Chapter 39 – Aya’s tornado

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Aya holds the knife and walk towards the man.

The man pulled out a rusty sword, it was clearly not maintained, and glared at Aya.
Aya sunk down in fear and subconsciously took a step back.

The man scornfully grin at Aya, expressing his contempt.

The man swung his sword about, showing off threatening slices・・why?
It seems, it was intended to scare off Aya.

However, Aya is looking at the scene with a strange expression.

Aya glanced at me for an instant.
She probably noticed the effect of【Quick】and【Slow】.
I nodded to Aya.

Aya tightens her expression, resolving herself.
She dashed towards the man.

The man was surprised at Aya’s dash and swung his sword towards Aya.
However, Aya was superior in terms of speed burst, the sword smashed down towards the spot where Aya should’ve been.

Aya slipped through the side and went behind the man and look over her shoulder, after that the place plunged into silence, the left plank of the man’s leather armor had been cut.

The man noticed that his armor had been cut and became vexed.

The man looked back over to Aya and glared vexiously, feeling that he was being underestimated, he rushed towards Aya producing a *dotadota* sound and performed series of unrefined attacks.

However, Aya carefully observed the incoming attacks and managed to avoid them.
The man slashed Aya many times after but Aya continued to dodge.
After awhile, the man is breathing raggedly, he jumped back and tried to control his breathing.

Aya didn’t missed the opening and charged towards the man.
Aya attacked taking full advantage of her fast linear speed and as if he anticipated, the man swung down his sword.

Aya, in order to avoid the incoming downward sword, changed her direction forcefully, making her balance crumble and fall over.

When Aya almost hit the ground, an unnatural wind blew, supporting her. Using that wind, she sneaks around behind the man and attacked once more.

It directly irritated the man, he swung his sword recklessly, missing Aya again.

After that, the situation was repeated, Aya sneaks around the man with quick movements and the man swung down his sword where Aya had been.

The man was finally on his knees.
Aya stood a bit further away from the man, wearing a pleasant smile and turned towards me.

「Sh*t! Don’t move restlessly.」
The man was undeniably irritated and struck the ground.

「What will you do? Do you want to continue?」
「Of course! I can’t be defeated by such a lass!」
「Well, how about you Aya?」

「Niichan, release your magic.」
「Alright but be careful, okay?」
「Yeah, understood.」

I released the【Quick】that was used on Aya and the【Slow】that was used on the man.
Aya put a serious face on anew.

The man got up slowly and glared at Aya.

Aya boldly went towards the man, unlike a little while ago, the man’s attacks almost hit Aya many times.
The man’s mood improved and attacked again.
Aya minutely avoided the attacks to the limit.

There were times where she broke her posture when she forcibly attempted to evade but gradually got used to it and were able to evade calmly completely causing the man’s attacks hit empty air.

Aya attacked, swirling around the man, the surrounding wind gradually formed a whirlpool.
It formed a weak tornado with the man at the center, the tornado was gradually narrowing towards him, inversely increasing the wind’s strength.

「Aaargh! What is this!?」

The man trembled in fear at the emergence of the tornado.

The tornado swoop down on the man, depriving him of air to breathe and was rend by the wind caused by the tornado.

The tornado came apart and vanished afterwards, revealing the man who lay battered on the ground.

Aya appeared slightly away panting heavily, she smiled pleasantly with a victory pose towards me.

「Aya-san, amazing desu!」
Elena hopped with a *pyonpyon* sound and ran towards Aya, hugging her.

「Hey, have some【Candy】.」
I handed a【Candy】to Aya.

「Niichan, thank you.」

「But, how did you do that? It was like a tornado.」
「Well, I don’t quite understand it either.」
「Don’t understand, you!」
「Somehow, I felt like I became the wind, when I realized, the wind became like that.」

Aya only had a『Vague sense』of it.

The men without understanding what happened before their eyes, stood there dumbfounded.

「Then, we’ll have you pay 200 Aurum as promised.」

The men’s face turned pale when they heard those words.

Well, we kind of cheated a little too.
These guys threaten people and extort money, it should be okay, right?

Finally, the men was reluctant to put out the money and tried to escape but were paralyzed by electric shock.
They put out their entire fortune.
All in all, they possessed only 30 Aurum.
The amount wasn’t enough, so we took the men’s weapons as substitute.

The money in my person increased by 30 Aurum.
The weapons that we were able to acquired are【Rusty sword】x 2 and 【Rusty knife】x 1.
Because the armors seemed smelly, I didn’t took them.

What a huge deficit.orz

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