Chapter 34 – Attendance

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「I’m off.」
「「Take care.」」

The next morning, I was seen off to work by Aya and Elena.

While riding the train on the way to work, I checked the situation of 『Aria-san』 and 『Azide-san』 using 【Track】.

『Aria-san』 is living vigoriously with the children.

『Azide-san』 is travelling to an unknown wilderness while riding on a large horse-drawn carriage and is guarded by an adventurer-like men.

Oops! He’s already departed.
I wonder, when will he arrive at the next town?
It seems to be necessary to check on him diligently in the future.

「Good morning.」

I greeted my colleagues and take my seat then I turned on the PC and logged in, I got tired when I saw the large number of emails I had received.
After I finished moderating all the emails, I didn’t find any particular problem, so I take a break and rest.

However, I noticed something unfamiliar displayed on the PC screen, a【Warning icon】 is flashing on and off.

「What’s this?」

I asked a colleague sitting next to me about this icon but (s)he didn’t know either.
Furthermore, when I had my collegue to look at my monitor, (s)he doesn’t seem to see the 【Warning icon】.

Is it only visible to me? Is it perhaps a phenomenon related to magic?

I tried to cautiously open the folder with 【Warning icon】on the server.
Once I opened the folder, a source file with the same 【Warning icon】came up.
This time, I tried to open the source file.
The source file is a program source for the system I used last time, in a certain part of the source, a same 【Warning icon】appeared.

I wonder, what’s in the location of the source?

I carefully checked that part.

「T-this is, a bug!!」

Suprisingly, a bug is hidden in that part.
Furthermore, this bug is dangerous.
It will trigger under a specific condition, once it is met, it will delete all the important folders, what a dangerous bug.

I immediately contacted the programmer to debug it somehow and prevent it from causing a fatal malfunction.

Afterwards, I found similar【Warning icon】in several locations, we were able to debug a total of 3 bugs in a single day.

「Maruyama-san, you’re on a roll in finding bugs today.
How were you able to do it?」

It surprised my colleague sitting next to me.

「Actually, during my paid leave, I acquired a magic ability.」
「You’re kidding again.」
Well, I’m not kidding.

Apparently, the【Warning icon】is under the effect of【Vigilance】magic.
It’s effective to documents such as source files, specification documents and the like, acquiring such magic is really nice.
With this, can I make the system without bugs!?

The best usable magic so far is【Language Acquisition】magic.
I used 1000 MP with【Language Acquisition】and learned LVL5【English】.
Thanks to that, I was able to directly read an article in【English】.
It’s also useful when directly reading the English output messages on the server.

Thanks to magic, today’s work ended early.
How many years has it been since I last returned home on a regular time.


When I got home, Elena is in the living room.

She’s wearing a frilly dress and swinging a【Baton】while practicing the【Magical girl】transformation scene.

「Elena, what are you doing?」
「Se-Seiji-sama! T-this is…」
「Oh, niichan, welcome home~
Elena-chan got addicted to the【Anime】of【Magical girl】.」

「I’m home, where did you get a【Baton】?」
「That thing is what I used when I was in High school.」
「Does Elena want to use that kind of weapon?」
「No, well, uh… this, I was only playing with this…
Mou! Please don’t tease me.」

Elena is embarrassed and her face is deep red.

「No no, I’m not teasing you.
We need weapons if we are to become adventurers, right?
So, I want to know what is your weapon of choice.」
「I’m sorry, I thought you were.
I… haven’t properly consider choosing a weapon.」
「Elena-chan, you don’t think a【Baton】is a good weapon?」
「How do you fight using a【Baton】?」

「Aren’t there any magician weapons like【Staff】or【Rod】in the different world?」
「Oh, there is. A【Rod】with a【Gem】embedded on it is a【Magic tool】that strengthen one’s magic.」
「I see, let’s buy a【Rod】for Elena’s weapon next time.
How about you, Aya?」

「I want to use a cool【Sword】~」
「Do you want to try using a【Sword】?」

I handed a【Sword】that I【plunder】from a soldier to Aya.

「Oh, it’s heavy~」
「Eh!? Is it that heavy?」
「Yea, it’s impossible with this though it’s good if it’s lighter.」

「Hmmm… let’s try to find Aya a lighter【Sword】in the weapon shop of different world.」
「Yeah, let’s do that.」

「Oh, there’s a knife, do you wanna try to use it?」
「Knife? What kind?」

I showed the【Knife】I【Plunder】from the 3 thugs.

「Here it is.」
「This was from the guys who attacked us…」
「Oh, yes it is.
Should I take it away?」
「Yea, take it away because it had bad a image.」

In the end, I’ll take them both to look into the weapon shop later.

But, Elena’s transformation scene earlier is so cute~
I wonder if she’ll do it again~

Such a thing, I’m not thinking about it at all!

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