Chapter 52 – Mana crystal of Body reinforcement

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The competition was over and I was being healed by Elena in the medical room.
My right hand gradually becoming ticklish, it feels good.
There seems to be something flowing to my hand from Elena’s hand.
It was fine to get injured more often if there’s this kind of thing.
I suddenly remembered and tried to use【Appraisal】on myself.
My level rose by 3.

Did I miss the level up announcement in the competition?
While spending such peaceful time,『Halva』came to visit me.
Did she come here to complain for her brother,『Gadol』?
「I apologize for the trouble that my brother caused you this time.」

Surprisingly, she came here to apologize.
I had a bad impression about Dragonkins because of『Gadol』, but it seems it was all because of the spear’s curse after all.1

「『Gadol』was considerably injured, is he fine?」
「Yeah, he regained consciousness a little while ago but he didn’t rampage like often times.」
「I see, that’s good.」

『Halva』seems to have something difficult to say.

「N? Is there something you want to say?」
「N-, no, um…
It’s not for honor that I’m saying this but……
My brother is really a gentle person, I know that you won’t believe……」

「I believe.」

「I believe,『Gadol』was, his mind was destroyed because of that spear.」
「『That spear』!? Did you mean『that spear』that brother had?」
「Yeah, it’s a cursed spear called【Devil’s spear】.」
「T-, that’s……」
「I have the【Devil’s spear】for safekeeping.
Though it’s difficult to wield because it’s cursed, is it something important that needs to be returned?」
「Safekeeping? Are you alright?」
「It’s not a problem because it was safely stored using magic.」
「It’s that so, I’m sorry but may I request that you keep『that spear』safely?」
「Ou, leave it to me.」
「Thank you.」
『Halva』just said her apologies and thanks then she went back.
After my conversation with『Halva』, suddenly, when I look over at Elena……
Elena was panting while holding my hand tightly.

「Elena!? What the hell are you doing!?」

A feeling of foreboding struck me,
I tried to use【Appraisal】and Elena’s HP went down to danger level.

「Wait! Stop using【Strength transfer】!」
「N? Ah, yes. I-, It’s because even the wound was healed, stamina must also be restored……」
When you cast【Strength transfer】, did you forget to frequently use【Strength recovery】to recover your own HP?」
「I-, I’m sorry, I was careless.」

「Besides, my HP is 8 times more than Elena’s HP?
Once you use【Strength transfer】to recover my HP, you’ll need more than 8 Elena. 」
「S-, Such a huge disparity……
How do I increase my total HP?」

「Perhaps, when you raise your weapon’s skill level, I guess?」2
「Weapon, huh?……」
After a while, because my stamina was also recovered, we decided to go and visit our original purpose, the【Mana crystal of body reinforcement】.

I asked the competition’s staff and we were guided directly to the【Mana crystal】.
「Oh! As you’ve said Elena, the【Mana crystal of body reinforcement】is gray. It’s so cool.」
「【Body reinforcement】, I’ll be able to fight even more with this.」
「I visited before, I think it’s useless.」
「Well, let’s touch it together since we came here with so much effort.」
「Y-, yes.」
The three of us touched the【Mana crystal of Body reinforcement】.
『【Body reinforcement magic】acquired.
【Body reinforcement magic】is now level 3.』

「Great, it’s level 3!」
「Anchan, what about me? What about me?」
「Wait a moment.」

I tried to use【Appraisal】on Aya and Elena.

「Aya’s is level 2.」
But it’s one level lower that anchan’s, dang.」

「Elena’s is……」
「It’s fine, we all know the result that I’ve got nothing.」

「Elena’s is level 1.」


「Apparently, even if it’s no good before, it seems if there’s growth to a certain extent, one can acquire it.」
「R-, Really?」
「Ou, it’s true.」

Elena was frozen for a while and suddenly rushed forward and threw her arms around me.
「I did it! I’m happy!!」
Elena was jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face while clinging on to me.


The status of the three after acquiring【Body reinforcement magic】.
(The increase after acquiring【Body reinforcement magic】is in the parenthesis.)

│Name: Maruyama Seiji
│Occupation: SE
│Age: 30

│Level: 20
│HP: 953 (+510)
│MP: 3665 (+287)

│Power: 79 (+41) Endurance: 79 (+41)
│Ability: 174 (+36) Magic power: 366 (+28)

│【Space-time Magic】
│ (Level: MAX, Rarity: ★★★★★)
│ ・Quick
│ ・Slow
│ ・Barrier
│ ・Future prediction
│ ・Inventory
│ ・Teleportation

│【Information Magic】
│ (Level: MAX, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ ・Vigilance
│ ・Map
│ ・Appraisal
│ ・Concealment
│ ・Tracking
│ ・Language Acquisition
│ ・Skill Mastery Increase

│【Lightning magic】
│ (Level: MAX, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ ・Generate Electricity
│ ・Electricity Control
│ ・Heating element
│ ・Incandescent light bulb
│ ・Electrolysis
│ ・Lightning strike
│ ・Summon lightning spirit

│【Body Reinforcement Magic】 ★NEW
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Strength recovery rate reinforcement
│ ・Movement speed reinforcement
│ ・Endurance reinforcement

│【Body techniques】
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Foot Sweep Kick
│ ・Counter
│ ・Weapon disarmament
│ ・Lightning Fist Raigeki Ken
│ ・Lightning Kick Raigeki Shuu

│【Sword techniques】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Vertical slash
│ ・Foot Sweep Kick

│【Sword Art】
│ (Level: 4, Rarity: ★★★)
│ ・Dual strike
│ ・Tsubazeriai
│ ・Weapon break
│ ・Nuki Dō
│ ・Feint

│Name: Elena Delaidos
│Occupation: Princess
│Age: 15

│Level: 5
│HP: 114 (+10)
│MP: 558 (+280)

│Power: 11 (+1) Endurance: 10 (+1)
│Ability: 11 (+1) Magic power: 59 (+28)

│【Water magic】(Level: 3)
│ ・Water control
│ ・Water barrier

│【Recovery magic】(Level: 4)
│ ・Illness mitigation
│ ・Increase wound recovery rate
│ ・Strength recovery
│ ・Strength transfer
│ ・Wound heal

│【Body reinforcement magic】 ★NEW
│ (Level: 1, Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Strength recovery rate reinforcement

│Name: Maruyama Aya
│Occupation: High school student
│State: (Temporary language acquisition)
│Age: 18

│Level: 11
│HP: 380 (+188)
│MP: 510 (+138)

│Power: 23 (+10) Endurance: 21 (+9)
│Ability: 46 (+18) Magic power: 51 (+14)

│【Wind magic】
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Wind control
│ ・Dryer Weak
│ ・Dryer Average
│ ・Dryer Strong
│ ・Tailwind
│ ・Electric fan
│ ・Wind gust
│ ・Trajectory correction
│ ・Tornado

│【Lightning magic】
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ ・Generate Electricity
│ ・Electricity Control
│ ・Static electricity

│【Body reinforcement magic】 ★NEW
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Strength recovery rate reinfocement
│ ・Movement speed reinforcement

│【Composite magic】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★★★)
│ ・Warm Dryer

│【Short blade techniques】
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Rapid Slash
│ ・Continuous strike
│ ・Vital spot thrust
│ ・Riposte
│ ・Tornado sword

Translator notes and reference:

1Don’t worry Gadol, Ruijerd feel you, blame Laplace!!↩
2Weapon skill (Sword/Axe/Spear techniques)?↩

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