Chapter 40 – Goblin subjugation

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「Aya, are you okay?」
「Un, I’m just a little exhausted but otherwise okay.」
「Aya-san, the exhaustion with my magic・・」
「「That’s a no good(Don’t do that)!」」
「Y-, yes……」

I tried to use【Appraisal】on Aya.
│Name: Maruyama Aya
│Occupation: High school student
│State: (Temporary language acquisition)

│Level: 6 ↑
│HP: 193 (+93)
│MP: 373 (+203)

│Power: 13 (+5) Endurance: 11 (+4)
│Ability: 28 (+16) Magic power: 37 (+20)

│【Wind magic】 ↑
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★)
│   :
│ ・Wind gust ★NEW
│ ・Tornado ★NEW

│【Lightning magic】
│ (Level: 3, Rarity: ★★★★)

│【Composite magic】
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★★★★)

│【Short-sword technique】 ★NEW
│ (Level: 2, Rarity: ★)
│ ・Rapid slash1 ★NEW
│ ・Continious strike ★NEW
│ ・Tornado sword ★NEW

The level of each【Wind magic】went up by 1.
Additional two new【Wind magic】.
Acquired a level 2【Short-sword technique】.

It seems the tornado a little while ago is the skill【Tornado sword】, a composite technique2 of【Wind magic】and【Short-sword technique】.

In the status, magic power and MP increased considerably as well as skills.

However, aren’t they rising rapidly?
Did it meant that my【Skill mastery increase】also worked on Aya and Elena?

After taking a quick break from the nearby cafeteria, we head towards outside of town again.

By showing our【Adventurers’ guild card】to the gatekeeper at the town exit, we were able to get through.
Because I often used【Teleportation】to go in and out, this is somewhat felt new.

Actually, I wanted to try the【Lightning elemental summon】of【Lightning magic】but decided put it aside for now and focus on Aya’s special training.
I know that Aya can fight well enough already.
But in case of the『Women’s division』of the『Fighting competition』, she may not make the cut.

「I think, let’s try the goblin subjugation,
what do you both think?」
「I don’t have a problem with it.」
「Oh, goblin subjugation, great~ let’s do it~!!」

Aya’s spirit is somewhat funny.
Will you be alright?

「Anyway, Aya and Elena, do you want to fight with just two of you?」
「Oh! Is it okay? Let’s try it!」
「I-, is it alright?」
「I’ll somehow do something when the what-if came.」
「Y-, yes, I’ll do my best.」「Oh, let’s do this~!」

I am looking for a『Caution』mark at the map.

After a while, I found a『Caution』mark inside the forest.
When we approached, we found three『Goblin』monsters equipped with knives.

「Let’s focus on these three.
First, I’ll deal with the two monsters, then you two defeat the remaining one.」
「Yes.」「Un, understood.」

「Seiji-sama, can I have some water?」
「N? Oh, I see.」
I handed a small PET water bottle to Elena from the inventory.

Come to think of it, Elena can only attack with water in hand.
I wonder if the water can’t be created.
It might be better to consider that area.

Let’s think about it later.
First, these『Goblins』.

「【Lightning strike】!」
I cast【Lightning strike】towards the two『Goblins』and knock them down.
The remaining one was startled and confused.

「Let’s go!」
Aya closed in on the『Goblin』with breakneck speed,【Rapid slash】burst forth.

「Sorry Elena-chan, I have defeated it.」
「No, it’s good that you are unhurt.」
「No way, with a single hit……」
It seems, one monster was too easy.

But these『Goblins』stinks the same as the orc.
Unlike the orc which smelled like a rotten fish, these guys smells like ammonia.
What are we going to do about this smell?

We proceed further through the forest and found another three『Goblin』monsters.

「Do you want to try the three of them this time?」
「Un, let’s give it a go.
Elena-chan will perform a preemptive attack with magic this time.」
「Okay, I understand.」

Elena opened up the PET water battle and control the water within, throwing it towards one of the『Goblin』.


The three『Goblins』seemed to received almost no damage and was just surprised.
Aya plunged with a breakneck speed, killing one of the monsters instantaneously like a the one a little while ago.

However, one of the remaining two noticed Elena and rushed forward.
Aya is fighting against the other remaining monster, not looking at this direction.


The『Goblin』attacked Elena but was blocked by my【Barrier】causing the attack to fail.

Aya heard Elena’s scream, quickly disposing the『Goblin』she’s fighting with and rushed towards here.
Aya defeated the remaining one and somehow managed to win.

「There’s a lot of problem・・」
「S-, sorry.」「I’m so sorry.」

「Elena’s attack is too weak.」
「I-, I’m sorry.」

「Aya weren’t looking at the others and only focused on fighting 1 on 1.」
「You’re right.」

「Because we haven’t buy a weapon for Elena yet, there’s no helping it.
I’ll think about strengthening Elena after buying weapons.
For the『Fighting competing』, let’s focus on Aya’s special training for today.」

We looked around for more『Goblins』for Aya’s special training.

Translator notes and reference:

1すれ違い斬り – Surechigai(passing each other) kiri(slash), I remembered Vergil’s rapid slash in dmc3 so I used it here↩
2It seems it didn’t registered as composite magic but as a technique instead↩

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