Chapter 37 – Ale buddy

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We head first to the inn once we arrived at the different world.
Elena handed the【Magic stone of temporary language acquisition】to Aya.

We arrived at the inn and confirmed if there’s vacancy. And it seems that, there’s only one room vacant.

「See, there’s only one room vacant.」
「Well, it’s not like this is the first time the 3 of us are going the stay in a single room, I don’t particularly mind?」
「Me too, I don’t have a problem with staying in a single room either.」

These guys, what would you do if I make an assault?
No, I can’t possible assault my imouto.
No no, I can’t assault Elena too (probably).

Because there’s no helping it, I paid 20 Aurum and reserved a room, I asked the innkeeper where the【Adventurers’ Guild】is and head there.


The sky is already dark but the【Adventurers’ Guild】is still open.

「It’s look somewhat worn-out.」
「Hn? Indeed, It doesn’t really feel like an【Adventurers’ Guild】.
Let’s register quickly!」

Aya lead us by the hand and went inside【Adventurers’ Guild】.

「What’s that!?」

Apparently, it seems Aya is not paying attention to her front and bumped into someone.

「Hey, Jo-chan, you’re not going to apologize to someone you bumped?」
「No, because you’re obstructing the way!」
「What!? This b*tch!」

Oh no! Aya started to quarrel with the tough-looking adventurer.

「Hey, you!」
「N?  Me?」

Somehow, the spear point points at me.

「Yeah, you, are you the companion of this fellow?
Make this woman step aside and come forward in her stead, do you have the guts?
Or you can just give me some compensation money, how about it?」

I give up~
I don’t want to stand out too much……

「This is, I’m very sorry.
Here, please pardon us with【this】.」

I handed【100 Aurum gold coins1】to the other party.

「Oh, you’re a sensible fellow.
Well, I’ll forgive you out of consideration this time.」
「Thank you very much.」

The adventurer walked away with the【100 Aurum gold coins】.

「Mou! Niichan! Why’d you gave money to that fellow!
You should’ve used a cheat skill to counter the argument!」
「Just think that you’re in the wrong this time.
Just be obedient.」
「Mou! Niichan, you baka!」

After that, we went to guild’s receptionist for registration process.
The 3 of us paid 10 Aurum each as a registration fee and with that the registration has been completed.

The【Guild card】is the same as the one from the merchants’ guild, it’s an ordinary metal card―
For it to become unique, you need to infuse your blood with magical power and drip it on the card to bind it―which I did earnestly.
With this, there’s no problem with forgery, right?

A common adventurer has a rank―
F rank is our rank, it seems, because we just registered.

There’s a board in the guild where job requests are posted, we check out the job requests for F ranks.

┌─<Gathering request>──
│【Herb】gathering (repeatable request)
│Content: Deliver 3 bundle of【Herb】
│Reward: 10 Aurum

┌─<Subjugation request>──
│【Goblin】subjugation (repeatable request)
│Content: Subjugate 3【Goblin】monsters.
│ Bring the【Goblin’s ears】as the subjugation proof.
│Reward: 50 Aurum

┌─<Subjugation request>──
│【Large rat】subjugation (repeatable request)
│Content: Subjugate 5【Giant rat2】.
│ Bring the【Giant rat’s front tooth】as the subjugation proof.
│Reward: 50 Aurum

Even if you don’t intentionally accept【Repeatable requests】jobs, you can carry them out without request permission and just give a follow-up report to turn in the job request.

Because it’s already late, we only checked out the job requests and left the guild.


 After leaving the guild, we decided to have a dinner at the nearby tavern because we are quite hungry.

I asked for a special【Ale】and【Orc steak】instead of snacks―
Aya and Elena asked for【Grape juice】,【Bread】and【Stew】.

I took a bite of the【Orc steak】but it tastes like an ordinary roasted meat.
I took out【Salt and pepper seasoning】from the inventory, applied it on the 【Orc steak】and it became edible as such.
Because of that, Aya and Elena said that they also wanted【Salt and pepper seasoning】.

「Yo! Lad!」

When I turned around, a kind-looking『Occhan3』with long full beard called out to me.

「It seems you’re eating with great relish, what is that thing you sprinkled on the food a little while ago?」

Well, it seems okay to tell this kind-looking『Occhan』just this much.

「This is, a magical powder that can make the dish delicious.」
「Ho ho, that seems wonderful.」
「Would you like to try a little?」
「Oh? Is it alright?」
「Well, if it’s only a little bit.」

I sprinkled some【Salt and pepper seasoning】to the【Meat】that『Occhan』was eating.

「Oh!  This is delicious.
If only there’s a good liquor to go with it~」
「N?  Do you not like the liquor here?」
「Try it lad and you’ll understand.」

I tried to take a sip of the【Ale】.

「Hm, it’s a little sour.」
「See~ Well, it’s not that it’s bad but it’s just not good enough.~」

Unawares, the『Occhan』had already squeezed in to our table.

「Oh, there are also two beautiful girls.
Lad is also on a date with the two! Guahhahhahha!」
「Hello, good evening.」
「Ojii-chan is an amusing person.」

That reminds me, there’s a【Canned beer】in the inventory.

「Actually, I have a bit of a good ale.
Want to try drinking it?」
「What is it!!?」
「Well, a sign to our acquaintanceship.」

I take out the【Canned beer】from the inventory.

「What is that!?  Metal!?
You mean, that contains ale?」

When the pull-top was pulled, it made a「Pushu!」sound and the foam bubbles overflowed.
With a ‘glug-glug’ sound, I poured about half of the beer to『Occhan』’s empty wooden stein4.
And of course, the other half to my stein.

「This looks amazing.」

『Occhan』peeks into the stein with shining eyes.


After toasting with『Occhan』, I drank the beer with a ‘gokyugokyu’ sound.
This beer is good as expected.

「Good!  Too good!!
What is this ale!!?」

「This is an ale from my hometown.」
After drinking this, I can’t drink any other kind!
Do you have more?」
「Unfortunately, I only had that one from a moment ago.」
「Such precious thing…….」

After that, Me and『Occhan』raised our excitement to the extreme―
Aya and Elena could only smile wryly.

I could’ve drink with『Occhan』until morning but Elena is already sleepy and decided to return to the inn.

「Well~ That was a one good『Occhan』.」
「Niichan drunk too much, you reeks of liquor.」
「That ojii-sama is kind.」
「When I come next time, I’ll bring a good liquor.」

We are having such talk until we arrived at the inn and were guided to our room by the innkeeper.

There’s only 1 bed.

「Why’s there only 1 bed!?」
「Even if you say such a thing, it’s too late now.」

The innkeeper brusquely said and hastily went away.

「What are we going to do about this?」
「Me and Elena will sleep on the bed and niichan on the floor?」
「This happened because of Aya’s unreasonableness!
You take responsibility and sleep on the floor!」

「Shall I sleep on the floor?」
「「Elena(-chan) will sleep on the bed!」」

Although we are arguing, we retort at the same time―
The liquor is starting to take effect on me.

Sh*t!  I-, sleepy.
Consciousness-, fading……

Translator notes and reference:

1This is the first time I encounter ゴールド金貨 where as ゴールド(Gōrudo) means gold and 金貨(Kinka) means gold coins, in the past chapters, gorudo is translated as Aurum(Latin for gold) so I don’t know how to translate this one so I leave it as simply gold coins for now to differentiate the two and get back to the past chapters to see if it was used. EDIT: Changed to simply Aurum↩
2I changed Large rat to Giant rat↩
3Gramps, where as ojii-chan is more polite↩
4Beer mug/tankard↩

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