Chapter 45 – Aya vs. Luca

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The second round of Block B, C and D also advanced, all the participants I’m paying attention to obtained full victory.

Block C’s『Rondo』somehow blocked the attacks with his【Golden armor】and beat his opponent with a single blow.

Block D’s『Dolar』dodged his opponent’s attack by jumping and buried his opponent with an overhead attack.

After the second round of the men’s division is the first match of women’s division, I used【Appraisal】again on Aya’s opponent,『Luca』.

│Name: Luca (♀)
│Occupation: Adventurer
│Age: 24

│Level: 10
│HP: 230
│MP: 30

│Power: 23 Endurance: 20
│Ability: 18 Magic power: 5

│【Axe techniques】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Shield break
│ ・Wood break
│ ・Stone break

Aya lost in Ability, Endurance and physique (breast’s size).

It hurts, it hurts, why is Aya attacking me? Did she perhaps read my mind?
I was caught when comparing the difference in physique (chests), I’m sorry.

「Next up, the women’s division’s first match of the competition will be held.
Participants no. 2 and no. 3, please come up to the arena.」

「Good, I’m off!」
「Yeah, do your best!」

When Aya and『Luca』enters the arena, cheers broke out from the spectators.
Somehow, the men’s cheers felt slightly different. There are guys who are whistling.

Aya answered the spectators’ cheers by raising her hand in a carefree way.

「Then, women’s division, first match,『Aya』vs『Luca』’s match will commence.」

「Participant no. 2,『Aya』! Her weapon,『Short blade』.」

Aya put out her『Short blade』and showed it off. Oh, she got carried away.

「Followed by participant no. 3, a C rank adventurer,『Luca』! Her weapon,『Great axe』.」

U~mu, there’s a large difference in the weapon’s size. The difference in physique (breast’s size) is proportional to the weapon’s size・・
Aya is glaring at me for some reason, can she really read my mind?

「Well then, begin!」

As soon as the match starts,『Luca』dashes fiercely, swinging down her『Great axe』towards Aya.
However, Aya wasn’t there.

Behind『Luca』is Aya clad in wind, dancing with *pyonpyon* sounds.

「Oh, participant Aya dodged the preemptive attack of Luca and sneaked around to the rear as fast as the wind. It looks like some kind of body reinforcement magic.」

Somehow, the commentator began to work in this match.

When『Luca』saw that her preemptive attack was easily avoided, she became cautious, she stopped her assault and approach little by little.
Aya moves horizontally to『Luca』to keep her distance, the two gradually circled around the arena, creating a big circle.
『Luca』became frustrated and moved, travelling the distance between her and Aya in one go before making an all out attack.
As if expecting『Luca』’s attack, Aya’s speed bursts forth, sneaking behind『Luca』and slashed at her back, drawing a sharp curve.
『Luca』’s vulnerable back was attacked, confusing her, it seems it didn’t deal that much of a damage because the weapon’s blade had been dulled.

However, Aya’s attacks didn’t end there, it was followed with irregular attacks while going around『Luca』,
With scrathes all over her body,『Luca』gets down on her knees.

「I-, I give up!」
She admitted defeat at last.

「『Aya』vs『Luca』’s match,
Participant no. 2,『Aya』’s win―――!!」


Aya who seemed to be weak at first glance, overcame the gap in physique (breast’s size) and won, the spectators’ seat went in an uproar. Perhaps, there’s a lot of people who lost in the bet too.

Elena jumped out of the medical team’s room and rushed towards Aya, she then check out if Aya has any injury.
Elena was probably worried a lot too, Hm? What about the time when it was me?

Once she confirmed that Aya has no injury, Elena rushed towards Luca and began healing her injuries.
Luca’s scratches were healed in an instant, Luca was surprised by the power of Elena’s recovery magic and using both her hands, she greatly shook Elena’s hands, expressing her gratitude towards Elena.

The competition is also a good experience for Elena, it was really a right decision to participate.

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