Chapter 280 – The scheme of Nancy’s mom

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Translator: Jei

I completed the accessories that Nancy’s mom and Ringo designed with difficulty.

When I looked at the three accessories, they’re quite amazingly made.
The delightful faces of Nancy and Megumi-chan, who will receive these accessories that Ringo designed, seem to come into my mind.
Nancy’s mom? I guess so, but only this time.


The next day, on the way home from work; I contacted Ringo at once and together, we went to show the accessories to Nancy and her mom.

「Seiji, Ringo, welcome.」

Nancy and her mom greeted us.
Nancy’s mom seemed to have been waiting impatiently for the completion of the accessories, too.

The president and Megumi-chan came immediately afterwards, too.

「Well then, with everyone gathered in place-」

I took out three wooden-box-like things, lined them up on the table, and then, opened their respective lid.


Ringo raised a voice of admiration at the very beginning.

Ringo examined the accessories inside the wooden boxes that became empty one-by-one while breathing heavily with *haa haa*; finally, she lined up the three accessories and looked at them in a trance.

I completed them with so much difficulty, I’m so glad that Ringo seemed to be pleased.

However, Ringo’s eyes gradually lost their focus and she collapsed towards me unsteadily.

「Ringo, what happened? Are you alright?」
「I…I don’t, feel t-, too well.
I’m, glad, glad……」

Although you are delighted with the result of the accessories……
Is it the joy of making something? Or you are greatly moved that such emotion pierced through?

「My designed accessories…are so beautiful……
I…can’t take it……anymore……」

While Ringo, who was in my arms, was staring at me,
she showed an ecstatic expression, her body convulsed with *bikun bikun* and then fainted.

This-, will she be alright?

Nancy receives the blue necklace and is frolicking too much.

Megumi-chan is entranced, she has the president to attach the pink brooch.

And speaking of Nancy’s mom……

Hm? Nancy’s mom hasn’t moved since a while ago.
What seems to be the matter?

「A lie……
it’s a lie……
such accessories are impossible……」

Nancy’s mom mutters *butsu butsu* while trembling all over with *wana wana*.

「Mama-san, what happened?」

「It’s impossible……」

Umu, as expected, did I go a little too far?
Ringo, Nancy and Megumi-chan’s delighted expressions that I wanted to see, are slightly too enthusiastic right now, aren’t they~?
But, I don’t regret it. (Kiri-![1])

From there, Nancy’s mom began to talk like a machine gun.

「To begin with, it’s impossible to complete them in such a short period of time no matter how I think about it!
And then, this metal. What’s this? Silver?? No, it’s different; Silver doesn’t have a strength like this. Besides, its radiance is more beautiful than silver. What’s this metal, really!!!?
Then, this jewel. It should be the『Nullpo Stone』that I gave you.
Although it was beautiful, that stone was difficult to process; it should’ve been something troublesome to deal with! However, just right after yesterday……」

Then why did you let me use such a thing!?

「And then, this design……
I was considerably drunk during that time……
it can’t be, such design……」

It’s a lie……
You didn’t design it properly!?

「It’s a lie……
Lie, lie……
……there’s no such disgrace!
I captivated with the accessories that another person made!!?
A-, Annoying……
b-, but……」

And then, Nancy’s mom doesn’t care about the public attention……
she began crying *waah-waah*.

「Wai-, mama, what’s wrong!?」

Nancy’s mom snuggled up to Nancy and they went to the bedroom.

Ringo has fainted with an expression of ecstasy,
as for Megumi-chan, she’s entranced which seems to be called there in the body, but not in spirit while playing around with her brooch……

Why did it became like this?
I didn’t mean this to happen, I just want everyone to be glad.

In the end, we broke up on that day and I brought Ringo, who fainted, home with me.


A few days passed after that. Friday night of that week……

「Onii-chan, Nancy’s mom is on the TV.~」

When I looked at the TV, Nancy’s mom was surrounded by reporters.

『From here, there’s going to be an announcement about a new jewelry product from the representative of Nancy・Jewelry, Jennifer・Anderson-san.』

I have a bad feeling about this……

Somehow or other, that bad feeling seemed to have been proven right,
the tiara that I made for Nancy’s mom was exaggeratedly carried from inside.

『Good heavens! What a magnificent tiara!!
It’s magnificent to the extent that you wouldn’t think that it is something of this world!!!』

The female reported has an extremely high praise, too.

『But Jennifer-san, the design has an atmosphere quite different from the Nancy・Jewelry has thus far, what’s your intention on it?』
『This magnificent tiara isn’t my design.』
『Tonight, I will introduce a new designer of Nancy・Jewelry.』

Oy, it can’t be that……

While the reporters were astir,
Ringo appeared with a frightfully tensed expression!!
Or rather, Ringo……is too tense, her hand and foot are moving at the same time!

『H-, H-, H-, Hello……
It’s Sa-, Sa-, Sa-, Satou Ringo.』

Ringo, you’re too tense!!

『Satou-san is very young, but how old are you?』
『I’m n-, nineteen years old. I’m attending a vocational school right now.』
『Satou-san, what is your thought about being selected as a designer of the world-famous Nancy・Jewelry?』
『I-, I-, I will try my best!』

What a disaster it has become.

Nancy’s mom had Ringo to step back and began to explain.

『Actually, this tiara isn’t the only one of its kind,
it’s one of the three works, the tiara, the necklace and the brooch.
Well then, let’s introduce the two other works.』

When Nancy’s mom sent the signal,
Nancy, who wore a necklace,
and Megumi-chan, who wore the brooch, appeared.

Even Megumi-chan, why!?

『Japan, which is called the Land of the Rising Sun, is a country surrounded by the sea,
and when I came to this country, I felt the sincerity of its people.
In connection with that, these three accessories……
The red jeweled tiara is【The Sun】.
The blue jeweled necklace is【The Sea】.
And then, the pink jeweled brooch is named【The Heart】.』


The thunderous applause of the reporters resounded.

As expected of Nancy’s mom, a capable/shrewd person.

『By the way, these two people who wore the necklace and the brooch are?』
『The one, who is wearing the necklace, is Nancy, my daughter.
Nancy is going to work as the manager of the Nancy Jewelry Japan Store that’s going to open this time.』

『I’m Nancy. People of Japan, please treat me well.』

『And then, the one who is wearing the brooch is Yachiyo Megumi-chan; she is going to work as an exclusive model of Nancy・Jewelry this time. 』

Megumi-chan smiled sweetly towards the reporters.


Translator’s note:

[1]きりっ (or キリリ) is a mimetic word that expresses an attitude of fortitude and resoluteness before calmly stating one’s opinion.

Here’s the linkbuck’s link. Thanks~!

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