Chapter 286 – Tower of Sunrise’s Twenty-first Floor

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Translator: Jei

After going home for a moment and eating snacks,
the capturing of the Tower of Sunrise’s twenty-first floor was resumed.

Something unusual happened from the stairs toward the twenty-first floor.

「Onii-chan, isn’t it somewhat hot?」

The temperature gradually rises each time we took a step up the stairs.

「H-, Hot!!」

The temperature started to gradually rise while we were in the middle of climbing the stairs and as we couldn’t stand it anymore, we took off one piece of clothing after another, but……

「More than this is impossible!!」

We surrendered from the heat and backtracked down the stairs in a big hurry.


「What’s with that heat!? It’s too hot!
Moreover, we’re still in the middle of the stairs.
How hot will it be on the upper floor?」

「Then, we need to change our clothes.」

We transformed ourselves into『swimwear』using【Magic stone of transformation】and climbed up the stairs again.

「It’s hot even with a swimwear.」

When I complained,
Elena looks cool for some reason.

「Hm? Elena, what’s that clothing?」

Elena wore something like a sheer dress on top of her swimsuit.

「This is a clothing made with Water Magic.」
「Ooh! Good, it looks cool!」

Aya, Hilda and I copied Elena
and created clothes using Water Magic.

「Ta-dah! It’s Water Armor!」

When I boasted about my Water Armor with a self-satisfied look,
Aya and Hilda wrapped their bodies with water, too.

「It’s quite difficult, huh.」「Yes.」

The two people probably weren’t that good at Water Magic,
they looked like they were wearing a transparent『kigurumi』.

「Alright, it’s a little difficult, but let’s continue exploring while maintaining this for a while.」


The temperature of the Water Armor rose up on our way up and we almost had a hot flash,
but the water temperature was lowered using Ice Magic and the exploration somehow continued.

「Seiji-sama, the path is blocked.」

When I looked, the path was blocked with a『lava flow』.

The『Lava flow』continues to flow from the right to the left.
That seems to be difficult to cross.

「As far as I can see on the map, beyond this point looks dangerous, though.
We have no choice but to take a detour, huh?」

「Onii-chan, can’t the lava be cooled down using water?」
「Umu, that’s right, let’s give it a try!」

The four of us began to spray water toward the lava flow using【Water Magic】.


Together with a frightful sound, a tremendous steam was generated.

「It’s hot, hot!」

Aya stopped spraying water alone and volunteered to take charge of blowing away the incoming steam using【Wind Magic】.

The lava cooled down and hardened, it seemed like we could somehow cross over it on foot.

「Alright, let’s go across!」

We crossed over the still warm lava in a big hurry and were able to somehow breakthrough.


「Phew, it was hot!」

When we broke through the lava flow and took a rest……

a『lava』attacked again.

The new lava was not a lava flow,
but a『Golem』.

The『Lava Golem』is said to be a golem with a body made of lava.
I don’t want to use a valuable sword toward a golem like that.

「Alright, water attack!」

The Lava Golem was struck by the water attack from the four of us, generating a cloud of steam with *moo-moo*.
And then, it cooled down and hardened……

*Creak creak*……

The Lava Golem wasn’t able to move anymore.
In spite of being golem, it hardened to the extent of being unable to move,
it’s weak, huh.


After that, when we found the stairs and climbed up the twenty-second floor……

a『building fire』was taking place.

Well, it’s not a『building』but a『tower』.

The landscape seemed to be similar to the twenty-first floor,
but something like an oil was burning in many places.

And this floor was hot, too.

「Again, is it going to be hot on the following floors, too?」

Aya is a little weary, too.

After advancing for a while……

「What’s that!?」

a flame attacked.

When I used【Appraisal】, it was a monster called『Oil Slime』.
Or rather, it seems more like a Flame Slime rather than an Oil Slime because it’s on fire.

Well, let’s put out the fire using『hosing down』.

We were able to defeat the slime that had its fire put out easily.
As expected, it’s an easy victory if one can use the magic of its weakness attribute.


After that, we found the stairs to the next floor……

The time was a little early, but we decided to stop today’s exploration,
partly because we were tired and partly because it was hot inside to advance.

「Aaah, so tired~.」

As soon as we went home, Aya sat down on the sofa still dressed in a swimsuit.

「Get up, relax after you change your clothes.」

It seemed Aya was tired, she got up with a『heigh-ho』and went to the bathroom.
I called such Aya to a halt.

「That reminds me, Aya.」
「What is it, onii-chan?」

「Isn’t it going to be your final exam soon?」
「Uhh……for the whole week next week, it’s going to be an exam holiday,
and exams the week after.」

Then, you must study, so take a time off from tomorrow’s dungeon capture.」
「Such a thing~.」

「It’s hard if you repeat the same class, you know.」
「That’s-…that’s right, but……」

「Consult with a senior and have him show you the past exam questions or something.」
I’ll ask Mai-san and Yurie-san.」

So obedient.
Well, it’s going to be Aya’s first exam in the Junior College.

I decided to sleep early to be prepared on the next day.

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