either the white or black one trying to help the girl?

I’m confused on what to do.
Elena used【Cloudburst】magic on both orcs without hesitation.

The white and black orcs were surprised at the【Cloudburst】and became confused, the orc unconsciously let go of the girl.
The girl was thrown down on the ground, she was trembling and petrified with fear.

I used【Teleportation】and appeared beside the girl, I held her and used【Teleportation】immediately to return.

「Are you okay?」
「T-, Thank you……」

Then the girl fainted on the spot.

I took out a bath towel from the inventory and wrapped it around the girl.

「Elena, are there two kinds of orc?」
「It’s not seen much around here but the black one is called『Black orc』. Because『Black orcs』are on bad terms with common orcs, they often fight whenever they encounter each other.」

「And because of that, either one of them was trying to help this girl?」
「It’s different, they both attack human beings.」

In other words, it’s something like snatching each other’s prey.

While having such talk, the orcs recovered themselves from confusion and began to fight.

「What do we do? Do we subjugate them both?」
「Un, let’s finish them off.」「I think so too.」

「Well then, since I have to look out for this girl, are the two of you gonna be fine fighting by yourselves?」
「Then, start fighting after I cast【Quick】on you two.」

I cast【Quick】on the two, Elena used【Cloudburst】to attack the orcs once again.
At the same time, Aya also rushed out, she swirled around the 4 orcs and slashed them using the Japanese-made knife.

After a while, Aya’s fast movements created a【Tornado】, combining itself together with the【Cloudburst】.

The water stream spun almost like a『Blender』.
When the orcs tried to escape outside the water stream, they were slashed by Aya’s knife and were pushed back inside the water stream.

The orcs continued to spin for a while and after confirming that the orcs no longer moved did Aya stopped the『Blender』’s rotation.

What remained there were the 3 common orcs that could no longer move and the barely alive black orc.

「It’s still alive!」
「Uwa, so persistent!」

This time, Elena sent down【Snow】. It’s probably a strategy that freezes the wet body and takes away the stamina.
Aya combined it with an【Ice ball】and attacked the orc.

After a while, the black orc had been completely encased in ice.

Aya and Elena high-fived and praised each other.

「You two were amazing!」

It came from the bottom of my heart.
However, with a dryer, electric fan and blender, Aya’s magics all seem like household appliances.

「Let’s return and bring this girl to the town.」

I put away the 3 common orcs and the frozen black orc in the inventory and used【Teleportation】to Suga town, slightly away from the town’s entrance.

「Excuse me, we protected this girl that had been kidnapped by orcs inside the forest, what should we do?」

As I explained the situation to the town’s gatekeeper, we were shown to the guardroom.

We laid the the girl on the bed in the guardroom, the girl woke up after a while.

After hearing the story, it turns out that『Meg-chan』was reported as missing, the soldier brought in Meg’s mother.

「Meg! It’s good that you are safe!!」

When we heard the story, Meg-chan who had been playing in the town suddenly disappeared and they were searching ever since.

She should’ve been in the town, how did the orc performed the kidnapping?
Because I sometimes come across with suspicious criminals that shows『Danger』all over the town, I wonder if those fellows are related?

「Thank you very much. What should I give to express my gratitude……」

Meg was taken by her mother and went home.
Thank goodness, it was good.

「Are you guys adventurers?」

One of the soldiers called out to me.

「Yes, we are registered in the adventurers’ guild.」
「Well then, will you please report about the orcs to the adventurers’ guild?」
「Yes, I understand.」
「Oh, also, please take this to the adventurers’ guild.」

He handed to us a document.

「This is?」
「Public order’s maintenance, it was originally us soldiers’ job but you helped with the work. This is the credential.」
「Credential? This should be submitted to the adventurers’ guild?」
「Oh, if you submit it to the adventurers’ guild, you will be given additional【Guild points】.」
「It’s such a thing? Thank you very much.」

We left the guardroom and head towards the adventurers’ guild.


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