Chapter 44 – Seiji vs. Jidoka

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The competition proceed with Blocks B, C and D, because all the participants I’m paying attention to are seeds, I wasn’t able to watch any match of those fellows.

Since the second round will begin soon,
I used 【Appraisal】again on my next opponent,『Jidoka』.

│Name: Jidoka
│Race: Giant
│Occupation: Warrior
│Age: 35

│Level: 13
│HP: 342
│MP: 11

│Power: 40 Endurance: 30
│Ability: 19 Magic power: 2

│【Hammer techniques】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★)
│ ・Side sweep
│ ・Pound

HP, Power and Endurance are considerably high, I wonder if these are traits of『Giant』race?
Well, if I don’t take him head on, it wouldn’t be a big deal but I need to be careful not to get hit by a lucky punch.

「Next, we’ll have the competition’s Block A’s second round.
Men’s division, participants no. 1 and no. 2, please come up to the arena.」

「Finally, it’s my turn, I’m off!」
「You’ll be fine but good luck niichan!」

When I got up to the arena,『Jidoka』is already waiting there.

「Hey, hasn’t my opponent come up yet?
Oh? You’re already here, I didn’t notice because you’re small.

What’s with this farce?
That’s, everyone will look small when compared to you.

「Well then, men’s division’s Block A, third match, the『Jidoka』vs『Seiji』’s match will commence.」

「Participant no. 1, giants’ seed participant,『Jidoka』!
His weapon is a huge『Hammer』.
Participant no. 2, the one who advanced from the first round,『Seiji』!」

As the competition advances considerably, the participant’s introduction became rough.

「Well then, begin!」

As soon as it begins,『Jidoka』swung down his huge hammer towards me.

The huge hammer slammed towards the stone floor producing a loud sound resounding throughout the whole arena.

The women in the spectators’ seat screamed.

Well, it didn’t hit me.

When I appeared from the shadow of the huge hammer,

「「Ou!~」」relieved voices can be heard from the spectators’ seat.

However, the shock wave produced on the floor still hit me, I wonder if I can acquire a magic that can absorb shock waves.

When『Jidoka』saw that his attack missed, he performed a wide back swing and incorrigibly attacked.


I mimic Aya’s【Rapid slash】and unleashed a【Nuki dō1】, but『Jidoka』’s body is hard, the katana’s dulled blade wasn’t able to inflict any damage.

「Did you do something just now?
Somehow, it’s ticklish? Guwahhahaha!」

This is like the time when I fought the orc.
I could use【Lightning magic】一and probably one-shot him but, I want to do something with only the【Katana】here.

For『Jidoka』to not recieve any damage from my attack is actually a good thing, I can attack without minding about defense too much.
Although I say that, from 3 directions, a【Pound】from above and【Side sweeps】from left and right. But it’s easy to avoid because there’s only 2 kinds of attack.

I repeatedly strike using【Kote】to avoid the attacks.

「Damn it, you’re so annoyingly sneaky,
then, eat this!」

『Jidoka』ran out of patience and drew a back-swing wider than usual and attacked with all his strength.
Because the attack took a lot of time than usual, I stepped forward timingly when the huge hammer reached its peak and when『Jidoka』swung down the huge hammer, I swung the katana sideways with all my might aimed at the little finger.
When『Jidoka』received the attack on his little finger in the middle of swinging down, his grip on the huge hammer weakened momentarily, it slipped out and the huge hammer hurled outside the arena.


The huge hammer slammed onto the wall of the arena, creating a hole in the wall.

The spectators nearby were surprised, unable to stand up.

「Oioi, you should treat weapons diligently because they are important, right?」

『Jidoka』became desperate from losing his weapon, raising his huge right foot, trying to stamp me.
I swung the katana towards the foot which is going to stamp me from the side.
Unluckily? The katana hit the little toe of the foot which『Jidoka』raised up.

「It hurts-!!」

It seems even giants felt pain on their foot’s little toe too, he can’t lower his right foot on the floor and hops using his remaining left foot while complaining about the pain.
I quickly closed in on him, aiming at the moment when his left foot isn’t touching the floor and execute a Foot Sweep Kick with all my strength.

No matter if you’re a giant, if your left foot is in mid-air, your balance is lost too.


Finally,『Jidoka』fell on his butt.

I climbed up on『Jidoka』using his body as a foothold and execute a『Men』aimed at『Jidoka』’s head.


It caused『Jidoka』a cerebral concussion and lost consciousness.

「『Jidoka』vs『Seiji』’s match,
participant no. 2,『Seiji』’s win―――!!」

When the spectators saw that the giant has fallen, they raised their best cheer of the day.

『Level went up to 14.
【Sword Art】is now level 3.』

Oh, I’m leveling steadily, joining the competition is definitely a right decision.

│Name: Maruyama Seiji
│Occupation: SE

│Level: 14 (+1)
│HP: 373 (+90)
│MP: 3377 (+27)

│Power: 38 (+6) Endurance: 38 (+6)
│Ability: 138 (+6) Magic power: 338 (+3)

│【Space-Time Magic】(Level: MAX)
│【Information Magic】(Level: MAX)
│【Lightning Magic】(Level: MAX)
│【Body techniques】(Level: 2)
│【Sword Techniques】(Level: 2)

│【Sword Art】
│ (Level: 3 (+1), Rarity: ★★★)
│ ・Nuki dō★NEW
│ ・Dual strike
│ ・Tsubazeriai
│ ・Weapon break

HP, Power and Ability increased considerably, was it due to【Sword Art】’s level rising up?

Translator notes and reference:

1It’s where you make your opponent attack you and counter it using a Dō(designates the movement, the target, and the body part of the kendo armour), something like this.↩

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  1. Zero January 10, 2016 / 1:31 pm

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