Chapter 41 – Weapons and Armors shop

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Note: Please read the announcement post if you haven’t yet for the change log to clear-up some confusion.

The one day special training continued as Aya carried on with her kamekaze-like work and looked for『Goblins』.

Aya had also suffered injuries along the way and had Elena treat her, continuing her special training.

When evening came, we went back to the town.
We subdued a total of 18『Goblin』monsters this day.
After cutting off the ears of『Goblins』, I put their bodies away into the inventory and stuffed the【Goblin’s ears】in a【Bag】.

Aya’s level went up by two and became level 8,
and her【Short blade technique】went up by 1 and became level 3.

Aya can probably defeat me if I fight without magic.

「Niichan, how is it! Can I participate in the『Fighting competition』?」
「Though, I don’t want you to go to that place, I have no choice but to admit.」
「Aya-san, I’m happy for you!」

We went to the【Body reinforcement temple】.

Aya, it’s embarrassing. Can you stop skipping along the main street?

We went towards the【Temple】for Aya to register in the『Fighting competition』.

「Are you sure you want to participate?」
「You’re responsible for your own injuries and the like, are you really sure?」
「It’s okay, leave it to me!」

At the reception desk in the【Temple】, the man did the registration procedures with ‘what a pain’ expression.

Then we head towards the【Adventurers’ guild】.

The【Goblins’ ears】were turned in to the oneesan at the reception desk, who was a little surprised but it didn’t cause much chaos.

With those, we recieved 300 Aurum, it’s quite an easy business.
Well, I don’t know if you can hunt that much everyday.

It seems we get something like【Guild points】when completing some jobs.
It’s 5 points times 6 goblin subjugation requests divided by 3 people, it seems we got 10 points each.
Since when the【Guild points】accumulated to 20, the rank will go up from【F-rank】to【E-rank】and it will go up immediately it seems.

We didn’t get tangled at the guild and head towards the【Weapons and armors shop】which was closed early in the morning.


There are people looked over and went inside the shop.

「Oh, aren’t you the lad from yesterday?」
「Oh, so it’s the『Occhan』from the tavern.」
「Hey, yeah it’s me and I’m the store manager here……」

Somehow, I had a hunch that it might be so.

「Did you come here to buy a weapon?
I’ll give you a discount as thanks for the delicious ale.」
「Thank you.
First, a【Rod】for Elena.」

「【Rod】, what kind of magic does Elena jou-chan uses.」
「Well, it’s【Recovery magic】and【Water magic】.」

「If it’s a【Rod】then our store have【Water rod】.
Because we also have【Hair ornament of recovery】, you don’t need a【Rod】for that.」

「Which of those two’s property is better?」
「Both, these【Magic tools】decreases the magic consumption of the corresponding magic and increases the magic power output.
With lad’s discount,
I’ll able to give you the【Water rod】for 900 Aurum,
and the【Hair ornament of recovery】for 1800 Aurum.」

「Then, I’ll buy both.」
「Oh, niichan sure is generous,
you really are good to that jou-chan, huh?」

「For Aya’s weapon, it’s a【Sword】.」
「I’d also like to see some【Short blade】.」
「Aya jou-chan’s are【Sword】and【Short blade】,
uh, can you show me what you’re currently using to fight?」
「Yes, it’s this.」

Aya showed the knife that was brought from Japan to Occhan without thinking.

「What the hell is this~!!」

Oh no-

「This is, who made this!?
The heck, what kind of metal was this made from!?
No, is this really metal?」

Occhan flipped the knife over and licked it all over to examine it.

「This b*tch! Showing me such a terrible weapon.
This is hateful!」
「Huh? Eh~!?」
「That’s right, it’s simply hateful!
Sh*t, I never made such a terrible weapon even once!!」
Somehow, Occhan’s mood became strange and went haywire.
Aya became confused, not knowing what happened.

「There are weapons better than this inside the store.
Don’t use this, Aya jou-chan.」
「Eh, ah, yeah.」

「Hm! What about you lad?」
「Me, a【Sword】and, I’d also like to try out a【Shield】.」
「Well, show me what you are currently using too, lad.」

I took out a【Sword】and showed it to Occhan.

what, it’s only an ordinary【Sword】…」

Occhan’s mood began to fall.

「I-, I’m sorry.」
Why am I apologizing?

「The【Swords】are around that side and choose an appropriate【Shield】over that side.」

I’ve only received a rough answer.

I looked around for a【Sword】and【Shield】.

For the【Shield】, I chose a【Buckler】-shaped and attached it on my left hand.
As for a【Sword】, I haven’t found any that looks good and got quite lost.

After looking around for a while, I found a strange【Sword】.

When I took it in my hand and appraise,

│【Replica sword】
│A sword made to replicate a Japanese sword.
│Rarity: ★★★

What’s this, so there’s something like this.

「That’s a complete defect, to choose such a strange thing, you’re also weird lad.」

I bought the【Buckler】for 100 Aurum and the【Replica sword】for 500 Aurum.

Aya bought a leather armor instead for 200 Aurum and didn’t buy any weapons.

「By the way, Aya jou-chan.」
「What is it?」
「That・・it’s difficult to say but・・
the knife・・is it possible for you to sell it to me?」
「Well, how is it niichan?」
「That’s only 1 of the 3 we have.」
Well, how about a trade to what you bought today?」

Well, that’s a total of… 3800 Aurum.
It’s about 380,000 in Japanese yen?
I feel somehow bad for Occhan but-
It seems like Occhan really wanted it, I guess it’s okay.

「I understand, if you please.」
「Oh! That’s good! Sorry~
You already treated me to ale yesterday and this one today.
I’ll repay this gratitude next time, so please come again.」

Me and Occhan shook hands firmly.


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