Chapter 35 – Dangerous night road

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After eating dinner, I checked on『Azide-san』.

『Azide-san』is having a drink in a『Tavern』of a town somewhere.

「It seems『Azide-san』has arrived in a town.」
「Which one,『Nippo town』?」
「Yes, probably.」

「Does Seiji-sama intend to go over there now?」
「Ou, I’ll go to the other side now.
I’ll return after midnight.」

「Are we going to stay at home?」
「Ou, it’ll be just a pretext of me going out at night then I’ll comeback immediately.」
「I see, then we’ll stay at home.」

I dressed up and using【Teleportation】, I appeared near to『Azide-san』.

I arrive near『Azide-san』and for him to not notice me, I left immediately, but it doesn’t seem to be necessary.
The『Tavern』I was in was dark because it only uses lamp as the source of light so faces aren’t visible.

I’m outside the『Tavern』and wondering what to do.

The outside’s surrounding is pitch-black.
I could go back and drink in the『Tavern』but it will increase the likelihood of『Azide-san』to notice me.

If there’s no electricity then I’ll just have to generate it, right?

I tried to use【Lightning magic】if it can light up a【Flourescent lamp】.
However, it didn’t go well.
Do I needn’t just a【Fluorescent lamp】but also a 【Fluorescent starter】? I don’t understand how it works well.

I gave up on【Fluorescent lamp】and tried the【Incandescent light bulb】.
This time, it worked well and illuminated the vicinity brightly.

It garnered a lot of attention but there’s no helping it.
Maybe the people who saw this thought it’s a【Magic of light】or whatever.

I hold out the【Incandescent light bulb】in front of the upper right corner of my face and walk through the town at night.
There’s not even a single soul and all shops are closed.
There’s no meaning in strolling anymore, however I won’t be able to go home until midnight, well, let’s forget about that and look at the map if there’s anything good.

Here, I noticed a strange thing.
Only the places I’ve gone is shown in the map and it appears that there’s an area here that I’ve never went to.
I followed the map and lead me outside of the town.
If I go on further and followed it all the way through, it will lead me to the royal capital.

What’s this?

So this is the road that『Azide-san』traversed from the royal capital to this town.

Which means, if the location is displayed on the map, I can pinpoint the coordinates I can transfer using【Teleportation】?
While concentrating on the coordinates halfway from this town to the『Royal capital』in the map, I tried to use【Teleportation】.

It was one of the main road within the forest.
I was able to teleport.

This is good, I can use【Teleportation】to any road that『Azide-san』traversed.
There’s no need to come over here every time『Azide-san』get into a town like last time.
『Azide-san』only need to continue travelling like this and the coordinates will be displayed in the map for later use.

I did a happy dance within the dark forest.
To my happy dance, five shadows rushed.

The five shadows are【wolf】monsters.
Thanks to my solo merry making, I am now surrounded completely.

Since there’s no people around, I used【Electric shock】to hit the【Wolf】between their eyebrows and killed them without refrain then I stashed them in my inventory.

「Did I have fun killing them?」

I reflected and returned to the town I were in earlier.

This time, I didn’t go inside the town but decided to look around the outskirts of town.

There’s a verdant【Field】that stretched to the distance as far as the eye could see and checked it out for a while.
I tried to use【Appraisal】on it and it turned out to be【Wheat】.

「Hou, this is a lot of wheat.」

The wheat field seems to stretched through out the east side of the city.

I kept walking and saw a clearing with a【Forest】.

I walked between the【Forest】and the【Wheat field】.
The【Vigilance】magic reacted and a『Caution』icon appeared on the map.

I went and looked carefully around the location where the『Caution』icon appeared on the map.
The【Wheat】sways with a rustling sound of ‘gasagasa’.

I cast【Quick】magic just in case and watch the『Caution』.
A big rat jumped out of the【Wheat field】, it stopped though because it was surprised by the illumination of my【Incandescent light bulb】and scowled at me.

The starring contest of the【Big rat】and me continued when I heard more rustling sounds and 20【Big rat】came out of the【Wheat field】.

I freaked out by their huge numbers and took a step back, the 21 big rats attacked simultaneously.
Although I avoided most of the attacks thanks to【Future prediction】and【Quick】magic, I had to use【Barrier】to block the attacks that almost hit me occasionally.

I’m getting fed up.
With the right timing, I used【Teleportation】to move 10 m to the front and cast【Lightning】magic in the midst of the 21【Big rat】who lost the sight of their foe.

For an instant, the area became pure white and an explosion likened to a roar resounded.
When the light faded the 21【Big rat】became charred and fell.
For now, I stashed the 21 monsters to my inventory.

『Level rose to 13.』
The level up message echoed in my head.

I defeated 21 monsters but I only leveled up by 1.
Were they weak monsters, I wonder?

But still, the roads at night is dangerous.

I head back to the town by foot.
Since it’s past midnight when I arrived at the town, I returned home using【Teleportation】.

「I’m home, you’re still up?
Is Elena already asleep?」
「Welcome back, Elena-chan stayed up but fell asleep halfway.
I got a little sleep earlier.
How was the new town?」

I told her the things about the【Map】,【Wolf】and【Big rat】.
Then she said,「Niichan is unfair!」Oops! My imouto became depressed.

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