Chapter 55 – Putting everything in order

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We went home to Japan.

「I did it! I got the recipe for the【Elixir】!!」
「It’s slightly annoying to suddenly become friends with the evil boss, well, there’s no helping it.」
「That person wasn’t particularly the evil boss.」

「Is that so? Whatever.
So, what are the ingredients needed?」
「Let me see~」

I checked the image taken by the smartphone.

┌─<Pill Concoction>──
│ 【Wound healing pill】100ml
│ 【Mandrake root】10g
│ 【Philosophere’s stone】10g
│ 【Distilled spirits】100ml ※
│Skills required:
│ 【Pill concoction】Level 5
※The【Distilled spirits】to be used should have 90% or higher strength1.

◆【Elixir】concoction procedure.
1. Dry the【Mandrake root】and finely scrape it into a pulp.
2. Mix the【Wound healing pill】and【Distilled spirits】together.
3. Throw in the scraped【Mandrake root】and mix it well.
4. Throw in the【Philosopher’s stone】and let it ferment for 1 day.
5. Confirm if the【Philosopher’s stone】is completely dissolve.
6. Completely remove the impurities.

It was written in this way.
(With the language acquisition, the units were converted to what were used in Japan.)

I showed the image to the two.

「I can’t read it.」
That reminds me, Aya can’t read it.

「Elena, is there an item that you know of in the ingredients?」

「Let me see~
I know the【Wound healing pill】and【Distilled spirits】but I don’t quite understand the『strength』.
As for the【Mandrake root】and【Philosopher’s stone】, I don’t know them.」

「Since the concoction of【Philosopher’s stone】and【Wound healing pill】are written on a separate page, we might be able to concoct them ourselves.」

I opened the image of the page which the concoction procedure of【Philosopher’s stone】and【Wound healing pill】were written.

┌─<Pill concoction>──
│【Strength recovery pill2
│ 【Medicinal herb】50g
│ 【Salt】10g ※
│ 【Water】200ml
│Skills required: None
※The【Salt】to be used should be D rank or higher.

◆【Strength recovery pill】concoction procedure
1. Dry the【Medicinal herb】and cut it into small pieces.
2. Throw in the【Medicinal herb】and【Salt】into the【Water】and mix them together.
3. Put it over fire and stir it well till it boils.
4. Put out the fire and remove it from the heat.
5. Completely remove the impuritie.

┌─<Pill concoction>──
│【Philosopher’s stone】
│ 【Cinnabar】50g
│ 【Salt】50g ※
│ 【Magic water】200ml
│Skills required:
│ 【Pill concoction】Level 4
※The【Salt】to be used should not be lower than S rank.
◆【Philosopher’s stone】concoction procedure
1. Put the【Magic water】and【Salt】together and stir it slowly.
2. Throw in the【Cinnabar】and let it ferment for 1 day.

There’s『Skills required』entry in the recipe, it says that the【Pill concoction】skill is required to concoct medicinal pills.

「It seems difficult in various ways, don’t you think?」
「First of all, we have to acquire【Pill concoction】skill.」
「Uwa, it seems troublesome. Don’t make me acquire such a skill~」

「Well, me and Elena will try to acquire the【Pill concoction】skill.」
「Yes, I’ll do my best.」

Somehow, Elena is happy. Does Elena like these kinds of things?3

In addition, we talked about our plans for the future.
「First, let’s decide our respective goals.」

「Ah, first of all, I want to acquire more magic that can be helpful to my work and I also want to help Elena.」
「Seiji-sama, thank you.
As for me, I’d like to investigate what my otousama is doing in the war against the demon king army.」
「Then, I’ll also help you with that.」
「I’d also like to help Elena-chan, after all, I want to become strong enough to protect Elena-chan.」

To put everything in order.
1. Investigate the war against the demon king army.
2. Visit various mana crystals and acquire more magic.
3. Level up by working as adventurers.

4. Try to concoct medicinal pills.

Something like this.

「First, the『War investigation』, let’s start the investigation with the first village destroyed by the【Demon king army】. Where was the village located at?」
「It’s located north of【Ikebu town】.」

「Since『Azide』-san is still on the way to【Suga town】, it’ll be a while before we’ll be able to go to【Ikebu town】,
until then, let’s try to prioritize the others.」
「Okay, I understand.」

We also have to consider how to travel from【Ikebu town】,
when we arrive at the【Ikebu town】, what then?

「Next is,『visit mana crystals』. Since the next town is【Suga town】, they are【Water mana crystal】and【Ice mana crystal】.」

「I take a bath everyday, my【Water magic】will surely be high leveled, I’m looking forward to it~」
「Speaking of which, the theory that a person who touches water everyday tends to acquire【Water magic】easily, I think it’s a little different than that.」
「N? How so?」
「An-chan, why do you think so?」

I decided to explain the hypothesis that I thought about to these two.

「Me and Aya grew up in roughly the same environment.」
「Un, that’s right.」
「Nevertheless, why would our magic level be considerably different from each other?」4
「Now that you mentioned it, you’re right but why do you think it’s related?」

「This is my hypothesis, isn’t it because of the difference in【Knowledge】to an【Attribute】?」

「I studied about【Electricity】while in school, I think that’s why my【Lightning magic】is at a higher level.」
「I see~ Mine is still only at level 3 because I didn’t study anything about electricity at all?」

Oy oy, says the fellow who’s going to college from now on!
Well, since the college where Aya will be attending is focused on liberal arts so it’s inevitable to a certain extent.

「And living surrounded by electrical appliances in Japan, even without studying anything about it, there will be some accumulated【Knowledge】.」
「I see~ It might be so.」

「Seiji-sama!  Then, if I also study, I can use more magic?」
「I think it’s a possibility.」
「Then, I-, I want to study!」

Elena exclaimed with her eyes shining.
I hope Aya will learn from Elena’s example.

「That’s a good idea, try to study science and math while studying Japanese.」
「Why am I limited to only science and math?」
「Wind, Lightning, Water, Ice, Earth, Darkness, Fire and Light,
and more will be in science course, I think?
To begin with, liberal arts doesn’t seem helpful for magic.」

「Even Earth and Darkness are included in science course?」
「【Living things】and plant relationships, and【Geology】seemed to be related to Earth.
Although I don’t understand darkness well, it might be related to【Zymosis5】.」
「Un, it’s a hard course……」

「Aya-san, let’s study together!」
「Un, there’s no choice but to study for magic~」

With this, Aya will be willing to study a little, he-he-he.

「Lastly, to work as【Adventurers】and【Pill concoction】, we’ll gain Levels and money, while collecting the ingredients at the same time, understood?」
「How are we going to do those things at the same time?」

「We’ll collect ingredients outside the town,
subjugate monsters on the way and turn it into money at the guild,
if there’s a surplus money, we can also buy ingredients in shops,
if we were able to concoct pills, we can also turn it into money.」
「3 birds with 1 stone? It’s more like, 4 birds?」
「That’s right~」

Everything’s in order, I will go to work while Aya and Elena will study then we’ll work as adventurers on weekends,
we hardened our resolve and persevere on our everyday life.

Translator notes and reference:

1Alcohol concentration↩
2Rechecked it several times, it really is strength recovery pill. Perhaps, it’s a typo by the author↩
3Thanks! BANAROK↩
4Correct me if I’m wrong but Aya and Elena still didn’t know that Seiji’s elemental magics get maxed out whenever he acquired them, probably they differ on how they learn original magics?↩
5Or Fermentation, probably darkness is related to plague/curses?↩

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