Chapter 58 – Trying out new magics

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「It should be fine around here.」

We went outside of the『Suga town』and have come to the edge of a pond after a short walk.

「Let’s try our new magics out here.」

「First, the【Water magic】, let’s try to attack the tree over there. You go first, Aya.」

Aya stood about 10 m away from the tree, directing her hands inward, she struck a pose and grasped an invisible dodge ball.

「Here I come!~」

With Aya’s shout, at the center of the dodge ball, a small ball of water appeared, it gradually grew bigger.

Elena who’s watching the scene was somehow surprised.

The ball of water grew to the size of a baseball.

「Mizu no tama, water ball!」1

With Aya’s shout, the water ball began to move.
However, the speed was slow.
The water ball flew towards the tree slowly and unsteadily, when the water ball hit the tree, it burst and produced a『Basha!』sound.

「W-, Wha!」
「The speed was slow, but it’s pretty good for a first try.」

「No no! Rather than that, how did you summon the water, Aya-san!?」

Elena became unexpectedly tense.

「N?  Summon the water? That water was made by gathering the moisture from the surrounding air. It’s like【Dehumidifying pellets2】.」
「Dehumidifying pellets?」

It seems Elena didn’t quite understand.

「Elena, do you know why it rains?」
「Rain? It rains because there’s a hole in the heaven, isn’t there?」
「I see…… you have that kind of worldview here……」

I was amazed at the difference in worldview between the different world and Earth.

「Let’s try to experiment first.」
「Aya, make some water once again.」

Aya began to create a ball of water the size of a baseball just like a little while ago.

「Then Elena, don’t spill the water that Aya made if possible and keep them in one place.」

Elena received the ball of water from Aya and placed in front of herself.
As expected of Elena, the water ball perfectly congealed and completely steady.

「Then, I’ll now『heat』this ball of water up, keep this state Elena and make sure that it won’t spill even a drop.」
「Y-, yes.」

I slowly heat up Elena’s water ball using【Heating element】magic.


After a while, bubbles began to appear below the water ball.

*boiling boiling*

The amount of bubbles gradually increased and their sizes also became bigger.

「O-, Oh? The water has decreased.」
「Observe carefully as to why the water has decreased.」
「Y-, yes.」

It continued to heat up and finally began to boil intensely.

「Some of the water turned into steam decreasing the amount of water steadily.」
「Good, observe it further.」

After a while, the water completely evaporated.

「It has disappeared.」

「Elena, did you know where the water went?」
「Uhm, the water has disappeared and turned into steam.」

「That’s wrong, the water didn’t disappear even if it turned into steam, you just couldn’t see it anymore.」
「Just couldn’t see?」
「Yes, you just couldn’t see the water anymore, it dissolved into the air around here.」
「I-, It dissolved!?」

Elena look around restlessly.

「In other words, if you gather the steam that dissolved into the air once again~」
「It will turn back into water!」
「Yes, will you able to create water now?」
「I’ll try!」

Elena raised her hands overhead and began to concentrate.

After a while, something misty began to gather over Elena’s head.


Elena smile bloomed and she continued to concentrate even further.
The mist gradually became white in color and formed a cloud.

Me and Aya are watching the scene-

『Bit by bit』, drops of water began to fall from the cloud.
And then finally, it began to rain.


Elena got herself wet in the rain that she created using magic.

「Mou, what are you doing Elena!」

Aya hurriedly used【Warm Dryer Magic】on Elena.

「But, you were able to create water.」
「Yes! Seiji-sama, thank you!!」

While Elena is soaking wet, she wore a delightful smile.

「Alright, since Elena can now create water too, try to attack that tree.」

Elena cheerfully respond and began to cast magic but……

She created a cloud and made it rain, she congealed the raindrops into a ball of water and made it flew towards the tree with「splat!」sound.

The attack power was also a problem and all those actions took over 30 seconds.

「Elena-chan, whatever the circumstances may be, it took too much time.」
「I-, I’m sorry.」

Elena fell silent.

「Elena, can you make a cloud above that tree over there instead of here?」
「Above that tree? I’ll try.」

When Elena concentrated, a cloud formed above the tree and rain poured lightly on the tree.

「This one is faster, isn’t it?」
「But An-chan, isn’t it just raining?」
「As it is, yes but if the rain becomes heavier, it may become a good attack. Elena, can you do it?」
「I’ll try.」

When Elena concentrated even further, the rain had become stronger.
However, the rain stopped after less than few seconds.

「What’s wrong? Did you run out of magical power?」
「N-, no, the water in the surroundings has been used up.」
「Well, we can reuse the water that fell on the ground.」
「Ah, yes, I’ll try.」

This time, the rain poured down for a while.
Also, the collected water from the surroundings gradually accumulated, the rain became stronger and stronger and eventually became a torrential rain.

「Great! We may be able to use this.」
「Thank you.」

Elena seemed happy and brought heavy rain many times, she repeatedly restored her magic by eating candy.

「It’s about time for the star performer to make an appearance.」
「Are you also going to try【Water magic】, An-chan?」
「Oh, you’ll see, you’ll see~」

I began to create water and kept on applying pressure to it.
After applying a considerable amount of pressure to the water, I aimed at the tree and a water jet sprayed towards it.
When the water jet hit the tree, it produced a loud noise and opened up a hole.
Next, I moved the water jet to the side and the tree was cut off from its base vertically, it slid off all the way down according to the gravity and fell down with a flop.

「It’s incredible, an-chan!」
「Seiji-sama is amazing!!」

Then, we practiced【Water magic】repeatedly for some time and the three of us became reasonably proficient.

「Good, let’s try【Ice magic】next.」

Elena tried first and she was able to send down snow.
Well, it can become usable if its power increase.

Aya tried next, she was able to create ice ball and hit the tree.
Because the ice was hard enough to some degree, it was able to create huge scar on the tree. It seems quite powerful.

「Now then, the star performer has appeared once again!」
「「Wa~」」*clap clap*

I created an icicle and made it spin as it flew towards the tree.
The icicle penetrated the tree and created a hole.

「An-chan’s ice power is also amazing.」
「As expected of Seiji-sama!」

We finished trying out our magics and went to subjugate monsters in high spirits.

Translator notes and reference:

1Aya said water ball in Japanese and English, so I left the other one in roumanji↩
2You can just google this up, shikke-tori( 湿気取り)↩

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