Chapter 285 – Tower of Sunrise’s Nineteenth Floor

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Translator: Jei

After having lunch, we resumed capturing the Tower of Sunrise.

The nineteenth floor seemed to be a floor where the mountain paths became like a maze.
And then, several birds could be seen flying in the distance.
Those fellows are probably the enemies on this floor.

After walking for a while, one of the birds flying in the distance seemed to have noticed us and approached.

When I used【Appraisal】it seems to be a『Thunderbird[1]』.
The email software? Or the special protected species?

To suddenly attack, it seemed to be a normal monster.

However, what I’m worried about with the appraisal result is that this fellow’s Lightning Magic is said to be level 3.

「Be careful everyone,
it can use Lighting Magic.」

However, although I say be careful,
if Lightning is shot, it will be impossible to block
and we’ll surely receive damage.

We need to dodge it for sure using【Predicted Attack Area】here.

When the battle is progressing carefully for a while,
the Thunderbird tries to get in the position right above me.
Is it planning to drop feces at me or something??

And then, the【Predicted Attack Area】is displayed over my head.

It came, huh!

I promptly stepped back outside of the area.

And then, at the place where I was before,
it wasn’t feces, but electric shock that fell down.

Dangerous, dangerous.
I may have dodged it, but it might’ve been a hit if it was somebody else.

However, seeing the situation, the Thunderbird hurriedly takes a distance.

「What’s with that fellow?」

I used【Appraisal】again and understood the reason.
That guy’s MP is little and it can only shoot Electric Shock once.

「Aya, shoot that guy down.」

It wasn’t scary anymore when it ran out of MP.
The Thunderbird which fell down by Aya’s【Downburst】was killed using the White Belt Sword.

When the Thunderbird was killed, it dropped a『Magic stone of Biri-biri』.
Well, it wasn’t essential since I had a lot of it.


The twentieth floor was an island in the sky.

It’s not sea of clouds or something shoddy like that,
the island is really floating in the sky.

「The Laputa[2] is real!」

Leaving the idiot Aya alone,
the Laputa sightseeing…no, exploring was resumed.

After walking for a while, the road ends and a rainbow bridge leads to the next island.

「Are we going to cross this bridge?」

I had everyone to standby, hit the bridge and crossed it.

「Oi! It seems to be safe.
Everyone, go across.」

When I finished crossing it, I called everyone over.

Elena and Hilda crossed the Rainbow Bridge happily.
They look totally like angels.

Aya went down on all fours and crawled across the bridge nervously.

「Aya, it’s safe, you don’t need to be scared that much.」
「E-, E-, Even if you say, such a thing.」

Has her almost falling down become a trauma?

Since it can’t be helped, I went over to Aya
and held her in a princess carry.

「Kyaa! What are you doing, onii-chan!?」

「It’s because you’re crossing slowly.」

Aya clang to me tightly while *buru buru* shivering like a picked-up kitten in my arms.

「You get very scared easily, huh.」
「T-, T-, There’s no h-, h-, helping it!」

I slowly crossed to the end of the Rainbow Bridge on foot while carrying Aya.

「Why are you crossing it on foot!?
You should use【Teleportation】!」

「I can’t waste MP like that.
Besides, you’ll fall if you struggle too much, you know?」

Aya became quiet like a borrowed cat.
She’s lovable if she’s always like this, though~.

When we finished crossing the bridge after walking for a while,
there’s a reaction of a monster which rapidly approaching from behind.

「A monster is approaching from behind, be careful!」

However, the monster’s figure can’t be see at all.

「Onii-chan, where’s the monster?」
「Umu, there’s a reaction above, but……

There’s something in the sun.

Right, a demon was approaching with the sun in the background.

And then, I saw a【Predicted Attack Area】caught Elena.


I protected Elena at once and defended against the enemy’s attack with the White Belt Sword.

Then , the enemy cried in a high-pitched voice and soared up into the sky again.

「It’s s-, shining.」

Right, its shape is a bird
but its body is wrapped in light.

When I used【Appraisal】, it seems to be called『Lightbird』.
Somehow or other, it seems to be wearing Light magic around its body.

Is it the Light version of the Firebird?

The attack of the Lightbird is only charging.
Although its speed is fast, it only charges in an almost straight line.

It’s nothing great for an attack, but……

it’s bright.

It’s so bright to the extent that I can’t take a straight look at it, making me unable to fight it directly.

「Onii-chan, it’s so bright. It makes my eyes sting.」

It can’t be helped, I didn’t want to use it that much, but……
it’s unavoidable.

I took out a certain thing from the inventory and put it on.

「Onii-chan, what’s that!?」

That’s why I didn’t want to use this.

「Onii-chan, the sunglasses doesn’t look good on you~.」

I found it in a town before and bought it on a whim,
but when I went home and tried it on……
it doesn’t look good on me……

I thought it was cool when I bought it, though.

Well, anyhow, thanks to the sunglasses, it wasn’t bright anymore,
so I was able to defeat the Lightbird that charged at me using the White Belt Sword without difficulty.

The Lightbird dropped a【Magic Stone of Light】.

│【Magic Stone of Light】
│A magic stone that shines brightly.
│It becomes brighter when charged magic power.
│Rarity: ★★★★

「Oh, it’s the first time I’ve seen this.」

I’ve seen a magic stone that emits a faint light called【Magic Stone of Faint Light】before,
but this is probably the higher-ranked version.

「Elena, you take this magic stone.」
「Is it fine?」

Elena received the【Magic Stone of Light】happily.

Translator’s notes:

[1]Raichou雷鳥 lit. means thunderbird, but it’s actually a ptarmigan/grouse.

[2]Reference to Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

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