Chapter 284 – Tower of Sunrise’s Sixteenth Floor~

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Translator: Jei

The will-o’-the-wisps, which floated lightly, attacked in large quantities.

「I’ve got it!」

Elena took a step forward and began to cast magic.
Together with a『Ju!』sound, the rain that Elena created using Water Magic got rid of the wil-o’-the-wisps in succession.
And then, the wil-o’-the-wisps run about trying to escape.

However, the rain, which Elena created, doesn’t have the power like the last time I’ve seen it.
I thought she’s going easy on them, but it seems to be different.

Perhaps, when the weather system magic is used outside the dungeon, the power will increase.

But still, water seemed to be the weakness of the wil-o’-the-wisps, most of them that blocked our way had disappeared. The few wil-o’-the-wisps that survived were repelled using Aya and Hilda’s fire-engine’s hosing-down-like water attack.

I, too, sliced several of them that attacked from right behind us into two with the White Belt Sword and we gained a complete shutout victory.

「Onii-chan, they were weaker than some in the lower floors.」
「Well, all of us can use Water Magic
and due to us joining together, it will be such a thing.」

Other than such a thing,
the White Belt Sword’s『Fire attributed monster subjugation』trial had been cleared with 10/10 during the fight just now. The remaining trials were Wind and Earth with 5 each.
Well, let’s do the trials slowly.

Afterwards, we were able to find the stairs towards the seventeenth floor without difficulty.


When we went to the seventeenth floor, the sea of clouds spread out again.

However, the area is dark this time.
The atmosphere seems to be similar to the moment when the sun sets.

When I checked the current time using my smartphone, it’s still morning.
It’s probably this floor’s special phenomenon.

When we advance through the dark……

「Ah! Thunderhead!」

The Thunderhead that appeared three floors below–in the fourteenth floor–appeared again.
However, its appearance seems to be different from the fourteenth floor’s Thunderhead.

「This Thunderhead is black, isn’t it?」

At first, I thought that the area is dark, but it’s different after all.
The fourteenth floor’s Thunderhead was white,
the Thunderhead here was black like a rain cloud.

When I used【Appraisal】, it seems to be called『Dark Thunderhead』.
What a simple name.

When we wait and see,
the Thunderheads slowly began to gather around us.
And then, we had been encircled by the Dark Thunderhead.

「Onii-chan, it’s dark.」

The Dark Thunderheads that surrounded us blocked the light, making the area even darker.

And then, finally, it became pitch dark.

「I will light a fire.」

Thanks to Hilda lighting a fire using magic, we’re somehow able to see,
but because of the Dark Thunderhead, we can’t see anything at all from about 20 m ahead.

Then, a Predicted Attack Area aimed at Hilda suddenly appeared,
I promptly wedge myself in between and erected a barrier.


Something like black tentacles stretched out from the Dark Thunderheads crowding around the vicinity.

Black tentacles……
Uhg, it’s an unpleasant trauma……

We’ll get nowhere as it is.

「Hilda. Since I will take charge of the light, take charge of the offensive.」

I lit up the area with Incandescent Light Bulb Magic
while Hilda began attacking the surrounding Dark Thunderhead.

Like the Thunderhead, fire seemed to be the weakness of the Dark Thunderhead; a hole opened in the encirclement.

After that, while Elena and I were defending, Hilda was attacking at the same time
and we somehow managed to annihilate the Dark Thunderheads.

N? What was Aya doing, you ask?

She wasn’t able to use【Downburst】with the Dark Thunderheads blocking above,
so she was going to do something with a normal Wind Gust, but……

Even if it’s possible to push the Dark Thunderheads away with Wind, it can’t inflict damage, so they are immediately restored back to before.

So Aya gave up attacking and just helped lighting up the area using Light Magic.

She’s frustrated because she can’t play an active role, but there’s such a thing sometimes, too.

We defeated all the Dark Thunderheads, but they didn’t drop any magic stones.


When we climbed up to the eighteenth floor, there was a snow country.
Or perhaps I should say, it was a snowy mountain.

「It’s snow this time, huh~. It’s cold~.」

Why can Aya only say an impression at the same level as a primary school kid all the time?

Aya and the others took out ski wear from the【Magic Stone of Storage】for their own use and began to change clothes.
Although I say changing clothes, is it particularly alright since they only wore it over the clothes they were wearing just now?
Elena and Hilda’s ski wears are only hand-me-down clothes that Aya used to wear in the olden days.

We controlled the snow under our feet with【Ice Magic】so that our feet wouldn’t sink into the snow, making our advance faster.

「Ah, onii-chan, there’s something!」
「Indeed, it seems to be a monster that has hidden itself,
be careful everyone.」

And then, what came out from within the lumpy snow……

was a small snowman.
And then, the snowman lightly floats into the air.

When I used【Appraisal】, it seems to be a monster called『Snow Child』.

「What’s that!? It’s cute~.」

When Aya tried to approach it carelessly――
the Snow Child began to attack!

Well, although I say attack, it only throws a snowball, though.

It isn’t painful even if it hit
and since we are wearing ski wear, we neither get wet nor feel cold.
As a matter of fact, it’s no skin off our noses.

It became pitiful to kill the Snow Child who does only something like that,
we decided to hurry ahead while dodging the snowballs that it threw.

When we were advancing for a while, the Snow Child who was throwing snowball at us began to gradually increase.
Umu, what to do.

And then, when we advanced further, we had been surrounded by Snow Children.
It’s unfavorable as expected, huh?

More than 100 Snow Children surrounds us.
And then, the Snow Children began dancing a dance of some kind around us.

Then, the weather of the silent snowy mountain suddenly changed and became a blizzard.

「We should’ve killed them as expected, huh.」

Aya and Elena became Hilda’s protection from the wind.
Hilda attacked the Snow Children with flame.

The Snow Child was just slightly hit by the flame and simply melted.
Hilda defeated all the Snow Children completely
and at the same time, the blizzard calmed down, too.

「All of them melted, huh.」

Hilda looks a little sad.
Well, there’s no helping it since the opponent is a monster.


Aya notices something and utters a cry.
When we turn towards there, too……

From the remains of the Snow Child who melted a short while ago, a new Snow Child was born again.

And then, they throw snowballs again incorrigibly.

「They’re persistent fellows, huh~.」

We began to look for the next floor’s stairs while dodging the snowballs again.

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