Chapter 33 – Community sports park

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The three of us were able to sleep well because I brought Aya’s bed and a futon for visitors from our parent’s house.

The next morning, after eating breakfast, Aya and Elena started watching anime DVD.

「Hey, you’ve already watched this 3 DVD yesterday, are you going to watch it again?」
「They’re good separately.」

Regrettably, I must do something, as it is, this two will become【Hikikomori】.

「Let’s go outside today.」
「Where are we going?」
we could go the【Sports park】.」
「【Sports park】?
What kind of place is it?」
「It’s a park for exercises.」
「That’s perfect.」


We wore our training suits and went to the nearby sports park.

「This is the【Sports park】,
it’s a cleanly maintained park.」
「Why does niichan seem proud?
What exercises are we going to do?」
「First, let’s jog.」

「Se-Seiji-sama, plea-please wait, haa, haa.」

Elena couldn’t keep up with us.

「Hmm…you’re lacking stamina.」
「Can’t you recover stamina using【Recovery magic】?」
「Recover stamina using magic…I’ll try.」

After a while, something like magic was cast and Elena’s body glowed,
I tried to use【Appraisal】on Elana and saw that she acquired a new magic called【Stamina recovery】,
acquiring magic easily, does that mean Elena is a genius?

Thanks to【Stamina recovery】, Elena were able to keep jogging a while longer as long as she has【Candy】.

「Niichan, Elena-chan, please wait~」

This time, it’s Aya who couldn’t keep up.

「Because me and Aya can’t use【Recovery magic】, we have to hold on with our own power!」
「You can do it~」

I wonder if we should take a break for a moment.
Aya suddenly speed up and began to catch up to us.

「Aya, suddenly became faster.」
「Hee-hee, this is me when I’m serious.」

She looks funny somehow.

「Oh, nicchan, give a【Candy】too.」
「I see, you’re using some kind of magic.」

While handing the【Candy】, I observed Aya who suddenly became fast, for some reason I felt something out of place.
I see! Even though she’s running, her hair is not fluttering behind but instead at the front.
It’s as if she’s running with a tailwind…
That’s right!【Tailwind】!

I tried to use【Appraisal】on Aya, it seems she acquired a new magic called【Tailwind】. It’s as expected.

On that day, a suspicious trio was spotted jogging within the Sports Park at a breakneck speed.

We went a little too far and as a result, us three are soaked with sweat.
Right now, we’re taking a break on a bench with a pretty roof.

「Oh, it’s refreshing.」
Eh? The cool wind is only blowing on Aya’s way.

「Aya, is it magic just now?」
「へへーん, It’s an【Electric fan】magic,
I’ll send a wind to Elena-chan too.」
「Thank you, it’s refreshing.」
「To think Aya can easily acquired new magic.」
「Great! Together now,
Oh, do you want me to try another magic I thought about?」
「It’s no good to stand out too much, right?」
「It’s okay, because it’s not going to attract attention,
niichan, stand over there.」

I position myself slightly away from Aya.
Aya started to cast some magic.
However, nothing happened.

「Mhh? Did you fail?」
「No, I think it’s a success,
niichan, try to touch me.」
「Touch you? Well, okay.」

「Wait niichan! Where are you trying to touch me!!?」
「I gonna touch you just like you said.」
「Touch me again, but not there!
Niichan, you ecchii!」

I reluctantly change where I touch to Aya’s shoulder.



「へへーん, a great success!!」
「Just now, it’s like a static electricity…
That’s it! Static electricity!」

「Correct!【Static electricity】magic! It’s a trap card-like magic that will automatically activate specifically when someone touch me.」

Even though Elena is a genius, she might not be of the same level of Aya’s ingenuity.

For lunch, we ate sandwich and fried chicken that I prepared.
For drinks, I pour mineral water into mug cups, after boiling it using【Heating element】, I brewed tea with tea bags.

While relaxing for a while.
A grandmother who was trying to pass us by, begun to groan in pain all of a sudden.

「Are you alright?」

Elena rushed in first and called out to her.

「Ouch ouch ouch, my lower back is in pain…」
「Here you go.」

Elena began to cast magic on the hip without hesitation.

「Eh? My hip is not painful.」

Somehow, it was immediately healed, does it mean that its effectiveness has improved than before?

「Oh, a foreigner.
Thank you very much.
But, how did you heal me?」

「Uhh, Obaachan, this child used her country’s【Good luck charm1】awhile ago.」
「Aa, a foreign country’s【Good luck charm】
That【Good luck charm】worked pretty well.

We were able to cover it up somehow.
The obaachan left after giving her thanks.

The whole day is full of surprise because of the ability of this two.

Translators notes and references:

1おまじない – can also mean magic spell↩

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