Chapter 29 – Aya and Elena’s great adventure in Shinjuku

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I landed in New Chitose Airport.

After coming here, I realised-
I could have put【Surveillance】on any person going to Hokkaido in the airport. I didn’t need to be here myself.
It’s too late to fathom this now. orz

「I wonder how Elena and Aya are doing?」

I keep tab of Elena and Aya using【Tracking】.


「Elena-chan, this is your first time riding on an【Electric Train】, right?」
「What’s an【Electric Train】?」

「This is the underground station.」
「We need to enter a【Dungeon】?」
「It’s not a【Dungeon】~」

 Aya used the e-money card and bought a【Ticket】for Elena.

「What is this?」
「I’m not good at explaining~ If only nii-chan is here, I’ll let him explain…… Anyway, please put this【Ticket】at the hole in the ticket gate over there.」

「Y-yes. Eek! T-The【Ticket】has been eaten! What should I do?」
「It’s fine, the【Ticket】will come out on the other side of the ticket, go over there and take it.」

「Y-yes. T-there it is, there is the【Ticket】! Aya-san, here it is~」
「Elena-chan! Don’t run back!」

「Eek! The gate closed on me!」
「Don’t come back, I’ll go over, too.Wait for me.」

「I feel like I understand onii-chan’s hardship……」


「We’ll wait here for the【Electric Train】.」
「The【Electric Train】will come into this cave?」
「Yes, that’s right. We’ll ride on it to Shinjuku.」

「Is 【Electric Train】something like a horse-drawn carriage?」
「Mhh yeahhh, more or less~」

 『The train is now approaching platform 1. For your safety, please move at wait at the platform screen doors.』

「Can you hear that voice from somewhere!!? M-magic!?」
「It’s fine. That was the voice of the station attendant making an announcement~」

「Kyaa! It’s a demon!! Run away quickly!!!」
「Elena-chan calm down! That’s the【Electric Train】! Urghh, though I’m happy that Elena-chan is embracing me, was it a blunder to make nii-chan go to Hokkaido? ~」


「We finally arrived at Shinjuku.」
「Awawa!! It’s so full of people…… Waaa!!What an enormous【Tower】!!!」
「This is Shinjuku. It’s great, isn’t it?~」

「The shop we are going to…… is this one.」
「Aya-san, what’s that?」
「This is a smartphone. With this, you can figure out the location of your destination.」

「It’s like the magic map that Seiji-sama used. Aya-san can use magic map too?」
「it’s not magic but something like that.Let’s hold hands to not get separated.」


「It seems we’re here.」
「It is a terrible dungeon. If I am alone, I would not be able to arrive here at all.」
「U-huh, it’s totally dungeon-like~」

「Welcome! For how many people?」
「Sweet buffet for two please.」
「Certainly, I’ll show you to your seat.」

「Alright-! Let’s eat!」

「This is full of cute and delicious dishes!! We can choose from so many?T-they all look amazing.」
「Then, I’ll go first. Just tell me if you wanna eat anything.」
「Oh, this one is cute!」
「Then, we’ll take that.」

「Now, let’s eat.」
「Yes. Yu~m! D-deli~ci~ous!!~」
「Geez, Elena-chan, what are you doing?~ You have cream on your cheek.」


「Why did I come to Hokkaido and eat 【Stand-up-eating Soba】for lunch? Though it’s sweets, they look really delicious…… ugh, I’m so jealous.」

 After eating【Stand-up-eating Soba】alone at the airport, I took a train headed to Sapporo Station.

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    Worse still, protagonist-kun- couldn’t you just use pictures? I am pretty sure that your teleport just needs you to be able to picture where you want to go. It is hard to get pictures in the other world, but on earth, you can find live camera feeds of places in new york (…which I know for a fact, since 4 chan uses it as a joke where the anons say they are going to knock over a stand on camera).


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    Keepin’ on skippin’ here.


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