Chapter 293 – Manager

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Translator: Jei


『Hii! I’m sorry.』

『Ai-san』was lashed with a whip
by the you-know-who, Gold.

What are these fellows doing, you ask?

『Even though I said that a failure like that isn’t allowed!』


『Hii! I-, I’m sorry!
B-, But…… that interpreter’s guard is tight.』

I’m not an interpreter, though.

『The interpreter and the likes doesn’t matter!
Other than that, how was the investigation of the two children turned up?』

『Yes, that one is perfect.
The one, who called Ringo or something like that, is a designer.
The other one, who called Megumi, is an exclusive model.』

『I see, I see,
I’ll dispatch another person to approach those two.』

『How do you plan to remove those two?』

『It has nothing to do with you!』
『Y-, Yes, I’m sorry.』

This can’t be ignored, huh.
I have to come up with something to deal with it……


And then, for a short while,
did something abnormal without holding anything back……

Let’s stop watching them already……


「What to do.」

I pondered in the living room.

Ringo, similar to Aya, has exams this week and their summer vacation will start from next week, while Megumi-chan’s summer vacation has started this week.

Since I have work, there’s a lot of time when I can’t move during the day.
And now, the ones who need to be guarded are
Nancy, Ringo, Megumi-chan, and while we’re at it, Nancy’s mom.
No matter how much I think about it, we’re short in manpower.

「Seiji-sama, is there something wrong?」
「Seiji-onii-chan, what’s wrong?」

Elena and Hilda approached me, who was lost in thought, worryingly.

Nancy, Ringo and Megumi-chan are probably being targeted by bad guys.」
「That’s terrible!!」
「What should we do?」

「I plan to protect them as much as possible,
but when it’s working hours, I’ll probably be unable to move at all.
Aya is having exams, too.」
「Then, I will help.」
「Yes, I will help, too.」

Elena and Hilda said so,
but is it fine to involve the two……?

Well, the two are high-leveled after me, but first of all, I wonder if I should rely on their ability.

「Then I’ll ask you two.」

That said,
Elena will guard Ringo,
Hilda will guard Megumi-chan,
and I will guard Nancy.

As for Nancy’s mom, there’s no choice but to somehow make do with just the【Tracking beacon】for now.

Well, it’s a secret for everyone who needs to be guarded.


The next morning, I, along with Elena and Hilda,
went to Nancy’s place.

「Good morning, Seiji.
Hm? What’s the matter with Elena and Hilda?」

「Elena and Hilda said that they would like to help Ringo and Megumi-chan,
isn’t it fine?」
「Ah, no problem.」

When we were having such a talk, Megumi-chan arrived.

「Maruyama, what are you doing letting outsiders in without permission!」
「I was given permission by Nancy just now.
Megumi-chan knows Elena and Hilda, right?」

「I met them at the party last time,
but what’s the matter with these two?」


Hilda stepped forward in front of Megumi-chan
and bowed.

「Megumi-chan, since you are also starting to become active as a model and has joined the ranks of celebrity, I think it’s better to have, at least, a manager, right?
I brought Hilda since she said that she would like to become Megumi-chan’s manager.」

「Joined the ranks of the people in the entertainment industry! A manager for me!?
W-, Well, good.
I’ll let you be my manager.
Thank you.」

Hilda answered obediently
and went next to Megumi-chan.

「I’ll take your luggage.」
「U-, Un.」

Megumi-chan happily handed her luggage over to Hilda while being a little puzzled.
She seems to be glad that she has gotten herself a manager.

Hilda worked as a servant before, being a manager is her specialty, too.

Megumi-chan has Hilda to serve tea and relaxes.
Or rather, what did you come here to do, Megumi-chan?


Ringo also arrived after a short while, too.

「Hello, ah, Elena-chan and Hilda-chan.」

I said the same explanation as the one a little while ago towards Ringo.

「Elena-chan is going to be my manager, you say!?
Is it fine to have you do such a thing?」
「Ringo, too, is starting to become active as a designer,
are you going to come here personally even during the exam period?
Elena said that she would like to help, too.」
「Yes, I would like to help Ringo-san, too.」

「Well then…I’ll accept your kind offer~.」

With this and that, Elena and Hilda are going to work as the two people’s manager for a while.


「It’s about time.」

Megumi-chan stands up from the sofa.

「Are you going somewhere?」
「It’s dance lesson after this.」

Hou, she is taking such lesson, huh.

「Are you going to come as well, Hilda?」
「Yes, of course!」

「Hilda, I leave Megumi-chan to you.」
「Yes, please leave her to me.」

Thus, Megumi-chan and Hilda left for the dance lesson.

I properly checked the situation of the two people, who left, using【Tracking beacon】.
The two people happily walked downtown hand in hand.

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