Chapter 57 – The water temple

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I spent Tuesday through Friday working.
Aya has changed occupation from high school student to college student. Only the entrance ceremony was held and it seems lectures will start next week.

And Elena was studying hard about『Ice』for our next mana crystal visit.
She read books and watched DVDs about ice and snow,
she ate ice cream and shaved ice,
led by Aya, she also went out to an ice skating rink to play.

Then on Saturday morning, we went to『Suga town』.

「Seiji-sama, w-, will I be able to acquire【Ice magic】?」
「You’ve studied various information about【Ice】, it’ll be fine.」
Elena was anxious, but I convinced her that everything will be fine.

The atmosphere of『Suga town』was like a tourist spot, stalls were lined up on both sides from the town center towards the【Water temple】.

「The atmosphere was considerably different from the【Wind temple】.」
「In here, there are a lot of shops that make use of【Water magic】and sell potions, that’s why people who wants to buy potions tend to gather.」
「I see, this is such a town?」

「An-chan, look, they are selling accessories too.」
「We’re not buying.」
「I didn’t say anything about buying.」
「It’s what you mean after all, right?」

「Err… that necklace will probably look good on Elena.」

For the time being, I tried to use【Appraisal】.

│【Sacrificial necklace】
│When the wearer receives a mortal wound,
│it can be used as a substitute to save the wearer.
│It will break once activated.
│Rarity: ★★★

A good item somehow appeared.

When I looked at the price, it was 3000 Aurum.

「Excuse me, this necklace, how many do you have?」
「I have 2 more.」
「That so, I’ll take 2 please.」
「Thank you for your continued patronage~」

I received the two necklaces and paid 6000 Aurum.

「An-chan, what made you bought it suddenly!?」
「Well, isn’t fine?」

I gave the【Sacrificial necklaces】to the two people.
「Can I really have it?」
「Yeah, because these necklaces are magic tools which protects the wearer, wear them as much as possible.」
「Yes, I understand! I won’t take it off and wear it all the time.」
「An-chan, thank you.」

It’s good, the two people seemed to be glad.

After that, we arrived at the【Water temple】and talked to the receptionist.

「Hello, how much is the admission fee?」
「The admission fee of the【Water mana crystal】is 4500 Aurum per person while it’s 10 Aurum for the【Ice mana crystal】.」

They are of the same prices as the wind and lightning mana crystal.
Will the prices for all attribute magics be like this?

「Well then Elena, please wait here for a while as me and Aya visits the【Water mana crystal】.」
「Yes, take care.」

Elena saw us off, we paid 9000 Aurum for the admission fee and went to visit the【Water mana crystal】.

『【Water magic】acquired.
【Water magic】is now level 4.』

Level 4, hmmm… I wish I had studied more properly on fluid mechanics.
It seems Aya was able to properly acquired it too.1

We came back to where Elena is immediately.

「How was it, Seiji-sama?」
「I got a level 4.」
「It’s amazing!」

「What level is mine?」
「Aya’s is……level 3.」

「Eh~!? I thought it was higher……
As expected, it seems【Knowledge】is related to the magics’ level like an-chan said.」

「Then, let’s try to visit the【Ice mana crystal】next~」

We paid 30 Aurum and went to visit the【Ice mana crystal】.

『【Ice magic】acquired.
【Ice magic】is now level 4.』

Hmmm… it’s also level 4, it seems the hurdle to level 5 is pretty high.

「Seiji-sama, how was it? Did I acquire【Ice magic】?」
「Oh, wait a moment, I’ll check it now.」

While I’m being rushed by Elena, I tried to use【Appraisal】and……

「Elena’s【Ice magic】is~ level 3.」
I did it! I was able to acquire a new magic!!」
「Now now, calm down Elena-chan.」

「Aya’s is also level 3.」
「Seriously, the hurdle to level 4 is really high~」

While saying such a thing, Aya and Elena took each other’s hands and jumped up and down.

「An-chan, let’s try to use the new magic at once.」

Like when we were in the【Wind temple】, Aya and Elena wanted to use the new magic immediately. Let’s go to the【Wind temple】once again after Elena’s study about the wind.

Translator notes and reference:

1Okay, I thought he has a skill that max out his attribute magics? I had BigYoshi checked it out but he only found the Skill Master Increase skill. If someone can remember what’s the skill name, please tell me so I can verify if the author made some changes.↩

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      • Jei January 24, 2016 / 9:43 am

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