Chapter 289 – Tea and teacakes

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Translator: Jei

When I finished helping Nancy and went back home……

Aya was studying!

「I’m home.
It’s rare that Aya is studying.」

Even I at least study.」

Well, it’s going to be her first final examination this time after getting into junior college,
even Aya, at the least, will study.

However, there seems to be another reason why Aya is studying.

Elena and Hilda are studying together, too.
As the onee-san, it seems she can’t afford to be lazy alone when the two younger people are studying.

「Elena and Hilda, what are you studying?」

「I’m studying about『Fire』.」

The only magic that Elena wasn’t able to learn are『Fire』and『Darkness』
and since she doesn’t properly know yet what she should be studying for Darkness, she is studying in order to learn Fire first.

「Me, it’s『Physical Education』!」

Hilda is studying physical education!?

It can’t be……a man and a woman███……

It wasn’t that kind of study that I said, it was probably a scientific study about nourishment, or energy, or muscle that seemed to be related to【Body Reinforcement Magic】.
Ah, I was surprised.

In order to not interfere with everyone’s study,

I went out to play in『Tower of Sunrise』for a bit.

Although I said that, I’m not going to capture it, but I’m just going to look for enemies that meet the conditions of the trial of the White Belt Sword and kill them.

For nearly an hour, I was able to clear all the trials objectives.
I have to take it to Masamune-san next time.


The next day, I went to Nancy’s place again to help.

Somehow, it seems Nancy’s mama spends all her time at『Macho・koba』…no, at『machikouba』and shifts all the work to Nancy.
In spite of being the president, what is she really doing.

With this and that, when Nancy and I–just the two of us–were working……

「Hello……-! Seiji-san!」

Ringo came for a visit.

「Ah, Maruyama. Why are you here?」

Together with Ringo, Megumi-chan came, too.

「I’m helping Nancy with her work.
Other than such a thing, what happened for the two of you to be together?」

「I only ran into Megumi-chan at the entrance.
Because I made a new design, I’ve come to show it to Jennifer-san, but……
Jennifer-san isn’t here?」

Jennife…aah, it’s mama-san, huh.
Because I always called her mama-san, I forgot her name.

「Mama-san have gone to the macho’s place.」

「Well, since she will come back soon, why don’t you wait for her?」
「Eh, eeh……macho??」

Somehow or other, Ringo’s head seems to have been filled with machos.

「So, what seems to be your business, Megumi-chan?」
「It’s to make arrangements for the modeling activity, it has nothing to do with you!」

Although it has nothing to do with me, you still properly told it to me.

『Nancy, Megumi-chan came to make arrangements, what should be done?』
『Please wait a moment, I will just put these documents in order.』

「So, wait with Ringo,
I’m going to prepare a tea.』

「Humph, I don’t want tea,
but only『orange juice』!」

In about 0.5 second, I quickly held out the orange juice in front of Megumi-chan.

W-, Where did you take it from just now?」
「I prepared it because I thought that Megumi-chan would like to drink it.」

Well, I took it out from the inventory, though.

f-, fine.」

The top of Megumi-chan’s head was full of『question marks』.

「D-, Delicious……
It’s nicely cold……」
「I’m glad that you like it.」

we-, well, you may praise it a little.」
「Thank you.」

When I pleasantly smiled,
with a『humph』, suddenly looked the other way.

「Don’t be full of yourself with just the orange juice!
Not just drinks, but prepare confections, too!
You aren’t sensible, huh.」

I took out a confection in 0.5 second again and put it before Megumi-chan.

「It’s a Japanese sweet of an old, Japanese-style confectionery shop in the neighborhood, but it’s delicious.」

Well, it was taken out of the inventory again, though.

When Megumi-chan took a bite of the Japanese sweet,
her expression suddenly crumbled with *kunya* and she smiled with great relish.

C-, Cutee……


Megumi-chan suddenly came to herself
and her expression returned to her usual stiff facial expression.

Is she embarrassed that her smiling face is seen?

「I-, It’s so-so……」

Megumi-chan fills her mouth with the Japanese sweet with her expression still stiff.
Your expression and behavior are inconsistent, you know?

Before I knew it, Ringo was looking at the appearance of Megumi-chan, too.
Somehow or other, she seemed to have been looking at Megumi-chan with the same feeling as me.

While smiling, the two of us–Ringo and I–observed the appearance of the cute Megumi-chan, who filled her mouth with Japanese sweet with great relish and stiff expression.

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  1. memerou October 28, 2016 / 6:03 pm

    still not liking Megumi . . . . no matter how author try to make her cute


    • Shion Vaynex October 28, 2016 / 6:21 pm

      she is like milk. Spoiled. but keep trying to make yogurt or cheese out of it.


  2. Deal with it October 28, 2016 / 6:25 pm

    😍 A cute tsundere!


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    That’s the reason why she became spoiled.


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    Thank u always for ur great work…


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    Thanks 4 the chapter!

    2 tsunderes in 1 story is 2 too many. It’s different if I can see them melting and become dere dere or if there are more dere than tsun, but it’s unlikely here.


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